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VIDEO: Why was Lee Njiru not on list of people thanked by Moi family, Kenyans ask



Was Lee Njiru ignored by the Moi family? That is the lingering question among Kenyans following the conclusion of several days of national mourning, a national memorial service at Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi and ultimately the funeral service and burial ceremony in Kabarak, Nakuru County on Thursday.

As Baringo Senator Gedion Moi read a long list of people who, according to him and the Moi family, had played a key role in terms of helping during his father’s illness as well as those who worked for him in his retirement, one name was conspicuously missing.

Lee Njiru, the long serving Press Secretary to former and now late President Daniel Arap Moi, was not among those mentioned by Moi’s last born and his daughter Lulu. Watch:

Hawk-eyed Kenyans – as expected – couldn’t fail to notice the omission especially because during the numerous interviews that Njiru did upon the passing of Moi, he came off as one  who had particularly gotten very close to the former head of state.

Why why why? Babake Lulu, why did you leave Njiru out?” Wondered John Njeru on Facebook.

KarisJoe wrote on Twitter: “Was it a deliberate omission or has Njiru been talking too much?”

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Martin kk wrote: “Hata baada ya Njiru kusemekana ati anafanana na Baba Moi, hata hakutajwa?

JackDaniel tweeted; “I want to believe that they forgot to thank him along many many others who meant a lot to Mzee Moi. Nonetheless, God will thank Njiru for his service.”

According to Daily Nation, Kenya’s leading newspaper, Njiru is presumed to know the late Moi’s top secrets, having remained close to him until his death.

Njiru, who also doubled up as  President Moi’s personal assistant  for 42 years, recently declared: “Mr Moi was like a father to me.”

After President Mwai Kibaki took over the presidency, Njiru continued to work for Moi, growing even closer to the former Head of State who became “lonely and quiet”.

“We moved from the employer-servant relationship to more of a father-son one. He mentored me. He believed in hard work and did not like high-sounding ideologies,” Mr Njiru said at his Cherrynam Resort in Nakuru.

“As a PA and press secretary, I was also in charge of his public relations and corporate affairs. My job was not to say what the President said, but what he meant. I would formulate the information to the public, bearing in mind that it was from the presidency and not just from Moi,” he said.

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Even after Moi’s retirement in 2002, Njiru continued to take care of his image. He even moved to Nakuru so that he could continue working for Mr Moi, who moved to his Kabarak home. The media continued to rely on him for information pertaining to the former President and his family. He was, for instance, the go-to person when Moi’s eldest son, Jonathan, died.

“I still hold the position of Moi’s press secretary, my contract ends on September 11, 2021,” he said.

The last time he spoke to the former President was late last year, before his health deteriorated.

“After that, he was unable to speak much but I would, once in a while, visit him in hospital and just see how he was doing,” he said.

Born in Runyenjes in 1949, he studied at Kangaru Boys’ High School where he completed his ‘O’ levels in 1968.

He was briefly employed by the National Cereals and Produce Board in 1969.

Mr Njiru joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communications in 1974 and graduated with a diploma.

He was employed the following year as an information officer in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Nairobi.

In early 1976, he was posted to Kakamega in the same capacity before being posted to State House later that year, where he spent the rest of his professional life until Moi’s retirement in 2002.

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Mr Njiru was the longest serving head of the PPU and it is highly unlikely that any of his successors will ever wield the influence he had on the public and private media.

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Kajiado villagers chase visitors over coronavirus scare



There was tension at a private farm at Duka Moja area in Kajiado Central after villagers surrounded it armed with sticks and rungus claiming that a group of unknown people had been ferried into the farm in the middle of the night.

The villagers claimed that eight women and five men were brought to work on the farm and were all sleeping in one tiny house in total disregard of social distancing in the wake of covid 19 outbreak.

They demanded that the ‘strangers’ be returned to where they came from as they were scared of Coronavirus being ‘brought’ into their village.

John Merin, a village elder said the group was sleeping in a poorly ventilated house and had no masks and if any of them had the virus it would easily spread in the village.

He added that the Government had directed that people should reduce unnecessary travels and work from home to curb the spread of the deadly virus yet the farm owner was bringing in groups of people to work in his farm without providing them with masks and sanitisers.

“We don’t want any visitors here, the Government said everyone should work from home so as to reduce the spread of the virus and yet people are being ferried from other places to come and work here in total disregard of the preventive measures issued,” said Merin.

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Catherine Meroni, said the villagers had no problem with the group working at the farm but they were concerned that they all sleep in one tiny house and had no masks putting the whole village at risk of infection in case one of them is infected.

Meroni noted that there was no water or soap placed at the gate of the farm and people just walked in and out in total disregard of preventive measures laid out by the Ministry of Health.

“We have to protect ourselves and our children. We cannot allow just anyone to come here and we do not know whether they have Corona or not and yet they mingle with villagers. Everyone should stay home so as to reduce the spread of this disease,” she said.

However the farm manager claimed that the villagers were only protesting because they had not been employed and the jobs had been given to specialists who come from elsewhere.

It took the intervention of area MCA Samuel Teum to calm down the angry residents after being assured by the farm owner that the workers who had been brought in would be hosted elsewhere after working on the farm and sanitation facilities and masks would be provided.

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Kajiado County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha urged residents to strictly adhere to directives issued by the Ministry of Health so as to avoid contracting the Coronavirus.

He directed all public facilities to ensure that they provide soap and water for their customers and ensure that they wash their hands first before being attended to.

“I want to urge all residents to strictly follow the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health on how to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus. We will firmly deal with anyone flouting the guidelines and putting the lives of other Kenyans at risk,” said the CC.

Nkanatha noted that surveillance had been heightened at Namanga, Shomploe and Loitokitok entry points from Tanzania and all vehicles entering the country ferrying goods will have to undergo fumigation before being allowed to pass through.

The CC further emphasized that the curfew would be implemented and enforced to the letter and warned residents to ensure that they are in their houses by 7pm without fail.

“We are strictly implementing the curfew order. All persons must be inside their homes between 7PM to 5AM.Plan your time well so as not to be caught up in traffic as the curfew must be strictly obeyed. We will not allow any excuses,” he said

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The CC revealed that Kajiado was fully prepared in case of any eventualities and that isolation centres had been established in all the five sub counties and 20 boarding schools identified as quarantine areas.

He added that a Multi-agency committee had already been formed to monitor the spread of the viral infection at the county and trace any persons suspected to have been in close contact with already confirmed positive cases.


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VIDEO: Many Kenyans seek solace in Karura Forest during these tough Corona times



In line with the Government directive on Social Distancing, the  Kenya Forest Service has suspended communal and cultural prayers in religious shrines inside inside forests countrywide.

One of those forests is Karura, well known as a haven for nature lovers, and especially those who want to enjoy their solitary time jogging, cycling and just walking. However, that too has changed now as the rules of social distancing take effect.

‘We do about 10Km as we keep social distancing and then go back home. The air is fresh over here,” says Bobby Kaberi, a former Atlanta resident.

“We miss those days when there were no social distancing rules and we were allowed to picnic but…it is what it is,” says Bobby’s wife and jogging partner,  Mugure Kaberi.”

Watch courtesy of K24

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Don’t come home, Siaya people living out of county told



Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga has asked natives living in other counties not to travel back home due to Covid-19.

He warned that those defying the order will be traced and forced to pay for their own mandatory quarantine.

On Saturday, Rasanga announced several measures that the County will be taking to combat the spread of the Covid-19, including a mandatory 14-day quarantine for Siaya people coming into the county from any one of countries considered ‘high risk’.

The isolation centres are at Siaya/ Bondo KMTC campus and Bondo Hospital, but will be paid for by the citizens themselves.

“Any Siaya resident who travels back home must be armed with at least Sh28,000 for upkeep while on mandatory quarantine,” said Rasanga.

Rasanga while briefing Media at his Segere home, said it would be fair for Siaya people to keep off the region.

“We know that you love your families and would want to join them but your coming can put their lives in danger,” said Rasanga.

The governor who was accompanied by County Commissioner Michael Ole Tialal said whoever sneaks into the county would be flushed out of their homes or rented houses.

“If you escape the screening at the entry points, chiefs and their assistants will get you,” he added.

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