Rich kids of Kenya live large thanks to their parents’ wealth statuses.

From riding expensive cars, going to exotic destinations for holidays to partying and blowing money on drinks, these are some of the things rich kids of Kenyan do.

But not all are out there to do these. Akothee’s and DP Ruto’s children are among the few who live a simple life.

Akothee’s firstborn child Vesha Shaillan, the director of Akothee Safaris [tours and travels company] on Friday night attended an event with one of DP Ruto’s daughter Charlene.

The two sat on the same table in the company of other friends and looked happy throughout the event.

Vesha and Charlene are great friends and been spotted together a couple of times.

Rich kids
Akothee’s daughter Vesha Shaillan and Charlene Ruto

Below is the photo of the two

Vesha Shaillan
Vesha Shaillan and Charlene

BY Mpasho