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Former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri finds love again



As many shared their lovers during the hyped Valentine’s Day, the mother of one was not left behind.

An excited Wanjeri posted a photo on her Instagram page posing with a man in a very sensual way captioning it ” happy Valentine’s”.

Wanjeri and her man were clad in similar caps that looked so nice on them as the man of the day gave her a peck on her cheek.

Nyce Wanjeri

From the pose displayed on the photo, it is clear that the two have been together for quite some time.

In the photo, the sassy actress was grinning like a teenager getting love for the first time.

The lucky guy identified as Leting254 was not left behind as he also shared a photo on his gram page posing with the TV queen.

He also wished her a happy Valentine’s as he closely-held her tight to himself a sign of protection.

Wanjeri parted ways with Wagithomo after their marriage failed to work shifting the blame on the actress’s success.

The unexpected breakup was first made public by Wagithomo who took to social media to share the same with his fans.

Taking to Facebook on Thursday, November 1, 2018, the musician revealed their marriage suffered thanks to his wife who had become an absentee in the union.

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According to Wagithomo, things started going south following Nyce’s success in the TV world.

Because of her absenteeism, the union lost its spark since there was no bonding and family time.

Wanjeri’s marriage came to an end just months after she opted out of Auntie Boss over contractual differences.

The couple has a daughter together and had been enjoying their happily ever after until the breakup.

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It’s season to unveil your hidden talent, thanks to Covid- 19



The word-savvy have coined a title for it already: ‘Quarantine’s Got Talent’.

It is hidden talent season, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, that has

redefined heroism to mean being able to stay indoors.

Staying at home means everyone has a lot of time on their hands and that means talents that people had placed in the back burner for a while are now being exploited — and new ones are being explored.

Who would have imagined seeing Kieni MP Kanini Kega, often seen when there is a hot political matter, doing something as rustic as knitting? Photos of him knitting in his house have been doing the rounds on social media for the past couple of days.

He told the Sunday Nation that he had accepted a challenge from his children who had goaded him with: “Apart from playing politics, what else can you do?”

And so he decided to revisit the knitting skills he learnt as a Standard Eight boy at a primary school in Kieni. He also accepted a challenge to cook for the family.

“So, I had to cook. So far, I have cooked quite a lot: ugali and all,” said Mr Kega, the chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee on Trade and Industry.

And he has been enjoying every bit of it. “This is one of the best things. You know, politicians are the most disadvantaged people because they don’t interact so much with their families. This has given us ample time. We are interacting; we are learning a lot also from our kids,” he said.

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Speaking of kids, the face of Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja in a video he posted on March 28 told the story of a man having a moment of his life with his kin.

Using a rhyming poem, Mr Sakaja and his “ensemble” members — two young sons — delivered an important message on how to steer clear of the deadly coronavirus.

Mr Sakaja’s compatriot in the Senate, George Khaniri of Vihiga, has also been trending for showcasing his dancing skills.

A photo of former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo playing house barber has also been doing the rounds. Celebrity emcee Maurice “Mdomo Baggy” Ochieng has also posted a video playing with his three- year-old son.

“It can be stressful for parents used to tight schedules to have to stare at each other the whole day,” he posted on Facebook.

“One of the positive things you could do as a parent during this quarantine period is discover the talents of your children and nurture them. I spent time with my threeyear-old son. The guy has a left foot like no other,” he added.

In Mr Kega’s opinion, the Covid- 19 pandemic might be God-sent to remind humanity about the basics.

“I think God is telling us that we were running too fast,” he said. “God has told us that the world can stop.

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It is not about making money. It shouldn’t be about making money.

Because for us politicians, it is about seats and means — trying to make a cent here and there. But now we are being told: ‘Those things can stop; go back to family.’”

The cloth he was pictured knitting, he promised, will be complete by the end of this week.

“I will finish next week, and it will be a sweater. You know, I am the chair of the Trade and Industry Committee. We are promoting local industries,” he said, tongue-in-cheek.

Ordinary Kenyans are also reconnecting with their rarely-used abilities. Elizabeth Kavete has been staying home since March 26, given that her job is mostly about fieldwork, and she has used the free time to sharpen her video making skills.

Her producer told her she has impeccable acting skills and advised her to try a hand in the YouTube video business. Her first video was a simple tutorial on lighting a jiko.

“I had this idea in mind and been using any time I want to cook using a jiko,” she told the Sunday Nation.

With guidance from the producer, she went ahead to shoot the tutorial and uploaded it on her YouTube account, Kavete LizLizz.

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Hilarious Video: “Jeff” asks “Miguna” whether he has “Sanitized”



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I’m not tending cabbages in Sugoi – DP Ruto



Deputy President William Ruto has opened up on a picture that has been making rounds on social media of his lookalike busy at work on a cabbage farm.

The picture went viral on social media, with many saying it was DP Ruto who was busy tending cabbages at his farm in Sugoi as government officials battle Covid-19.


The DP had addresses the issue in different WhatsApp platform where he’s a member but also tweeted about it.

Dr Ruto later shared a picture of two farmhands in a cabbage farm.

The DP said he, together with President Uhuru Kenyatta and other senior government officials, were busy working on a solution to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

“HE Uhuru, our teams and I are working on PRACTICAL strategies to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. All OPTIONS are on our cards,” he said.

The DP called on all Kenyans not to panic and assured them that the country would pull through and overcome the disease.

“There should be NO panic, we will pull through. Let’s comply with advisories as reviewed timeously,” he wrote.

Further, he asked Kenyans to ignore the picture of his lookalike on a farm as he was not in Sugoi tending to cabbages.

“So, am NOT tending Sugoi cabbages below. Ignore other pics,” the DP tweeted.

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