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Uhuru: Why I sealed off Nairobi on short notice



President Uhuru Kenyatta’s slamming of a don’t-enter-or-leave Nairobi and its metropolitan areas order on Monday ahead of the Easter holidays was meant to protect Kenyans especially the elderly living in rural areas from being infected with the coronavirus by relatives trooping in from the city during the Easter holiday.

Probably anticipating questions that would follow, the president  explained: “We know that majority of our old people live in rural areas and according to studies, this disease affects the old people more than the young hence we have to protect our grandparents from this disease and the only way out is to stop movement this festive season,” Uhuru explained.He noted that with the trends observed in other countries especially in Europe and more specifically Italy where the majority of the deaths have been recorded were those of elderly people.

“There is a need for the country to take measures aimed at protecting senior citizens.”Uhuru highlighted regular washing of hands with soap, wearing of masks and social distancing as some of the key protocols that Kenyans need to follow strictly in order to limit the spread of the respiratory illness.

“This disease is an unseen enemy and one cannot tell who has it or not, therefore it is for our own good that we change our lifestyle. We have to avoid shaking hands and social gatherings,” the President said.

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On whether a total lockdown was an option, Uhuru said it is the last option on the table noting that if all Kenyans follow the guidelines and measures put in place so far, then the country would not need to go that route.

“We understand our people better. We know that a majority of Kenyans depend on daily activities to earn their livelihoods therefore we don’t need to lockdown the country as long as we can strictly adhere to the measures already in place.”

The Head of State said he had held meetings with all stakeholders to ensure that the country minimizes on job losses and cushions the most vulnerable in the society in the period of the current coronavirus pandemic.Uhuru directed the National Treasury to utilize the Sh2 billion recovered from corruption to scale up interventions against the pandemic and to support the most vulnerable members of society, especially in urban areas.

The President said an additional Sh10 billion had been set aside to assist the elderly, orphans and other vulnerable populations through cash-transfers by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, to cushion them from the adverse economic effects of the pandemic.

Uhuru commended property owners who have come out to support measures taken by the Government by waiving and/or reducing monthly rent to lessen the cost burden on Kenyans during this difficult period.

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“I highly appreciate what some of our property owners are doing. Indeed, we need to work and understand each other. If someone has for years been your tenant and has never failed to pay rent it’s only logical that you reciprocate at this difficult time,” he said.

He reiterated his directive to the newly formed Nairobi Metropolitan Service, to not only continue providing water services to all but expand the same to all informal settlements.

“This pandemic requires us to stick to the highest hygiene standards hence, I have asked the Nairobi Metropolitan service to ensure all Nairobi residents access clean water. They should stop water vendors from selling this commodity.”

“I have also requested Kenya Power not to disconnect power for those who are unable to pay the bills but rather understand the situation that we are in,” the President said.

He insisted the measures taken by the Government are in no way intended to oppress Kenyans but rather protect them from coronavirus.He called on Kenyans to strictly adhere to protocols set out by the Ministry of Health so as to stem the spread of coronavirus in the country.

He said measures so far taken by the Government are aimed at ensuring citizens continue with their daily lives in the wake of the fast-spreading infectious disease.“You are the doctor of your life. Please adhere to the protocols set out by the Ministry of Health to protect yourself and your loved ones. Prevention is better than cure,” the President said when he spoke during a live radio interview with three local FM radio stations-Kameme, Inooro and Coro.

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On the measures taken yesterday by the Government stopping the movement of people into and out of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area, the President said it was necessary to do so in order to curb the spread of the virus to the rest of the country.

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PHOTOS: Actress Shiro from Aunty boss steps out in bikini



Shiro aka Nyce Wanjeri has lately been reaching out to her fans through her YouTube show; especially now that the Local TV series came to an end.

Just like the rest of the cast, Shiro has been trying to remain relevant in the entertainment industry; and this means keeping up with what fans want or rather would like to see.

When everyone else was sharing their bikini photos online the actress chose to hold back as she awaited to drop bomb bikini photos that have left tongues wagging on social media.

Aunty boss aka Nyce Wanjeri

Judging from the photos shared on her page just recently; we can all agree that the lady has the perfect body for tiny bikinis; and for this reason we cannot blame her thirsty fans for wanting to see more of these pictures.

Nyce Wanjeri

Silprosa’s bikini photos

Nyce Wanjeri however joins the likes of former Aunty boss actress Silprosa who brought the internet to a stand still with her swimsuit photos.

Having the young lady parade her thick curves on social media was the beginning of her new journey on social media! Many of her fans went on to praise Silprosa for embracing her imperfect imperfections that brought nothing but the best out of her.

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And with these swimsuit photos, the actress ended landing a job with Akothee Safaris; something she never dreamt of even in her wildest dreams! Anyway, let’s just say that 2020 was Silprosa’s year!


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A case of two stolen cows and a DNA test



When Ann Cherotich and her husband John Tingiso lost their two Friesian cows to a cattle thief five years ago, their dairy business was shattered.

Ms Cherotich’s life would then be darkened even more, when her husband died two months later in a road accident.

At only 31, she was a widowed mother of three with no source of income.

One day in August this year, as she was travelling to Nakuru, she spotted two cows grazing by the road. The cows had all the features of her stolen animals.

Although five years had passed, she was convinced that the cows she spotted were hers, so she reported the matter to the police, and investigations began.

What appeared like a light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be another puzzle that has proved too complex to resolve.

A veterinary officer familiar with Ms Cherotich’s cows assessed the physical appearance of the cows and was convinced that they were the same ones. But a neighbour, Gloria Kandie, was claiming ownership.

A DNA profiling was done by another vet, and the results proved Ms Cherotich right. The cows’ DNA matched those of the cows that sired them.

However, the ownership of the two animals is now the subject of a legal battle between the two women at the Chief Magistrates’ Court in Nakuru.

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Pregnant cows

Ms Cherotich says she lost the cattle on the night of August 27, 2015, around 3am. While sleeping, she and her husband heard a commotion at the cattle shed and when they woke up, found the cows — Rose Nangiene and Kisirani, mother and daughter — gone. Both were pregnant.

They tracked the animals’ footprints, but the trail ran cold on the Nakuru-Kericho highway.

Her husband reported the theft to the Ngata Police Post.

Ms Kandie, on the other hand, maintained that she bought the cows separately from different sellers — one from Nyandarua and the other from Njoro at a total cost of Sh215,000 in 2019. She named the cows Ruma and Legina and produced sale agreements between her and David Mogaka and Paul Majanga.

Investigations revealed that the description given by Ms Cherotich in her earlier police statements tallied with the features of the two cows.

A veterinary officer in charge at Rongai Sub-county office, Mr Peter Ngugi, was engaged to do a DNA test. His findings revealed that the cows were related and belonged to Ms Cherotich.

“All factors considered, Ms Ann Cherotich proved beyond reasonable doubt to be the owner of the two cows,” noted Mr Ngugi in his report dated August 28.

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Ms Kandie, however, disputed the report, and the police forwarded the file to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Nakuru Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Daniel Karuri, on perusing the file, directed that the cows be handed back to Ms Cherotich, their legal owner.

The DPP relied on the evidence of Ms Cherotich, her mother, the veterinary officer who used to attend to the animals, and of the police.

Loss of the cattle

“In light of the above expert opinion that the two cows belong to Ms Cherotich, I direct that they be restored… to her,” Mr Karuri ordered on September 9.

Following the DPP’s directive, the Officer Commanding Station at Menengai wrote to Ms Kandie on September 20 directing her to surrender the cows in two days—an order Ms Kandie is challenging in court.

In the case, Ms Kandie has sued Ms Cherotich and the Menengai OCS, accusing them of conspiring to dispossess her of her animals.

She has dismissed the veterinary report as fraudulent.

However, as the case awaits determination by the court Ms Cherotich fears losing the animals as she claims to have no means to put up a fight in court.

According to Ms Cherotich, her husband was deeply stressed by the loss of the cattle and was knocked by a matatu while crossing the highway after a fruitless search for the cows in Molo.

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“These animals were my life since I used to sell the milk to Kenya Cooperative Creameries where we managed to support our livelihoods,” she said.

by Nationafrica

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VIDEO: Garden of Joy is officially a GREEN PROJECT



Garden of Joy by Optiven is fully installed with solar powered street lights.

The initiative is an add on not initially earmarked for the project.

Implementation of water recycling technology, Recycling of biogradable waste and hundreds of trees in place.

We have been undertaking intentional education on green energy as per sustainable development goals no 11 and No 7

The launch of the green initiative was graced by reknown artiste -JUSTINA SYOKAU, of the hit song Twendi twendi.

Joy and dance broke out to celebrate this great step as Optiven ups it’s game in greening projects under it’s portfolio. Watch the video here>>>

The project is ready to build with owners already groundbreaking for their dream homes.

At a price of 1.495M, get a piece of Joy today. We also have installment options as well.

To secure your plot TODAY, call us on 0723400500 or visit

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