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Covid-19 is not a reason to lockdown our minds



By George Wachiuri

Over the years, I have been engaged in numerous media interviews and one of the most common question has always been: “What Keeps you Awake”.

My answer has constantly been “creating 30, 000 jobs by the year 2030. Now what is keeping me awake has hit the inner me when I see looming Job losses in coming days.

I am a member of KEPSA and I am aware of the true effect of Covid-19. Other than the flue itself, the true Covid-19 effect is making many leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses owners, employees, to lose sleep, skip a beat while trying to figure out the consequences of this pandemic?

Covid-19 has rendered the entire globe to stand still and look at the skies for help. The true help will finally come from God, the Almighty Himself.

That’s why I entirely supported the recent National Prayers Day held at Kenya’s State House on 21st March 2020. We thank President Uhuru and the people of Kenya for that bold move.

So, the question on everybody’s mind and lips is thus: How can we cope with this scourge?

Three things that we must do:

1. Say no to ignorance

Keep yourselves updated with the right information, avoid too much incorrect information and follow the Government’s directives such as; Staying and Working from home and keeping the best hygiene practices. While at home, spend time with your family, with your children and get something positive to do, to help you rediscover self. If you are employed; create work for yourself and keep your employer updated. Do not be gloomy because of the current half pay or no pay due to this pandemic, as this is just a temporary bump. Be glad you still have a job to keep.

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For entrepreneurs and businesses people, keep in touch with your customers. Make difficult decisions to safeguard the health of your staff. Spread the message of Hope to them. Lead by example.

2. Indulged in Prayers

This is the best time to pray like Daniel of the Bible. Pray 5 times a day. Write down your prayers, jot down all your requests to God so that when answered, you can remember to thank Him. Many challenges have been overcome through prayer and fasting.

3. Find something to do

The lockdown is only on physical movements and not in the mind. You still have capacity to do stuff. You have energy, emotions, and relationships to take care of. This is the time to connect with yourself. While at home learn a new skill online. It is also a time to blog – like I am doing now, and it is time to be innovate. Just do something. Create an online awareness on the current challenge as long as you do not scare people.

Let us not lockdown our minds let us keep dreaming in the middle of this crisis. Calamities like the current one, offers us and our future generations, new opportunities, if positively viewed.

Start being creative right now – Don’t forget to let me know the next big thing that is being generated, through your positive thinking.

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The author, is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300 Email: Website: George Wachiuri Blog:

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VIDEO: Kenyan woman says “hii Quarantine imetenganisha Mipango ya Kando na Wababa”



A video of a Kenyan woman appealing to “Wababa” to be more humane during the Corona Lockdown has gone Viral. The unidentified woman says the situation is so dire for mipango ya kando (side chics) that they have no idea what to do.

“Sasa hata hatuwezi piga picha zile tulikuwa tunapost hapo mbeleni,” she says. ‘Hata kuongea kwa simu sasa hatuwezi ongea juu mko na mawife zenu,” she adds.

She appeals to the men to at least send their girlfriends some money minus 30 per cent.

We can’t even post those photos we used to post with the caption: Naivasha Manenos. Hii quarantine siyo kupenda kwetu. What are we supposed to do?” she poses.

Although the video seems to have been meant to be some sort of  comic relief, there is a growing concern among Kenyans over what people who hitherto were fully dependent on others are supposed to do in the face of the Corona Pandemic which has literally stopped most activities around the world. Watch:

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Photo of William Ruto’s look alike weeding cabbage farm goes viral



Deputy President William Ruto has been missing in action especially after the coronavirus outbreak which toned down the political temperatures in the country.

Kenyans have been making a myriad of speculations of his whereabouts with many thinking he had retreated to Sugoi to tend to his chickens and crops.

Photo of William Ruto's look alike weeding cabbages goes viral

William Ruto Look alike

On Thursday, April 2, a photo of Ruto’s look like weeding a cabbage farm surfaced online and netizens could not keep calm with DP’s fans betting their last penny that the man was Ruto himself since the two individuals had a striking resemblance.

Though we hate to disappoint Ruto’s supporters, the man in the viral photo was Kennedy Lagat, who, coincidentally, looks up to the second in command as his role model.

Photo of William Ruto's look alike weeding cabbage farm goes viralDP Ruto has been missing from the spotlight after the coronavirus outbreak. Photo: William Ruto.
Source: Facebook

In the picture, Langat was dressed in white pants and a grey t-shirt and though his face could not be seen clearly since he was bending down digging, his head and complexion were exact duplicates of Ruto’s.

Many Facebook users could not concede that the man was not the Sugoi hustler.

One user identified as Charirt Ben said the man in the picture was actually Ruto who was practising social distance because he had successfully stopped reggae.

“He’s seriously practising social distance this corona thing helped him stop reggae!” she said.

Ray Kamau said the man in the photo was undoubtedly the second in command and there was no doubt about that.

“This is our own hustler, we do not want confusion,” Kamau said.

Reginalda Blake said the head of the man in the picture had spoken enough since it was similar to the DP’s.

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Here are more comments:

This comes a day after Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria claimed President Uhuru Kenyatta was greatly missing his deputy, William Ruto.

While reacting to Uhuru’s video conference with COVID-19 survivors, the Gatundu South lawmaker claimed the communication was not only unnecessary but also an indicator the president was a lonely man who was, perhaps, looking for company.

By TUko

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Ex-World marathon record holder arrested



Former World Marathon Record holder, Wilson Kipsang, was on Thursday night arrested with 20 others while drinking inside a pub in Iten in violation of the 7pm-5am curfew imposed by the government a week ago in a bid to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Elgeyo-Marawaket county police commander John Mwinzi, Kipsang was with Kapchemutwa MCA Ambrose Kiplagat alias ‘Roho Juu’ and 20 other people, who were all arrested at 8 pm after the officers found them in the popular club in Iten drinking past 7pm.

In addition to the curfew, the government has also already closed all the bars and nightclubs although some patrons have been colluding with owners who allow them to lock themselves inside and drink.

“The suspects had locked themselves up in the establishment and were having drinks beyond the 7 o’clock set curfew time. Police had to force themselves in before arresting them,” said Mr Mwinzi.

He added that the police were following a tip from members of the public, who got wind of people locked up in the club, while drinking and talking loudly.

The duo together with other suspects were all bundled in a waiting police land rover and taken to Iten police station.

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Kipsang is currently suspended for violating doping rules.

“It’s unfortunate that police, instead of arresting ordinary offenders are forced to go for people of respected stature in the society who engage in mischief despite knowing well what they are supposed to do. Those are people who should be assisting us enforce this simple rule but ironically are in the first line of offenders,” said the police commander.

He warned members of the public of serious repercussions should anyone take advantage of the fact that they are not using any force in implementing the no moving out beyond curfew.


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