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Autopsy on Buruburu man shows he died painfully in his car on an empty stomach



The 36-year-old man who died in a fire inside his car in Bururburu estate, Nairobi on April 28 burnt to death painfully.

An autopsy on Tuesday ruled out the possibility that Terrence Korir was planted in the car when he was already dead.

Chief Government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor said the autopsy showed Korir had plenty of soot in his respiratory system – an indication he was alive and breathing well, and took long in the car before he died.

Oduor said Korir’s intestines were empty, indicating that he had not eaten for some time or before his death.

Dr Oduor added that the deceased had more soot on airways and around lungs – an indication he was alive and breathing as he burnt.

“He inhaled a lot of soot an indication that he took a lot of time in the car before he died because we saw discolouration of tissues. This happens when you inhale more carbon monoxide,” Oduor said.

He added their preliminary findings showed Korir, a banker sat in the car as he painfully burnt.

“The summary is that this is a person who died in the car fire incident. The circumstances and what caused the fire is what we cannot tell.”The autopsy was carried out at the Chiromo Mortuary, Nairobi where his body has been lying after the incident.

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He said other investigations would continue to establish what caused the fire.

Police were present during the postmortem. Other specialists’ teams involved in the investigations include the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Government Chemist and fire experts who are working with the DCI to establish the cause of Korir’s death.

According to Oduor, Korir burnt extensively on the entire body with only little sparing on the back and the buttocks.He burnt beyond recognition while seated still on the driver’s seat and eyewitnesses said the position of his body on the seat did not show an indication that he died attempting to flee.

Police suspect suicide as the motive behind the incident. The detectives have not ruled out arson, because the engine and trunk of the Subaru were intact. Only the inner part of the car where Korir was sitting was extensively damaged.

According to investigators, the victim either chose to sit pretty as he burnt down or was indisposed by probable substances.S

amples were taken from Korir’s stomach for toxicological analysis.Korir was preparing to report to work on April 28 when his car burnt outside his house at about 8.30 am.

His wife and two children were in the house when he died.His colleagues have told police that he seemed stressed.

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At least six people including first responders have been questioned by police.They said they arrived at the scene almost two minutes after but could not help as the victim sat inside the burning car and did not attempt to get out.


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Marijuana worth KSh 4.5 million torched in Nyando 




1.5 tonnes of bhang estimated at approximately Sh4.5 million was burnt in Nyando sub county by police officers.

While presiding over the destruction, Nyando OCPD Leonard Matete said police officers nabbed the banned substance along Kisumu-Nairobi road.

After a rigorous court process, the Police were given the go-ahead to destroy the stash in full glare of the public as a testament against drug trafficking.

Matete thanked members of the public who tipped the police off, enabling them to impound the consignment which originated from Busia, along the Kenya-Uganda border.

He urged residents to keep reporting incidents and leads and on its part, the police would continue to be vigilant along the highway to make more arrest of offende

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VIDEO: DP Ruto says he was ‘offered a woman with three kids’ in Meru but said NO!



During his weekend campaign tour in Embu on Sunday, Deputy President William Ruto revealed that he had been promised a woman with three kids in Meru, an offer he declined.

“Ngojeni niwape stori,” he said at Kubukubu in Embu amid cheering by a large crowd whhich had literally blocked the Embu Kiritiri road in order to listen to him and his entourage.

“Nikiwa Meru, waliniambia nilale huko, na wakaahidi kunipatia msichana. Shida ilikuwa kwamba walisema watanitafutia msichana ako na watoto watatu …. eti kwa sababu mimi ni mtu mwenye shughuli nyingi, yani wanataka nisaidiwe kazi ingine halafu kazi yangu ni ya kulea watoto tu na kuwasomesha,” he said to wild cheers.

Ruto  made an extensive tour of Meru County and Embu on Saturday  and Sunday days after the police cleared his Nyamira fundraiser suspended over concerns on breach of peace.

While inj Embu, Ruto said he has no problem with who leads the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), but urged all participants to prepare to accept the final results.

He said the outcome of the 2022 polls would be decided by Kenyans and not the Chairman or the Commissioners of the IEBC.

“Anyone can assume the leadership of the Commission. We are ready and have confidence in our independent institutions,” said Ruto, when he addressed a rally in Embu Town on Sunday.

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The remarks follow the National Assembly’s approval of the IEBC (Amendment) (No.3) Bill 2019, which gives the Parliamentary Service Commission majority four slots in the seven-member panel to appoint electoral commissioners.

A local newspaper, The Standard reported Saturday that “Uhuru, Raila outwit Ruto in race to control IEBC”.

“They can fix any chairman or commissioner they want for the IEBC. But they must accept the outcome of the results,” Ruto said.

The Bill passed by the National Assembly last week was largely interpreted to mean President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner Raila Odinga will have a say in who becomes the next IEBC Commissioners because their allies hold key positions in the House.

Procedurally, President Kenyatta is required to pick names from a list presented by the selection panel and forward it to Parliament.


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Moses Kuria claims Raila is too old to succeed Uhuru




Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has claimed that ODM leader Raila Odinga is too old to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta once his second and final term comes to an end in 2022.

Speaking during a public address, Kuria took them back to the first President of the Republic of Kenya, the late former President Jomo Kenyatta who left the mantle to a younger and youthful person to lead the country which was the late former President Daniel Moi.

He added that Moi then later left the position to the retired President Mwai Kibaki who later left the leadership to Uhuru.

He stated that the same pattern should continue in the next general election.

“Jomo alikuwa mzee kuliko Moi, Moi alikuwa mzee kuliko Kibaki, akaachia Kibaki, Kibaki alikuwa mzee kuliko Uhuru akaachia Uhuru.

“Jameni Uhuru anaeza achia mtu mzee kuliko yeye jameni? Inawezekana? Hio ni mambo ya hesabu na si hesabu kubwa ni hesabu ya class two,” he said.

He went on to ask Raila Odinga not to campaign for the Presidential seat again and just retire peacefully if he wants to leave a legacy.

He added that if he does that, everyone will give him respect.

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“Ndio mimi naambia huyu rafiki yangu Raila Odinga jameni kama unataka kuwacha rekodi na histroia Kenya hii, si ustaafu polepole kwasababu hio msimu imekupita. Aende nyumbani na sisi tutampatia heshima yake,” he added.

Kuria dismissed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report saying that it was ridiculous to change the Constitution so that it could help those who would lose in the elections.

He added that the ODM leader was only taking Kenyans in circles in his push for constitutional amendments through the BBI.

Raila has been at the forefront of pushing for the support of the BBI report explaining that it is the only way the country will deal with issues such as ethnicity, illiteracy and poverty.

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