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Bishop’s faith renewed after brush with death



For Timothy Wambunya, Psalms 23 has gained new and special meaning.
The bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya has been through the valley of the shadow of death after he contracted the coronavirus disease.
“I have been very fortunate to survive. It only takes a few seconds for someone to die. Do not take Covid-19 lightly because it is a rough, terrifying experience,” he warns.
Wambunya’s journey to the intensive care unit started when he landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with one of his three sons.
“I arrived from the UK the day the government imposed the 14-day compulsory quarantine. There was confusion because nobody knew where to take us.”
The 55-year-old bishop recalls that amid the chaos at the airport, his temperature was high. He was worried about being in close contact with nearly 100 people when he was unsure about everybody’s status.
“We had no face masks. We were complaining and arguing a lot on our way to the quarantine centre, which could have led to spreading of the infection,” Wambunya says.
Developed fever
They were shuttled from the University of Nairobi to the Kenya School of Administration, then to the Kenya Medical Training Centre headquarters, where some people were admitted.
Wambunya was in a group of 20 who were finally taken to CORAT Africa in Karen at about 5pm – more than 12 hours after they landed.
“All was going well until I developed a fever. I tried not to report it because I was scared of going to some of these facilities, but the people in the centre reported me to the managers,” he says.
It had taken about six days before tests were conducted at the centre, and when the results came back he was the only one who had Covid-19.
“Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be positive. In fact, I believed this only happened to other people.” Wambunya’s fever persisted and he developed weakness in his limbs. Soon he was unable to sleep.
The bishop was put in an ambulance and driven to Kenyatta University Referral Hospital. On arrival, nobody wanted to attend to him. He says he felt like he was under arrest. It was also during this transfer that about £2,000 (Sh265,000) he had in his pocket was stolen.
“I was put in a room, the door was closed and tape put around it. I stayed there for two days without food, water or medical attention. I later called my wife and asked her to move me because my condition was worsening and I feared I was losing my mind.” Wambunya says his wife, Gertrude, and his son moved him to the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi where he was taken straight to the ICU.
He would remain there for the following 17 days. “I would have died had it not been for the doctors’ determination,” he states, adding that his lungs, liver and kidneys had failed.
When he came out of ICU, he could not move his limbs and had to re-learn easy tasks like walking. Fluids had to be regularly drawn from his lungs due to pneumonia.
He has, however, made steady progress and can walk about 30m and up a few steps on the staircase.
He also does not need his oxygen tank.
The cleric says he is grateful to all those who have stood with him, especially the staff at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi and the people who have contributed money to settle the outstanding hospital bill.
His parting shot is for Kenyans to follow the State’s guidelines, treat the disease with the seriousness it deserves, and not ostracise those who have recovered.

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Corazon Kwamboka on how she beat disease to conceive



Corazon Kwamboka is one of the most famous socialites on social media.

The law graduate, however, is not known for her legal work. Her fame arises not only from the scintillating photos she posts on her social media pages showing places she has travelled, but also from the way she presents her body in a way that leaves little to imagination.

This week, she was one of the trending topics on social media after revealing that she is pregnant after several unsuccessful attempts.

She posted to her 636,000 Instagram followers how endometriosis, which she was diagnosed with last year, had dimmed her hopes of ever becoming pregnant.The beauty gushed about how she can’t wait to hold her baby, showing off her baby bump.

In the post addressed to her unborn child, she wrote: “If someone told me January last year that I’d be feeling you kick deep in my belly at the sound of your father’s voice, I’d most definitely think they were deranged! Endometriosis had crippled my dreams of birthing a child. But here we are; a pleasant and welcome surprise. I can’t wait to meet you, hold you and teach you everything I know.”

Endometriosis is a disease where womb tissue grows else-where in a woman’s body, such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries, around the pelvis and sometimes the lungs, causing extreme pain and sometimes infertility.

Gynaecologist Wanjiku Ndung’u told the Nation recently that if the multiplying cells grow elsewhere apart from the uterus, they cause infl ammation. It be-comes painful for the woman during periods because menses have a restrained fl ow and thus they form cysts that cause fric-tion and hence the pain.The cause of endometriosis is not known, according to Dr Joachim Osur, a sexual medicine expert.

“There are many theories. This also means that the treatment is very difficult because eff orts to suppress its symptoms with drugs also interfere with natural processes of the uterus,” he wrote in the Daily Nation re-cently.

Corazon is rumoured to be dating a popular fi tness enthusiast, Mr Frankie Kiarie.

Before allegedly hooking up with Corazon, Frankie and YouTuber Maureen Waititu enjoyed a five-year relationship that saw them bear two boys. The couple even came up with a thriving YouTube channel ‘Alphabeta’ that saw fans refer to them as the ‘You-Tuber couple’.

Frankie, speaking on their break-up, said that they had irreconcilable differences that made them separate.

“The point of this is to let you know that people say some things to be funny or relevant on Twitter or Instagram, but someone’s day-to-day life is being affected. We are not in a good place yet. I have known Maureen for six years and loved her for every one of those years. That kind of love doesn’t fade. Sometimes things don’t happen the way you expect them to. Our main focus now is the kids and creating a healthy environment for them,” Frankie said.

The two are rumoured to have been keeping the pregnancy a secret for months now, but sources say the lawyer is in her second trimester. In her post, Corazon said she was glad that she chose a man whom she is sure will be a good father to her unborn child because she had seen him raise his other children.

“To the baby’s father; I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this with. I see the good in you and how you raise your own and I know my child will be loved eternally,” she wrote.Endometriosis affects more than 170 million women across the globe. The most common symptoms are pain and menstrual irregularities.

Effective treatments, such as hormones and excision surgery, are avail-able. Surgically removed cysts typically look like balls of fl esh.

Corazon had earlier revealed that she intends to be a mother in 2020, having struggled with ovarian cysts, which was successfully removed sometime last year through surgery.Corazon, who was admitted to the Bar in 2016, said that her status as a socialite has been a major hindrance to her law practice.

“It made me not practise law. I feel that at some point, I was being misjudged in a way so I pulled back from the law. I didn’t even want to go look for a job be-cause I was scared ‘how will they even give me the job?’ and also it affected a lot of my relationships since I became Corazon Kwamboka the socialite,” she said in an earlier interview.Four years ago, a man claim-ing to be Corazon’s father accused her of breaking their family while urging her to focus on her law career.“My very bright girl should stop this socialite thing and practise law.

She can be an amazing lawyer. I also realise she is over 18 and can’t make career choices for her. I pray for her every day,” said the man, Mr Osmond Sambu Okero.

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MPs asked to take Covid-19 tests



National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has urged MPs to go for voluntary coronavirus testing as the House begins a short recess today.

Mr Muturi told the lawmakers to ensure they go for the tests before interacting with their constituents.

“Ensure that you observe social distancing too,” the Speaker told the House Thursday.

The advice came as Wajir North MP Ahmed Abdisalan was ordered out of the chambers when he walked in without a face mask.

“Lawmakers should not break the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. The MP should be removed from the chambers,” he ordered.

The Speaker on Tuesday confirmed that two lawmakers have tested positive for coronavirus. There was speculation that the number of MPs with the virus was six.

In his communication, Mr Muturi said one of them had already been discharged from hospital after testing negative, adding that he is in self-quarantine. Neither the names of the MPs nor the hospitals they received treatment were made public.

The Speaker said the medical details of the lawmakers remain confidential.

He added that MPs, like any other person, are humans and can contract diseases.

Mr Muturi said Parliament has taken steps to ensure the safety of its workers.

“Far from the speculation in the media and elsewhere, information available shows that two cases of the virus have been reported among MPs. I have given this information to reassure the public and dissuade the ongoing speculation,” he said.


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15 students test positive for virus



Fifteen students who recently arrived in Mombasa from Sudan have tested positive for coronavirus, officials said Thursday.

Mombasa Chief Executive for Health Khadija Shikely said the group was part of the 129 Kenyan students who were repatriated last weekend.

The students arrived at the Moi International Airport aboard a Kenya Airways flight on Saturday evening.

They were subjected to a mandatory health check upon landing at the airport aboard a Kenya Airways flight before they proceeded to the Kenya School of Government in Kizingarea for a mandatory 14-day quarantine.


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