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¨I am no longer interested in attending weddings!¨ Bien Aime to his ´haters´



Sauti Sol´s Bien Aime Baraza and his fiancée, Chiki Kuruka had their nuptials early in the month but in an invites-only event that left many scarred.

The wedding dates in the first place, were meant to confuse the public and avoid giving any sorts of clues to individuals outside the couple´s inner circle.

Either way, the wedding went down as planned at the Pallet Cafe, Lavington, without the public´s involvement on their big day.

Newly weds, Chiki Kuruka and Bien Aime Baraza

Many have since held grudges against them for lack of an invite to their major step in life. However, Bien categorically had this to tell them:

Only those who know me as Alusa, not Bien (were invited). My message to those who are mad at me because they were not invited is, they should hold their weddings and don´t invite me. I am no longer interested in attending weddings because I have attended so many of them. It was my way of celebrating my commitment to my wife.

Fortunate enough, the wedding brought together parents from both sides in what was considered a success.

We had a good time with both families. My dad got the opportunity to interact with Chiki´s dad. They now know each other.

Lovebirds, Bien Aime and Chiki Kuruka

In the current day and age, star-studded and lavish weddings are the order of the day especially among celebrities.

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However, the Sauti Sol´s lead vocalist stressed:

Please don´t do a wedding to please your parents. Do it depending on the size of your pockets, how much you can afford. A wedding is the beginning of your life. So don´t spend all your money on a wedding. Do something small and affordable. You better spend much on your honeymoon than at the wedding.

According to him, it makes no sense to have to run into debts just to finance a wedding that is meant to please family, friends and the world at large.

Stop borrowing loans and money from your friends so you can hold a big wedding and go into debt.

Bien Aime Baraza

Because for them, their wedding budget was pretty within their means:

The budget was less than Ksh 300,000. A good budget for artistes like me.

The newly weds were unable to proceed on their honeymoon following the COVID-19 pandemic but eventually:

If I will go, I will choose an African country.

By Ghafla

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VIDEO: Teacher Wanjiku’s reaction after receiving special message from Lupita Nyong’o



This past weekend, actress Lupita Nyong’o went on to appreciate teacher Wanjiku in a post shared on her official instagram post.

As seen on the post, Lupita celebrated the mother of two for being an inspiration; and a perfect getaway especially with the ongoing lockdown.

According to Lupita Nyong’o, Teacher Wanjiku’s funny video clips have been keeping her busy during the compulsory lockdown; hence making life more bearable for her.

Through her instagram page the American actress went on to write saying;

When the world is dark and I’m feeling low… there’s always @teacherwanjiku! Thank you for lifting my spirits this morning and taking me back home for a moment. #SorryWorld, this post will be enjoyed by the Swahili speakers and folks who like the sound of a foreign language and those who just like hearing people laughing. Watch the whole bit on her ig page.

Kenyan product

Having started her career back home in Kenya; this was indeed a good gesture coming from Lupita who is now an international actress.

This is the first time the lady has gone ahead to appreciate the Kenyan talent through her instagram page. For this reason teacher Wanjiku on the other had – could not keep calm after being tagged on the post.

Through her instagram page, the comedian appreciated the love from Lupita as she thanked her for supporting the Kenyan talent.

Thank you @lupitanyongo 🙏 Asante sana #wajohn Ameenda international 😂😂😂😂😂

On the comment section fans also congratulated Teacher Wanjiku for the hard work she has been putting in all these years.

Others also felt challenged after seeing such a big star appreciate the comedian; wherelse other Kenyans prefer appreciating international acts, when the real deal is just in front of their eyes.


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Cops hunting for rider who fled with friend’s Sh505K



Police are looking for a boda boda rider who disappeared after receiving Sh505,200 he had been sent by his friend to collect for her.

Bernard Onsase had been sent by Monica Macharia to collect the money from her friend at Wilson Airport on May 9.

He later switched off his phone and disappeared.

Shaurimoyo police station is obtained court orders to compel telephone services provider Safaricom to share details of Onsase and his wife Asenath Omwenga’s mobile phone numbers.

Police constable Mohamed Ragow told Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga that Onsase has been Macharia’s customer but moved his family and relocated to an unknown place.

Police want Safaricom to avail M-Pesa transaction details of the couple’s phone numbers from May 9 to date and any other information that may help in obtaining concrete evidence for the case.

The police also want to have access and carry away document related to transactions of Onsase’s account and Safaricom to provide other telephone numbers the two could have registered.

Nyaga granted the orders, but, however, pointed out that 90 percent of Kenyans are likely to do what Onsase did.


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PHOTOS: Bizarre case as thief falls fast asleep after breaking into journalist’s house



In a bizarre case, a thief who broke into a journalist’s home fell fast asleep midway through his crime.

Confirming the incident in an interview with East Africa Radio, ITV Zanzibar presenter Farouk Karim said that the thief accessed his compound by scaling the perimeter fence.

According to the journalist, the thief stole shoes and clothes from the hanging line before setting his eyes on his car’s power windows. Recounting the fateful night happenings, Farouk said he’d left home early in the morning only to receive a call that a thief had been found at his home.

“I left my house for morning exercise and that’s when I received a call that a thief had been caught at my house; I was shocked. Some of the youths I was exercising with accompanied me and we found the thief was actually not in the house, but my car.

“We found him dead asleep in the car with all he’d stolen the previous night on his lap,” he said.

According to the journalist, the thief easily accessed the car as the doors were not locked and proceeded to steal the power window mechanism from the passenger’s door.

“I think as he tried removing the power window from the driver’s side and that’s when he fell deep asleep.”

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Fast asleep

Farouk further revealed that an angry mob gathered at the scene of the crime baying for the thief’s blood.

“I stopped them from beating him up as it was inside my compound; should anything have happened to him, I would have been held accountable.”

That’s when he called law enforcement officers who arrived and handcuffed the thief, who was still fast asleep. He was roused from his deep sleep and taken to the police station.

“We accompanied him to the police station as one would a bride on her wedding day. I think he fell asleep after getting contended with his loot.”

Responding to numerous enquiries from callers insinuating that voodoo had something to do with the incident, Farouk stressed the importance of prayer.

“The easiest way to make a thief fall fast asleep is praying to God to protect you and your home.”


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