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VIDEO: Ruto’s beard quickly grows grey even as he denies he is frustrated and under pressure



You may or may not have noticed. Deputy President’s beard is going gray and his hair is thinning fast. Not that there is anything wrong or even unusual with that..but keen observers have noticed that the country’s number two has been in deep thought lately, something that seems to take its toll on him.

Interestingly, asked how he lets off pressure, Ruto says he has no pressure.

“I sleep well. I sleep for eight hours a night and you won’t believe it but I don’t feel any pressure,” he told NTV’s Ken Mijungu . during an interview on Thursday at his Karen home.

The DP had earlier dismissed an assertion that he is a frustrated man – politically speaking that is.

Recently in Machakos County, Ruto was pictured looking tired and lost in his thought.

Despite denying that he is under a lot of pressure, political pundits say he is the number one politician who is under a lot of pressure right now.

“He puts on a brave face but mambo kwa ground ni different,’ says John Makanga.

In other news, after promising Kenyans nine stadiums in 2017,  Ruto  has now said the stadiums could not be built because the money set aside for them was directed to other government projects.

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The DP said the stadiums promise was not a personal promise but a government’s one.

“You make it look like I was to get money from my pocket to build the stadiums, this was a Jubilee administration pledge,” he said.

Ruto denied that they lied to Kenyans saying, they have delivered on other projects like electricity, housing, roads and rail.

In a clip dated 2017, Ruto who had admitted that they had not delivered on the five stadiums project they pledged in 2013, said plans were underway to construct 11 world class stadiums.

“In six months’ time, the stadium in Wote will be complete as will that one in Chuka. In three months, the stadium in Moyale will be complete. In six months, another stadium in West Pokot will be complete and that will be historic. In a couple of months the stadium in Kiambu will be done. In a couple of months Nyeri stadium will be done.

In Kisumu and Mombasa we have a few challenges, but once sorted, the stadiums will be ready, so instead of five (we promised in 2013), we have gone for 11 just to make it better,” Ruto had said in the viral clip.

In another interview on K24 TV last year, Ruto said the stadium pledge was on course and that the government was now working on 11 stadiums instead of nine.

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“We will built 11 stadius insted of nine in two years’ time,’ said the DP.

Ruto also accused the media of only asking him the stadiums which are yet to be completed while ignoring other areas where the government had achieved like roads and rail.

“Why are people just asking about the stadiums as if it is the only thing we promised? Is it because others have been fulfilled? It is unfair,” he said.

The DP also appeared to blame the handshake and Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) for stalled Jubilee projects, saying the government had directed its energy and resources to the unity initiative at the expense of development.

“I think the handshake has also slowed down development because the government has channeled funds and energy towards that direction,’ said the DP.

Ruto, however, vowed to make sure that the promised stadiums are built before 2022 to end the debate once and for all.

The DP said there is ongoing work on the said stadiums with Wote Stadium in Makueni County almost complete.

“I will make sure that we deliver on these stadium promises so that you get another thing to ask in 2022,” he said.

Standard Digital has confirmed that there is very little going on the 11 stadiums promised by Jubilee and it would take a miracle for the government to build and complete them before 2022 as promised by Ruto.

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Olekina: I’m a radical rights defender, not a tribal warlord



“I am an extremist for freedom and liberty and radical for the gentles’”

That was Narok Senator Ledama Olekina  in an interview with Spice FM this morning.During the morning talk show Situation Room hosted by Charles Muga, Eric Latiff and Ndu Odoh, Olekina explains his utterances during the Saturday’s Building Bridges Initiative rally in Narok on Saturday.

The youthful senator stirred the audience when he said that the Maa people had been sidelined and their plight needed to be addressed.Olekina called on the BBI steering committee to solve the land issues in the Maasai-dominated areas such as Narok, so that the local people could maintain a steady income.“On matters of food security, what will our people eat if you take our land? They must remain as agricultural land, use legitimate process if you want to subdivide them,” said Olekina.

“So long as I live, I will pursue justice for these people who I represent,” he said.His utterances, which had already lit debate in social media got the backing of Kakamega Senator Cleopas Malala and Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed. Malala, for instance, said that Maasai people needed to have a chance to produce more leaders in their areas for inclusivity.

“If we Luhyas in Western Kenya lead our people, and it happens in other communities as well, why don’t the Maasai people be given the opportunity to produce their leaders? It is not fair to fight for their few seats,” said Malala.Their statements ignited even more dissent especially from leaders drawn from North Rift areas.

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War of words

Kericho Governor Paul Chepkwony yesterday lashed at Mr Olekina’s sentiments.Chepkwony said that even though the plight of the Maasai was an issue of concern to be addressed, it would not be a wise move to violate the rights of legal landowners.

He said that Olekina’s sentiments amounted to warmongering.“We call upon the president to intervene as the trend is leading the country in the wrong direction,” he said.Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui also added his voice terming the leaders’ statements at the BBI meeting as retrogressive.

“Utterances attributed to a section of leaders during the Narok BBI meeting in relation to non-indigenous land owners and reclaiming land across three counties were ill-advised,” said Kinyanjui.But, Senator Olekina remained unfazed and said that he was being misunderstood.

He said he was fighting for the rights of his constituents whom he described as ‘children of a lesser god.’He said: “BBI has given us an opportunity to come out and air our problems. If people are not willing to handle the truth when we say ‘this is our problem’ then they don’t live in the 21st century.”

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana at Narok Stadium during BBI meeting in Narok. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Clearing the air

While explaining his utterances, which have been considered to be inciting, Olekina said that he was rather championing for re-look of land policy and not barring non-locals from settling in Maasai regions.He said that contrary to how his critics perceive him, he is not against any particular community. “I have no problem with the Kipsigis in fact I have eight people from Kipsigis community working in my farm,” he said.

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He argued that non-locals were buying land meant for agriculture, subdividing it and selling the same to make huge profits. For example, he said that in interior places, some people could buy land for as low as Sh70,000 per acre then they subdivide and sell for at least Sh350,000 per acre.Olekina said that the practice was denying locals economic progress the subdivided land cannot accommodate a huge population.

He also argued that pastoralists ended up restricted they cannot move to seek for pasture.“If you want 20 acres, use it to grow food so that we can buy it from you,” he stated.

He accused Kericho Governor Paul Chepkwony and his Senator Aaron Cheruiyot of applying double standards in handling issues.“Those people who are still in their tribal cocoons keep pointing fingers at me. Why should a governor of Kericho call a press conference and say this guy is a tribal warlord?” he posed.“The big communities do not want to hear about inclusivity if it touches them. But as long as it doesn’t touch them, they are ok.

”He accused a section of North Rift leaders, whom he did not name, of hypocrisy. He claimed that same leaders relentlessly fought for one of their own to be installed as the vice chancellor of Moi University, but conversely, pointed fingers at him.“I am not fighting the other tribes…They were up in arms fighting for one of them to be the vice-chancellor at the university,” he stated.

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Supporting Sen Olekina on the land policy question was a former Permanent Secretary who also vied for the Presidency in 2013 Prof Joseph Ole Kiyiapi.Prof Kiyiapi said Ole Kina “is being criticised for not being politically correct at JKLive but in fact, he provided deep insights of sentiments at core of tribalism in Kenya. True national cohesion must be based on the deeply ingrained culture of inclusivity and integration programs,” he tweeted on February 21.

By Standard

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Matatu rams into Equity Bank branch, injures seven



A 14-seater matatu hit three vehicles before ploughing into a building housing the Equity Bank branch in Chuka town, injuring seven passengers among them five students going back to school after their mid-term break.

Confirming the Sunday evening incident, Meru South Sub-County Police Commander Joseph Kavoo said the injured were rushed to Chuka County Referral Hospital.

“The seven injured passengers were in a public transport vehicle that hit some other vehicles before ploughing into the main gate of Equity Bank,” said Mr Kavoo.

Witnesses said the driver of the Mekina Sacco matatu lost control of the vehicle immediately after leaving Chuka town bus park.

It hit a private car before ramming into two others, then ploughed into the Equity Bank building’s main door.

“I think the vehicle had a problem because immediately the engine was fired, the vehicle took off at high speed, hitting other vehicles and ploughing into the bank building,” said Mr James Mutegi, a trader.

Tharaka-Nithi County rescue team manager Alex Mugambi said two students who were seated at the front of the matatu were bleeding profusely.

Immediately after the incident, police led by Mr Kavoo secured the scene, making sure that members of public do not take advantage of the situation to loot money and other property.

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MP Johana Ngeno arrested



Emurrua Dikirr MP Johana Ngeno was on Monday evening arrested at Kimogor trading center in Narok South for holding an illegal meeting on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

The lawmaker was accosted by a team of police officers and ushered into a waiting police Land Cruiser.

The officers were forced to shoot in the air to disperse a charging crowd that attempted to block them from arresting the MP.

The dramatic arrest was characterised by screams from residents and supporters of the MP.

Narok South Sub-county Deputy Commissioner Felix Kisalu said Mr Ngeno defied police orders against holding the gathering aimed at informing residents about the BBI report.

When the Nation contacted Mr Kisalu on phone, he said, “The team on the ground is on the way with the MP. I am yet to meet them. When they arrive I will be briefed on what transpired.”

He said, however, that preliminary reports indicated the MP refused to wait three days, as required, for a permit to hold a gathering.

Mr Ngeno did not answer phone calls for comment on the matter.

The commissioner noted that the area where the MP was arrested is volatile as it was the epicentre of fighting between the Kipsigis and Maasai in 2019.

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The dispute concerned theft of cattle and evictions from the Maasai Mau Forest.

Last Friday, Mr Ngeno was in a group of Kipsigis leaders who walked out of a BBI consultative meeting in Narok County.

The MP, Narok Deputy Governor Evalyn Aruasa, and several MCAs stormed out of a meeting of more than 1,000 delegates at Maasai Mara University.

They alleged tribal profiling and hate speech by some speakers.

Mr Ngeno layer vowed to hold rallies at the Kipsigis regions in Narok South, Narok West and Emurrua Dikirr to discuss the BBI report with his community.

MP Ngeno is not new to arrests.

In September last year, he was apprehended on his to the forest to lead protests against the second phase of evictions.

Mr Ngeno was stopped at a road block at Olmekenyu in Narok South and told to go back.

He declined and was consequently arrested and detained alongside Ololulunga Ward Representative Jefferson Langat, who was the host of today’s meeting.

BY Nation

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