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VIDEO: Kenyan man ‘exposes’ Fake Prophets who instill fear and con their followers



A Kenyan man has taken to Facebook to make his views known on what he calls fake prophets “who pretend to speak to God directly and yet in real sense, they are thieves who prey on innocent, unsuspecting congregants.”

In his first ever Facebook Livestream recording, the man who refers top himself as Bishop Ng’ash, bitterly laments that Kenyans are being taken for a ride by those preachers.

“All of a sudden, everyone is now a prophet or prophetess. Mara God told me this..God showed me that…,” says Ng’ash.

Mutigutwenderia guoya. Nindarega (loosely translated: I wont let you instill fear in us),” he says.

He calls out those who ask for “seed money” saying such people are going against the teachings of the Bible.

“You are instilling fear in ignorant Kenyans and I will expose you. Gold diggers, Miici na mikora. Shame on you!” he says in a 32 minute sermon done in a mix of both Gikuyu and English language. Watch:


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Adisa Lugaliki: Renown Kenyan gynecologist succumbs to COVID-19




The Kenyan medical fraternity has been thrown into deep mourning after one doctor died of COVID-19.

Dr Adisa Lugaliki, MBChB, MMed, Private Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at The Nairobi South Hospital succumbed to the contagious disease on the morning of Friday, July 10.

The 39-year-old doctor who was a single parent and mother of 13-year-old twins is suspected to have had an underlying medical condition that exposed her to suffering the severe effects of the COVID-19 that ultimately claimed her life.

The heartbreaking news of her demise was confirmed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU).

“We have lost a hard working obstetrician/gynecologist, a mother, a friend and a colleague to the devastating effects of COVID-19.

“Our condolences to the family and friends of Dr Doreen Lugaliki,”the union announced on its social media pages.

Dr. Lugaliki was a registered obstetrician and gynecologist with expertise in obstetric and gynecological procedures.

She was completely involved with patient care and worked closely with other doctors to ensure comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for her patients.

Her colleagues described her as a young doctor who was full of potential.

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Miguna Miguna now claims Raila is hiding in Dubai




Political activist Miguna Miguna is now claiming that ODM leader Raila Odinga is hiding in Dubai, pretending to have lost his eye sight.

In a tweet, Miguna further claimed that the ODM leader is afraid of facing the reality that President Uhuru Kenyatta had given him an unfair deal after the handshake.

He then mentioned that Odinga did the same in 2017 after the repeat presidential election of October 26, 2017, when he went for a 10 day visit in the United States of America.

“Conman Raila Odinga is just hiding in Dubai and pretending to have lost his sight and gone blind but the truth is that he fears facing the reality that despot Uhuru Kenyatta has shafted him. He did the same and hid in New York in November 2017,” claimed Miguna Miguna.

His words come a day after Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohamed went to visit the former Prime Minister in Dubai.

The ODM Leader flew to a Dubai hospital about two weeks ago where he underwent a minor surgery, and is recuperating well.

“I’m feeling great. Strong and rejuvenated. I feel so good to be out of the hospital and to be getting this fresh air.

“I want to thank all my friends and supporters who have sent me messages of goodwill and prayers. This is why I have recovered so fast and it is wonderful,” said Mr. Odinga in a video shared by his daughter Winnie Odinga

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Robert Murathe? Kagwe denies Pastor Burale’s ‘deal’ – VIDEO



Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on Thursday said he has never heard of Robert Burale after he was asked a question about the ailing pastor during Thursday’s Covid-19 briefing in Mombasa.

Referring to him as Robert Murathe, the CS said that he does not know who Burale is, adding that he cannot respond to rumours.

“I don’t know anything about Robert Murathe, I don’t know what he’s doing, he’s probably sick. I have never heard of this guy. You are saying he is supposed to have been paid, by who? When it comes to issues like rumours, if I were to respond to every rumour I would be very busy,” he said.

He wondered who would have paid him and why.

Pastor Robert Burale. PHOTO | COURTESY
Pastor Robert Burale. PHOTO | COURTESY

“I don’t know who would have paid him or why he would be pretending. The guy might probably be sick but you have decided that he is not. Let me leave that one out.”

On Monday, the renowned motivational speaker and pastor announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Pastor Burale made the revelation via Facebook, saying that he had to wait for President Uhuru Kenyatta to give his speech before he could share the bad news.

“Last week Wednesday I (after recording an FB program that airs of Fridays) was struggling to breathe and rushed to Nairobi Hospital where I was tested for Covid-19 and I tested positive,” he said.

He was immediately taken to isolation within Nairobi Hospital.

Many Kenyans online claimed that it was a PR stunt and alleged that Burale had been paid to pull off the move.


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