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We recently caught up with you at a wedding themed, shoot. Is modelling a feather you are adding to your hat?

Well, I found myself in the industry and to be honest, I didn’t mind it at all. It’s exciting and involves working with incredible people, so I took it up. The people around me discovered the ability in me and now, here I am.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to decency?

I respect myself enough to know what to wear and what not to. I do not indulge in anything that makes me uncomfortable and that is standard. I don’t believe in compromise for publicity.

What was your most memorable fashion moment?

I recently had this incredible designer, Joyce from Joyma Collections, make me an outfit that was part Ankara and part ball gown. I absolutely loved that dress so much that I didn’t want to take it off.

How would you describe your style?

Simple and classy. I love being comfortable in my outfit, so anything that gives me that feel is definitely something I’d go for. I don’t explore much with my hair so most of the times I’ll leave it flowing or have an up do. My nails are always either with red or white polish or something subtle. I am sensitive with my nails and what I put on them. I am not a colour blocker, so my colours have to be in sync, which means I work with colour codes, at most three colours and they have to match through the outfit. I do not mean to sound complicated, but a lot of my inspiration is based on my values and beliefs.

As a celebrity, do you feel the pressure and need to dress the part?

I wouldn’t say pressure has gotten to me yet. I simply love how I dress and most importantly, I do it for me.

As a designer, whose closet would you kill for, literally?

I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but I would go for my own closet. Over time, I have acquired pieces that I love and that define my style. That’s really why I like my own stuff.

Which local or international style do you desire to work with?

Honestly, I admire so many brilliant designers such as Mbogori Fashions and of course my latest discovery Joyma Collections. I love they are creative in their designs and not afraid to take risks. This makes them outstanding plus, they are local!

Who are you wearing currently?
I am wearing Joyma Collections and Miss Keerree.

If you were not in the media or creative industry, what would you have been?

I would be a doctor because I have always felt the need to see and make people feel comfortable and happy. It gets to me, especially when I see children in pain. So, being a doctor would give me the chance to treat them. In the end, I know it would be very fulfilling to help put a smile on their faces.

What are your go-to accessories?

When I’m shopping, earrings and rings get my attention; consequently, I love to incorporate them in my looks. They complete any look.

What does your signature look involve?

Unless I have an engagement that requires me to dress up, my go to style is well fitting pants, a top and cap. This keeps me comfortable and flexible. Helps me ‘hide’ when I just need to run errands in town or meet up with friends without feeling the need to dress up.

Your greatest fashion obsessions are…
Shoes and handbags!
What is your definition of good-looking woman?

A well-groomed lady is one who has her colors well coordinated. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but at least shows that she took time to put together her outfit to look good. Looking good also gives a feel good aura.

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For the love of shoes! DP Ruto’s daughter shows off designer shoes



William Ruto’s daughter has a taste for finer things in life.

Charlene ‘Chela’ Ruto’s love for heels is unrivaled.

Just like any red blooded lady, she loves to look good in delicate high heels. In one of her Instagram posts, she shows off her taste.

A photo of her perfectly manicured nails, a rouge leather bag and a classy designer watch sum up what the rich kids loves about her life.

“She is beautiful both in and out,” she adds the hashtags #Nails #DesignerWatch and #AlmostTaken.

Check it out below.

Anyhow, Chela loves heels and hand bags, most of her posts she is showing off her accessories. Check out one of them.

In another post, she shows off her post birthday get up. The shoes are Liliana, the clutch and matching earrings look expensive too.

She captioned the photo, “How I slayed on my post birthday night.”

Here is how much the pair of shoes cost (Ksh 4500), but of course this doesn’t include shipping costs.

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VIDEO: Kenyan woman says “hii Quarantine imetenganisha Mipango ya Kando na Wababa”



A video of a Kenyan woman appealing to “Wababa” to be more humane during the Corona Lockdown has gone Viral. The unidentified woman says the situation is so dire for mipango ya kando (side chics) that they have no idea what to do.

“Sasa hata hatuwezi piga picha zile tulikuwa tunapost hapo mbeleni,” she says. ‘Hata kuongea kwa simu sasa hatuwezi ongea juu mko na mawife zenu,” she adds.

She appeals to the men to at least send their girlfriends some money minus 30 per cent.

We can’t even post those photos we used to post with the caption: Naivasha Manenos. Hii quarantine siyo kupenda kwetu. What are we supposed to do?” she poses.

Although the video seems to have been meant to be some sort of  comic relief, there is a growing concern among Kenyans over what people who hitherto were fully dependent on others are supposed to do in the face of the Corona Pandemic which has literally stopped most activities around the world. Watch:

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Photo of William Ruto’s look alike weeding cabbage farm goes viral



Deputy President William Ruto has been missing in action especially after the coronavirus outbreak which toned down the political temperatures in the country.

Kenyans have been making a myriad of speculations of his whereabouts with many thinking he had retreated to Sugoi to tend to his chickens and crops.

Photo of William Ruto's look alike weeding cabbages goes viral

William Ruto Look alike

On Thursday, April 2, a photo of Ruto’s look like weeding a cabbage farm surfaced online and netizens could not keep calm with DP’s fans betting their last penny that the man was Ruto himself since the two individuals had a striking resemblance.

Though we hate to disappoint Ruto’s supporters, the man in the viral photo was Kennedy Lagat, who, coincidentally, looks up to the second in command as his role model.

Photo of William Ruto's look alike weeding cabbage farm goes viralDP Ruto has been missing from the spotlight after the coronavirus outbreak. Photo: William Ruto.
Source: Facebook

In the picture, Langat was dressed in white pants and a grey t-shirt and though his face could not be seen clearly since he was bending down digging, his head and complexion were exact duplicates of Ruto’s.

Many Facebook users could not concede that the man was not the Sugoi hustler.

One user identified as Charirt Ben said the man in the picture was actually Ruto who was practising social distance because he had successfully stopped reggae.

“He’s seriously practising social distance this corona thing helped him stop reggae!” she said.

Ray Kamau said the man in the photo was undoubtedly the second in command and there was no doubt about that.

“This is our own hustler, we do not want confusion,” Kamau said.

Reginalda Blake said the head of the man in the picture had spoken enough since it was similar to the DP’s.

Here are more comments:

This comes a day after Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria claimed President Uhuru Kenyatta was greatly missing his deputy, William Ruto.

While reacting to Uhuru’s video conference with COVID-19 survivors, the Gatundu South lawmaker claimed the communication was not only unnecessary but also an indicator the president was a lonely man who was, perhaps, looking for company.

By TUko

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