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7 Ways to Place yourself on the Path to Success




Whether you are just starting your journey towards your life’s purpose or you have just realized that you need to make a turn-around and head towards the right direction; here are 7 practical ways to help you achieve immeasurable success in your life.


  1. Identify a Cause:

In a world where there are many good things which you can engage in, you will need to pick one thing; one career; one business; one trade, that you are so good at and then keep perfecting it.


  1. Galvanize your Character:

Your character will ultimately contribute hugely towards your success. Be conscious about your mental and moral qualities, although they develop over time. Make sure that you associate yourself with the right people and with the right surroundings for you to attract success.


  1. Cultivate on your Commitment:

Commitment is the nerve center of a man’s consent to a cause. It is the very engine that drives your desire to achieve the impossible. Commitment gives you an obligation to self, as opposed to even the external expectations. In order for you to succeed, you need to strengthen your commitment towards the cause that you have identified.


  1. Maintain High Levels of Self-Discipline:
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They say – If it is character that gets us out of bed, it is commitment that makes us get into action and even more importantly, it is discipline that facilitates us to follow through. Discipline is all about doing what you know is supposed to be done even if your entire system or even the system outside you, is pointing towards the opposite direction.


  1. Avoid Time-Wasting Distractions:

The contemporary world is full of distractions. Some may seem meaningful, but as long as they do not add up towards the cause that you have identified, you must learn how to side-step them by all mean.


  1. Learn how to rejuvenate from burnout:

A good run towards success will once in a while result to exhaustion. Learn to pick the signs of a tired body and mind and establish the best ways you can break this in order to revitalize your energy. A mind and body that is fresh will always produce good results. So, don’t keep pushing it too hard just for the sake of pushing it.


  1. Enjoy the journey:

If you are always too fixated to the final results, you will end up missing on the thrill of the journey towards your success. Again, when you make it look too serious, it might have a detrimental effect on you. Take it easy, enjoy what you are doing, and everything else will fall into place.

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Thoughts by: George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group


Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300 Email: Website: George Wachiuri Blog:


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Paybill number for cash-strapped Gor Mahia



As a financial crisis bites through the local football scene, Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has reached out to landlords of members of his team’s playing unit to exercise patience.

And in a related development, the 18-time Kenyan champions have, through Gor Mahia Augmentin Fund (GMAF), set up a Paybill number which members, supporters, and well-wishers can contribute money to the club in form of cash and ‘Bonga points.’

Bonga points is a loyalty scheme for all of Safaricom’s pre-paid and post-paid customers.

The points can be used to redeem prizes and goods at selected supermarkets.

Rachier has sought to strike a deal with the landlords of his players following consistent delay in rent payment by the players. This has been occasioned by financial crisis at the club that has caused salary delays.

“We have not paid salaries for five months,” Rachier said Wednesday.

“I keep writing to their landlords just to understand and I want to thank those landlords that have extended a good time for them (players) to be able to pay when we are able to pay,” he said.

Rachier spoke at an event where a section of club supporters and players, led by Lawrence Juma, Joakim Oluoch and Samuel Onyango as well as members of group called ‘Kulundeng original’ donated foodstuff worth Sh100,000 to the Fikisha Rehabilitation Centre.

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The function was held at the Lutheran Centre in Kawangware, Nairobi.

Gor players each received a Sh10,000 monthly stipend from the government last week in a bid to cushion them from the effects of coronavirus pandemic which has paralysed football activities in the country.

Most of the Kenyan Premier League clubs have benefited from the scheme launched by the government in conjunction with various partners.

By Nation Sport

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Cops hunting for rider who fled with friend’s Sh505K



Police are looking for a boda boda rider who disappeared after receiving Sh505,200 he had been sent by his friend to collect for her.

Bernard Onsase had been sent by Monica Macharia to collect the money from her friend at Wilson Airport on May 9.

He later switched off his phone and disappeared.

Shaurimoyo police station is obtained court orders to compel telephone services provider Safaricom to share details of Onsase and his wife Asenath Omwenga’s mobile phone numbers.

Police constable Mohamed Ragow told Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga that Onsase has been Macharia’s customer but moved his family and relocated to an unknown place.

Police want Safaricom to avail M-Pesa transaction details of the couple’s phone numbers from May 9 to date and any other information that may help in obtaining concrete evidence for the case.

The police also want to have access and carry away document related to transactions of Onsase’s account and Safaricom to provide other telephone numbers the two could have registered.

Nyaga granted the orders, but, however, pointed out that 90 percent of Kenyans are likely to do what Onsase did.


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PHOTOS: Bizarre case as thief falls fast asleep after breaking into journalist’s house



In a bizarre case, a thief who broke into a journalist’s home fell fast asleep midway through his crime.

Confirming the incident in an interview with East Africa Radio, ITV Zanzibar presenter Farouk Karim said that the thief accessed his compound by scaling the perimeter fence.

According to the journalist, the thief stole shoes and clothes from the hanging line before setting his eyes on his car’s power windows. Recounting the fateful night happenings, Farouk said he’d left home early in the morning only to receive a call that a thief had been found at his home.

“I left my house for morning exercise and that’s when I received a call that a thief had been caught at my house; I was shocked. Some of the youths I was exercising with accompanied me and we found the thief was actually not in the house, but my car.

“We found him dead asleep in the car with all he’d stolen the previous night on his lap,” he said.

According to the journalist, the thief easily accessed the car as the doors were not locked and proceeded to steal the power window mechanism from the passenger’s door.

“I think as he tried removing the power window from the driver’s side and that’s when he fell deep asleep.”

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Fast asleep

Farouk further revealed that an angry mob gathered at the scene of the crime baying for the thief’s blood.

“I stopped them from beating him up as it was inside my compound; should anything have happened to him, I would have been held accountable.”

That’s when he called law enforcement officers who arrived and handcuffed the thief, who was still fast asleep. He was roused from his deep sleep and taken to the police station.

“We accompanied him to the police station as one would a bride on her wedding day. I think he fell asleep after getting contended with his loot.”

Responding to numerous enquiries from callers insinuating that voodoo had something to do with the incident, Farouk stressed the importance of prayer.

“The easiest way to make a thief fall fast asleep is praying to God to protect you and your home.”


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