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I first met Moi while looking for farm work, Sally reflects



Former Head of Public Service Dr Sally Kosgei yesterday spoke about her years of interaction with President Daniel a rap Moi, narrating how she met him while she was looking for a job in a farm in 1972.

“I was privileged to work with my former boss as an ordinary civil servant for five years, as an ambassador for six years, permanent secretary for 10 years and his Head of Public Service for two years. 1 will always remain grateful to him for his generosity, support, professionalism and above all respect,” Kosgei told mourners during the former President’s funeral service.

Kosgei (pictured) said she first met Moi when he was the vice-president.

“I was coming to the end of my first year at the university and was job- seeking. The year was 1972 in July. I was struck by his humility and what crossed my mind was that he stood like a soldier. He was very polite. He was surprised that I wanted manual work on a farm and many years later he reminded me of this meeting when 1 was reluctant to take up the London posting,” Kosgei, a former High Commissioner to London, United Kingdom, said.

“He even reminded me of the ridiculous T-Shirt I was dressed in that day. You have to believe that he had a very strong memory. Just in case you are wondering, it was a bright yellow T-Shirt with black writings and a cap overflowing with beer; it was from East African Breweries with a caption ‘Have a nice day’,” Kosgei recounted.

Education champion

She said on their first meeting, Moi had talked to her about the importance of education and made her promise him that she would pursue her education to the doctorate level, thus she was not surprised that he paid so much attention to education when he became president.

Kosgei said Moi treated women with a lot of respect and many times, she found herself “abandoned” especially when he seemed not to be in his best of moods.

“I soon recognised how to know signs of displeasure; if he called me Daktari, I was ok, Sally is my official name so that was fine. But if he received me with the name lakwani, which means child in Kalenjin, 1 knew I was in deep trouble. If he was angry with me he would send Joshua Kulei to tell me or I just stayed away,” she recalled.

She said she worked closely with Moi during the 2002 election and transition to the Narc administration.

“I prepared two speeches for the then Kanu candidate Uhuru Kenyatta – one in the event he won the election and another if he lost – and handed them to Moi,” she said.

“I soon recognised how to know signs of displeasure.


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KQ suspends employee who took video of Chinese plane at JKIA



Kenya Airway has suspended an employee who filmed and shared a video clip showing a Southern China Airline with 239 passengers landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport this week.

The airline is accusing Gire Ali of exposing poor handling and management of passengers arriving from coronavirus-ravaged China.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Mr Ali confirmed that it was true that he had been suspended by the national carrier.

“Yes, it is true, what is trending is true they have suspended me,” said Mr Ali.

More shortly

By Nairobi News,

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Kenya Power dismisses 110 staff in one year over fraud



Kenya Power has over the last one year laid off 110 employees who were found guilty of aiding fraud, illegal connections and other crimes.

Theft is partly to blame for the firm’s financial woes that saw it report a 71 per cent decline in net profit for the half year to December.The firm yesterday said its net profit for the six-month period had sunk to Sh693 million from Sh2.45 billion over a similar period in 2018.

Additional energy charges from new power plants and increased transmission costs also ate into its earnings. Finance costs, which were on the rise the previous year and substantially dented profit, went down by 20 per cent.

The half year numbers came a day after Kenya Power reported a 92 per cent drop in profit for the full year to June 2019 in delayed results attributed to lack of a substantive Auditor General.“Our immediate focus is to improve business performance through the implementation of various initiatives to grow sales, reduce system losses, enhance revenue collection and manage costs,” said Chief Executive Bernard Ngugi in a statement yesterday.

“These initiatives are part of a wider turnaround strategy and are supported by the company’s drive to improve customer satisfaction.”

Mr Ngugi, together with Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter and Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss George Kinoti, had earlier yesterday cracked down on illegal connections in Tassia estate in Nairobi, where he revealed that the firm had axed 100 employees involved in fraud.

He further warned of more action as the company scales up the fight on crimes that undermine quality power supply.

The operation was carried out jointly by Kenya Power’s security personnel and police officers. “The company will continue to work with security agencies to eliminate illegal power connections and address other crimes that deny Kenyans quality electricity supply,” said Ngugi.

By Standard

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Death Announcement: Leon Ong’ara of St Louis, Missouri



It is with deep sorrow that we inform you of the passing of Mr. Leon Ong’ara of Saint Louis, Missouri.

Nephew to Agnes Thaiya (Shiro) of St. Louis and Caroline Njeri of Kansas City, Missouri. Leon was 25yrs old and in his final year at Lindenwood University in St. Charles Missouri.

Kindly Let us all join the family for prayers and continue with our financial assistance.

There will be a Memorial Service and a fundraiser on Saturday, February 29 from 1.00 to 3:00 pm at the Archway Memorial Chapel, Hazelwood, MO.

The expenses are at $15,148.

It is our hope that we can raise the funds before Saturday so that we have an opportunity to celebrate Leon’s life that day. Leon’s body accompanied by Shiro and Njeri will leave for Kenya at a later date.

The Saint Louis Kenyan community is requesting for support.

For more information please contact:
Pst.Samuel:  636-219-1101
Pst.Michael Mwangi: 314-398-7040
Agnes Thaiya(CashApp Shiro): 816-694-9097
Zellipah Githui: 314-378-6452 – CashApp

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