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Meet Dj Mo’s beautiful sisters and mum



Size 8 has for the first time introduced her mother-in-law, DJ Mo’s mother to the online community.

Size 8 showered her with love, thanking her for being supportive.

Size 8
Size 8 and her mother-in-law

She has been there for me thru and thru I can never repay her only God can. God bless our mum Mrs Kanyingi…’ she posted.

Size 8 lost her biological mother Esther to Kidney related illness in 2015, a day after she gave birth to her first daughter, Ladasha Wambo.

DJ Mo has in the past introduced his two sisters online though they keep a low profile away from the limelight.

DJ Mo and his sisters
DJ Mo and his sisters

Fans of Size 8 have reacted to her photo with mother-in-law and reactions include;

njeri_kanyingi Kanyingis are always extra kind and caring😍…..mko sure mm si wenu😂

belindaellen No one like mums💓💓

suehybz Its a blessing to have a supportive and loving mum in love

kirubikaruga May God bless her abundantly

laura_waswala Shooooshoooo!!!!! Love love her and her advises for me…ata kama munanichokozanga

mercyshiko So cute❤️

shikum Looking good Nani amenotice posture ya kichwa ni kama inafanana

sherrey_max Huyu ndie anafundisha wambo kutweng @size8reborn

By Mpasho

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VIDEO: Kenyan woman says “hii Quarantine imetenganisha Mipango ya Kando na Wababa”



A video of a Kenyan woman appealing to “Wababa” to be more humane during the Corona Lockdown has gone Viral. The unidentified woman says the situation is so dire for mipango ya kando (side chics) that they have no idea what to do.

“Sasa hata hatuwezi piga picha zile tulikuwa tunapost hapo mbeleni,” she says. ‘Hata kuongea kwa simu sasa hatuwezi ongea juu mko na mawife zenu,” she adds.

She appeals to the men to at least send their girlfriends some money minus 30 per cent.

We can’t even post those photos we used to post with the caption: Naivasha Manenos. Hii quarantine siyo kupenda kwetu. What are we supposed to do?” she poses.

Although the video seems to have been meant to be some sort of  comic relief, there is a growing concern among Kenyans over what people who hitherto were fully dependent on others are supposed to do in the face of the Corona Pandemic which has literally stopped most activities around the world. Watch:

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Photo of William Ruto’s look alike weeding cabbage farm goes viral



Deputy President William Ruto has been missing in action especially after the coronavirus outbreak which toned down the political temperatures in the country.

Kenyans have been making a myriad of speculations of his whereabouts with many thinking he had retreated to Sugoi to tend to his chickens and crops.

Photo of William Ruto's look alike weeding cabbages goes viral

William Ruto Look alike

On Thursday, April 2, a photo of Ruto’s look like weeding a cabbage farm surfaced online and netizens could not keep calm with DP’s fans betting their last penny that the man was Ruto himself since the two individuals had a striking resemblance.

Though we hate to disappoint Ruto’s supporters, the man in the viral photo was Kennedy Lagat, who, coincidentally, looks up to the second in command as his role model.

Photo of William Ruto's look alike weeding cabbage farm goes viralDP Ruto has been missing from the spotlight after the coronavirus outbreak. Photo: William Ruto.
Source: Facebook

In the picture, Langat was dressed in white pants and a grey t-shirt and though his face could not be seen clearly since he was bending down digging, his head and complexion were exact duplicates of Ruto’s.

Many Facebook users could not concede that the man was not the Sugoi hustler.

One user identified as Charirt Ben said the man in the picture was actually Ruto who was practising social distance because he had successfully stopped reggae.

“He’s seriously practising social distance this corona thing helped him stop reggae!” she said.

Ray Kamau said the man in the photo was undoubtedly the second in command and there was no doubt about that.

“This is our own hustler, we do not want confusion,” Kamau said.

Reginalda Blake said the head of the man in the picture had spoken enough since it was similar to the DP’s.

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Here are more comments:

This comes a day after Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria claimed President Uhuru Kenyatta was greatly missing his deputy, William Ruto.

While reacting to Uhuru’s video conference with COVID-19 survivors, the Gatundu South lawmaker claimed the communication was not only unnecessary but also an indicator the president was a lonely man who was, perhaps, looking for company.

By TUko

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Eliud Kipchoge’s GQ memes



Kenyans are a peculiar lot.

They will find humour in anything. This time round it is in Eliud Kipchoge’s designer outfits that he wore in his article in the GQ magazine.

The outfits are being sold at a super exorbitant fee, the highest priced of them all gojng for a little over Ksh 500,000.

Eliud Kipchoge

Well, comedians Henry Desagu and Njugush did parody poses similar to Eliud’s.

Kenyans also created memes as well.

Check them out below.

By Mpasho

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