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How Moi thwarted scheme to replace Lee Njiru



Former President Daniel arap Moi tried to intervene in a power struggle between his press secretary Lee Njiru and private secretary John Lokorio in his last days, it has now emerged.

Moi died on February 4 and was laid to rest at his Kabarak home last Wednesday.

According to insiders, only a few people knew about the intense power struggle to control Moi’s diary.

The running divisions that characterised the relationship between the two confidants was so intense that each wing used to release separate press statements on the health status of Moi.

And when he was admitted to Nairobi Hospital, the confusion of conflicting press statements intensified, confirming the deep division in the communication unit.

The two, who were constantly in touch with Moi during his 24-year reign and after his retirement in 2002, have for the past three years been embroiled in a power struggle that spilt over to the public domain last year.

The sour relationship became so acrimonious that at one time Mr Njiru accused Mr Lokorio of sending his two drivers with a spare key to “steal” his official car on July 5, 2017.

The car was later recovered by police and returned to Mr Njiru. The matter was the subject of discussion by the Nakuru County Security Committee that was chaired by the then County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha on October 12, 2017.

After deliberations, the committee studied Mr Njiru’s documents and consulted the national government, which confirmed that he was in the office legally.

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Mr Lokorio did not attend the meeting. But what is the bone of contention between the two?

Interestingly, the two are neighbours at Ngata Farm, where they own huge chunks of land, and both operate hotels in the former Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) land.

According to documents seen by the Sunday Nation, and which were filed in court, Mr Lokorio claims Mr Njiru retired on July 1, 2017 and should have vacated his position.

Mr Lokorio further claims that Mr Njiru was replaced by Mr Alex Kiprotich Chepkoit, who was recruited as deputy personal assistant in the Office of retired President Moi with effect from September 1, 2016.

Immediately after Mr Kiprotich’s appointment, Mr Lokorio sent a text message to Mr Njiru, saying: “I want to know when Alex Kiprotich can report on duty as your deputy. You are also aware that he has to work on His Excellency archives.”

Mr Njiru wrote to the Comptroller of State House and sought the extension of the contract for a further period of three years from July 1, 2017.

“My current appointment as personal assistant-cum-secretary in the Office of the Retired President expires on June 30, 2017. As per the terms of engagement, I wish to continue in the same position for a further period of three years from July 1, 2017,” wrote Mr Njiru.

His extension was approved by Moi. The then Comptroller of State House, Lawrence Lenayapa, conveyed the extension of Mr Njiru’s appointment as approved by the Public Service Commission via a letter dated May 3, 2017.

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“I am pleased to convey to you the decision of the Public Service Commission vide letter Ref No PSC/SH/1/VII (24) dated May 3, 2017 that your appointment as a Personal Assistant-cum-Secretary, Job Group ‘S’ on local agreement terms of service in the Office of the First Retired President be renewed for a further period of three years with effect from July 1, 2017 up to and including June 20, 2020,” wrote Mr Lenayapa on June 5, 2017.

However, Mr Lokorio wrote back. The letter copied to Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua said: “The named officer (Njiru) is someone in his retirement and his services in an office of this nature are not in demand.”

He added: “If the government needs the energies of this officer, it is in a position to find him another posting, but definitely not this office.”

According to clause 8 of the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act, public officers should not be appointed or posted to serve on such staff except with the concurrence of the retired president.

Mr Njiru holds official documents showing that he is in the office legally.

But in a quick rejoinder, Mr Lokorio, seeking to exercise his powers, asked Mr Njiru on July 3, 2017 to proceed on retirement.

“The Public Service Commission has advised that I apply for your commutation of leave for cash in lieu of the contract,” wrote Mr Lokorio.

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He further told Mr Njiru that he had applied for him 38 months outstanding leave.

The two top civil servants are subject to redeployment now that the Office of the First Retired President of Kenya, which was constitutional, has ceased to exist.

According to insiders at Kabarak, Mr Lokorio was resolute that Mr Njiru, who was considered an outsider in Moi’s private office among the administrative cadre staff, was to be replaced.

However, reliable sources told the Sunday Nation that when Moi learnt of Mr Lokorio’s schemes to replace Mr Njiru, he thwarted the move.

“Mzee Moi was not happy with Mr Lokorio’s underhand scheme and would not let go Mr Njiru, who was considered to be a foreigner in the clique surrounding former President Moi,” said a source.

The source added that even in his advanced age, Moi was cautious on who to work with and was not amused by hatred and tribal tendencies in his private office.

In a past interview, when asked how he managed to weather all these battles, Mr Njiru replied: “When you work under Moi for such a long time, you learn how to not to get ulcers. I do not get ulcers. I distribute them. In fact, I am the chief distributor.”

Mr Lokorio did not respond to our telephone calls seeking comment.

By Sunday Nation

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‘Someone badly wanted to bring me down:’ Asbel Kiprop



His name Asbel means determined.

And determination is the driving force behind three-time World 1,500 metres champion Asbel Kiprop in his quest to unravel the truth behind his doping saga.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 1,500m champion, who is now serving a four-year ban for a doping offence, believes getting to the bottom of the saga will enable him to leave a legacy in athletics, one that will not only expose what he terms “corrupt athletics systems” but will also enable him to defend the game and clean athletes.

After clearing his name, former African Games and Africa 1,500m champion Kiprop, hopes to compete for Kenya again, perhaps at the 2022 World Championships in Oregon, or just for a short season.

Kiprop, 30, was provisionally suspended on May 2, 2018 after he tested positive for banned performance-enhancing substance Erythropoietin (EPO) in an out-of-competition test in November 2017.

Kiprop, the 2007 World Under-20 Cross Country champion, maintained his innocence but he was eventually found guilty of using EPO and was handed a four-year doping ban in April last year.

Kiprop will be eligible to compete by February 2022.

“I strongly believe there was an error somewhere that World Athletics and Athletes Integrity Unit (AIU) must really still look at and rectify. I won’t even be looking at compensation but to clear my name,” Kiprop told Grace Msalame in an NTV lifestyle show ‘Unscripted.’

“Even if I finish the ban, I will not relent in my quest to find the truth. I will not allow the truth to die even if it will take me a decade or more. I will fight to clear my name. I also don’t want to go down on record as being the person who ruined Kenya’s rich athletics heritage,” said Kiprop, who said that he is back in training read to make a return to athletics, his beloved sport.

Kiprop, who has hinted at hiring a European lawyer who is also a known scientist to pursue his case to the end, said he would like to hang his spikes honourably.

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“I never planned to end my athletics career this way, and that is why I am so determined,” said Kiprop, who is now based at Police Training College, Kiganjo. “I know it will be hard for me to return strongly to the level where I was, but I have a point to prove since I still have the energy to run.”

Kiprop said he didn’t have enough money to appeal his four-year ban through his former lawyer Katwa Kigen.

“By the time I was ready to appeal my ban, AIU told me I was time-barred and that is why I believe there is hope with my new scientist lawyer,” the lanky athlete said.

But who would have loved to bring Kiprop down and end his illustrious athletics career?

Kiprop believes that from the way AIU handled his case, he is the victim of a complicated web. He believes someone wanted to fix him after he had defended his Rosa and Associati management from doping allegations back in 2014.

At the time, the founder of the athletics management camp, Gabriela Rosa, were arrested together with his son Federico following rampant doping cases in their management camp.

“I think AIU saw me as a stumbling block to what they wanted to achieve and someone wanted to find a way to bring me down,” claimed Kiprop in the interview aired on NTV Saturday night.

Kiprop said had he been guilty of doping as charged, he would have failed to avail himself for testing after he was forewarned by the officers from AIU about the impeding tests.

“How could I have been so foolish to avail myself? Mark you, I had not missed any doping test,” posed Kiprop.

On the countdown to 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Kiprop said he was part of an intense anti-doping campaign in which he advocated for stiffer punishment for dopers.

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“I wanted the two-year ban for doping increased to four besides advocating for doping to be criminalised,” he said.

Kiprop said there is no way he could have cheated having had over 136 doping tests and after having suffered at the hands for a doping cheat back in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Three years and four months after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Kiprop was elevated to an Olympic champion at a brief ceremony at the Nairobi Intercontinental Hotel.

This was after Kiprop had finished second in men’s 1,500m final at the 2008 Olympics at the “Bird’s Nest” Stadium in Beijing behind Rashid Ramzi, a naturalised Bahraini who is originally from Morocco but was banned for using banned blood-booster Cera.

New Zealand’s Nicholas Willis was promoted to the silver medal position while France’s Mehdi Baala took the bronze following Ramzi’s disqualification.

“I never thought I would be in Ramzi’s shoes after being falsely accused. I value my natural talent,” said Kiprop, who said he had been greatly inspired by his performance in Beijing.

Kiprop said he didn’t want to disappoint several people, including his father and mentor David Kebenei, Martin Keino who discovered his athletics talent during the trials for the 2006 World Under-20 Championships as well as renowned coach Colm O’Connell, who polished the runner’s skills in Iten.

Kebenei was also an athlete. He represented Kenya at the 1987 African Games in Nairobi and finished fourth in the 1,500m race.

“I want to hand over the baton my father gave me to my kids and make it a generational thing,” said Kiprop.

Kiprop explained that doping accusations have ruined his life including his marriage to his wife Sammary, something he says left him frustrated, driving him to alcoholism.

“My athletics career and reputation was at stake and I was considering venturing into coaching,” Kiprop said. “I wasn’t myself and I ended up doing crazy and abnormal things. My wife didn’t know where I had been after I had been accused of doping. I avoided going to the house because I was trying to figure out the truth but in vain.”

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Kiprop said all his friends abandoned him at his hour of need, with the biggest backlash coming from his fellow athletes whom he has assisted financially and even mentored.

“To be honest, the people who dope need to be shamed and embarrassed but it was a double challenge for me since I was innocent,” explained Kiprop.

“All the people I had housed left me and my rivals openly ridiculed me saying they just realised I had been beating them in races through doping. There was lack of trust and it can get worse when it comes from people who are closer,” said Kiprop, adding that only people who came through for him were his parents and his boss, Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai.

“My parents and IG saved me from total collapse and I am grateful to them. I am also lucky to have got another wife who is kind and understanding,” said Kiprop.

Kiprop said it has taken patience to survive the period. He says he drove inspiration from former South African President Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in jail before becoming president.

“Whenever you are hit by such storms, there is need to persevere and to stand on your feet for the truth, no matter what,” said Kiprop.

“A farmer doesn’t fail to plant for the next season just because locusts have ravaged his crops in the current season,” he said.

‘Unscripted’ with Grace Msalame aired on NTV Saturday night, but you can watch a re-run on NTV’s channel on YouTube

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For the love of shoes! DP Ruto’s daughter shows off designer shoes



William Ruto’s daughter has a taste for finer things in life.

Charlene ‘Chela’ Ruto’s love for heels is unrivaled.

Just like any red blooded lady, she loves to look good in delicate high heels. In one of her Instagram posts, she shows off her taste.

A photo of her perfectly manicured nails, a rouge leather bag and a classy designer watch sum up what the rich kids loves about her life.

“She is beautiful both in and out,” she adds the hashtags #Nails #DesignerWatch and #AlmostTaken.

Check it out below.

Anyhow, Chela loves heels and hand bags, most of her posts she is showing off her accessories. Check out one of them.

In another post, she shows off her post birthday get up. The shoes are Liliana, the clutch and matching earrings look expensive too.

She captioned the photo, “How I slayed on my post birthday night.”

Here is how much the pair of shoes cost (Ksh 4500), but of course this doesn’t include shipping costs.

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Captain Kibati’s family pays tributes to him (Photos)



Captain Daudi Kimuyu Kibati has been laid to rest today at his Kitui home.

He passed away after contracting coronavirus on his line of duty.

He was the pilot who flew the last flight from New York to Kenya.

“Captain Kibati managed to evacuate many kenyans only for him to succumb to the disease. He made the ultimate sacrifice,” said the CS of health Mutahi Kagwe in a live broadcast.

Captain Kibati was a loving husband to Jane Mwende Kibati and together were blessed with children.

He was a caring dad of Dr. Paul Kibati, Caeser Mutua, Sebastian Kibati and Angeline Mutindi and a loving grand-father to many.

His family wrote a moving poem for the late Captain.

“Where do we begin dad,

Your attributes are beyond what our words can express.

You remind us of Moses in the bible
who God called the most humble man who ever lived.

Your humility, many can attest to. You remind us of the teachings of Jesus when He said love your neighbors.

Only, you went beyond being just a loving neighbor

You became everything for anyone and everyone who needed you

When we needed advise, you were the wise counselor

When we needed understanding, you became the friend; down to the level of each and every person

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When we needed a provider, you went far and beyond; never withholding what’s within your means

When we were in conflict, you became the mediator and not even once, judging

A loving dad, compassionate friend, husband, son, brother, and granddad!

Whom do we turn to?

And now that it’s time to say goodbye, sorrow grips us

Your warmth, smile, voice, laughter; how can we go on dad

Yet we know that it is for love that you chose the lonely way out; though in hope of seeing us again

But this be sure; that forever your legacy will live on

The lives you touched, far and beyond your bloodline;

To where your arms could reach, you embraced many

And now, many hearts ache with sadness! Many eyes fill with tears

Who do we turn to?

We turn to the One who first loved us

Our hope and faith remain steadfast looking on to Him, the author of our lives!

We remain in the blessed of hope of waking up in Christ and seeing you again

As we soldier on to meet Him too someday, He is our faith and Trust

In His arm you are now safe and secure; rest assured that He is watching over us

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It is till we met again Daddy. We loved you but He loved you most!”

May he rest in peace.

By Mpasho

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