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VIDEO: Kenyan woman who bought a gun in US and took it to Kenya to “protect herself from a stalking American boyfriend” speaks out



A US-based Kenyan woman who feared for her life because of what she refers to as incessant stalking by her Mzungu ex-boyfriend has come out to explain how she bought a gun, packed it in her check-in luggage and flew to Kenya.

What befell Florence Wamucii after that is heart wrenching to say the least.

The Las Vegas, Nevada resident says although she followed instructions to the letter, Kenyan authorities made life very difficult for her as they sought bribes. “They insisted that I produce a firearm licence from Nevada despite the fact that one does not require a permit to hold such a gun,” she says.

She accuses the Kenyan officials of blatant corruption and holding her in the calls for several days against the law.

“I deposited the gun with the Customs Department officials at JKIA as required so as to go and apply for a licence and come back to collect it. However, I was arrested before I could leave the airport. All they wanted was money. They initially wanted Sh 3 Million so as to withdraw the charges. I said I wouldn’t give them even a single cent,” She told Kikuyu Diaspora TV in a lengthy monologue during which she gives her side of the story.

Wamucii says she was harassed, put in a police cell for several days and even threatened with being charged under the Terrorism Act.

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FlasbacK: In August 2019, a Kenyan woman living in the USA was charged with illegally possessing a gun in Nairobi.

Florence Wamucii Kiama alias Florence Wamucii Pfeiffer was accused of being found in possession of a Beretta pistol without a firearm certificate as well as being ion possession of 16 rounds of ammunition.

Wamucii, a dual citizen holding both American and Kenyan passports was alleged to have committed the offence on 7th August this year at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

She denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku.

Now Wamucii is explaining how she came to possess a Beretta Pistol serial number H00935.

Her lawyer told the court that she had the weapon was in a checked luggage all the way from Las Vegas and passed through three airports where she was cleared.

The accused person was, however, arrested at JKIA and taken to court under a miscellaneous application in which Anti-Terrorism Police sought to detain her for five days to complete investigations.

The court heard that she was not, however, charged with any terror related offences. The court heard that ATPU suspected they would prefer charges under the prevention of terrorism act as a result of the said firearm

Fast forward: On November 18th 2019, the Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew the charge under section 87 (a) of the criminal procedure code without giving any reasons. The Magistrate declined an application to have the government confiscate the firearm.

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Wamucii’s paRting shot; Corruption can get you easily be killed in Kenya.



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Americans abroad must return to the US immediately, says Pompeo



US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told Americans abroad who still wish to return to the United States to do so “immediately,” saying commercial and government-chartered flights could soon cease amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“We don’t know how long commercial flights will … operate,” Mr Pompeo said Tuesday, adding it is not a sure thing that flights being chartered by the US government specifically for Americans to return home due to COVID-19 fears will be available in some countries.

The US top diplomat urged any Americans abroad who want to get back to US soil to contact the American embassy in the country where they currently are to begin making plans “immediately” to get a flight back to the States.

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Kenyan who Returned from Abroad Detained at Nairobi Hotel over Sh45,000 Quarantine Bill



A Kenyan-born student who flew in from abroad  was on Friday detained at a high-end hotel in Nairobi for “failing to pay a Sh45,000 bill.”

However, the student -Mayombe Odubah -claims she was forcefully transferred to Pride Inn hotel by uniformed policemen following a government directive that everyone arriving in the country be isolated for two weeks.

The 20-year old law student at Middlesex University in Slic-en-slac, Mauritius told Nairobi News she informed the police, and hotel management that she could not afford to pay the Sh9,000 hotel day bill.

She also wrote a letter to the Ministry of Health explaining her financial position, a document that is in possession of Nairobi News.

“Most passengers refused to go to the hotel but police forced and threatened us,” she explained.

“I spoke to the management and informed them I didnt have the money. A Mr. Amusala told me to spend the night because I wasn’t allowed to sleep at the lobby at Sh7500 for the night and allow my matter be handled the following day. He has since stopped picking my calls. I have since been transferred to JKUAT, which is cheaper, but the hotel has refused to release me. My parents cannot afford this cost. I am worried.”

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Oudubah says she was tested for coronavirus in Dubai on her way back home and turned negative.

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently announced all visitors arriving in the country will be placed if forced isolation at their cost, in a move aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus pandemic.


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