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Bonfire Adventures couple proudly welcome newborn daughter (Photos)



Bonfire Adventures´ couple, Simon and Sarah Kabu welcomed their third child late last week, in what turned out to be a surprise for many.

9 months and not even a single hint was sent that the stinking rich couple was expectant. Sarah successfully delivered and probably couple of days on, we were given the privilege to meet the little one.

As seen on his Instagram page, Simon broke the news where he and his junior were having their peace before the other two kids came running all over and pretty loud.

Power couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu

The Bonfire adventures CEO grew cold feet the minute the newborn started getting uncomfortable and quickly handed the little one to his wife, who was pretty worn out and lying on the sofa.

She asked:

Who can remind me of a lullaby?

It emerges that the couple welcomed a baby girl they named Amaya Kabu who apparently already owns her Instagram account.

From her end, Sarah Kabu shared a late night video of herself in the company of her three kids singing a lullaby to baby Amaya.

The couple now proudly flaunts of two baby girls and one boy.

Wa Jesus visit

The Kabu´s have been known to be close allies to popular YouTubers the Wa Jesus family and the Bahati´s.

Tight couples: The Kabus (left), the Bahatis (center) and the Wa Jesus (right)

The Wa Jesus family paid a visit to the Bonfire Adventures couple who seemed pretty excited to host the two.

Mr Kabu shared:

The Wajesus family came to see the Baby as we catch up. Full video on my YouTube channel SIMON KABU starting at 2020hrs( 820pm) EAT tonight.

The Kabus (left) with the Wa Jesus couple (right)

And to the young Internet couple that had also just welcomed their first child late last year, Mrs Kabu appreciated:

Thankyou @kabiwajesus and @millywajesus for visiting. check full video on simon kabu YouTube chanel and subscribe

All had their face masks on but we can only conclude that the meet went well and sure ended well.

Fans and followers congratulated the couple for their new family addition, wishing them nothing but love and God´s blessings.


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It’s a whole new world for boy shot by police



Ten-year-old Limo Poriot (pictured) sits under a shade and appears in deep thought. He stares at the crutches beside him and looks into the distance as if contemplating what the future holds.

For a month now Poriot has been forced to adopt a new way of life; the use of crutches after one of his legs was amputated just several inches below his knee after he was shot by the police on an operation at Naudo village in Tiaty.

He misses moments he would join his siblings and play with them. The best he can do is follow up the games, as friends and sibling playfully run around him.

Feel sad

“I wish I could join other children, run around with them and play all sorts of games. The noise I hear from them as they play just makes me feel sad. If only I had my leg back,” Poriot said.

The Standard One boy was shot in May while herding his parents’ goats. He reveals that he was with another child on that fateful day when a team of officers who were on operation drove past where they were grazing their animals. Out of fear they ran and hid in a nearby bush, little did he know one of the officers had aimed at him. He was shot twice, leaving him with injuries on both legs.

One of the officers he said ran to where he was and found him wriggling in pain. The two bullets would mark the beginning of his new life. The officer in jungle uniform, he said, rushed to where he was, stared at him, then knelt and said he was sorry before leaving him for dead.

“One of the officers came to where I was lying, and saw me cry in pain. He placed his rifle down, knelt and said sorry before leaving,” he said.

The officers he said never bothered to have him taken to a health facility. It is after the officers left that residents who had heard gunshots rushed to the scene.

Later the boy’s relatives were informed of what had befallen the minor. Poriot’s brother, Alex Krop said he rushed to the scene and found his injured brother. The boy was ferried to Nakuru Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital where doctors suggested that the leg be amputated.

“Doctors said there was nothing they could do other than have his leg amputated,” Krop said. Poriot stayed in hospital for close to two months and was discharged on Tuesday. The doctors, however, advised that the condition of the boy be monitored closely.

Krop said they regret sending Poriot to the bush to graze the animals. All they want is justice for the boy. The Government, he said should be held responsible for the loss.

“The boy was innocent, all we need is justice as a family. His life will never be the same again,” he said.

Hosea Lomada, Poriot’s father, said they have been left helpless and can barely cater for the boy’s daily medical bill to have the wound dressed.

Christina Lomada, the boy’s mother said the child is finding it hard to cope with the new way of life. Baringo County Commissioner Henry Wafula said they will review the matter and see how the boy will be assisted.

“Let him heal, we wish him quick recovery. Together with my county commander, we will review and see how the boy will be assisted,” Wafula said


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Online marriage services launched to tame Covid-19 spread



Kenya has launched online marriage services in a bid to eliminate human traffic at Sheria House and curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

State Law Office Chief Administrative Secretary Winnie Guchu said couples intending to get married will have to do the entire registration process on the eCitizen portal.

“There will be no more manual services at the registrar of marriage at Sheria House as all services will be available online.

“We do not want any couple coming for services at Sheria House unless it is of utmost importance,” she said.

Marriage services at the government office were initially been suspended in May after an influx of clients at the registrar of marriage brought a dilemma on enforcing Covid-19 measures while keeping services running.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, Sheria House used to attend to about 400 clients during low season and 600 clients during the high season months of August and December. The closure in May resulted to the suspension of 2,551 marriages, officials said.

However, when marriage services briefly resumed in mid-May, 1,841 couples, whose marriages were suspended wanted to proceed with their civil wedding, a move that Ms Guchu said brought enormous challenges at the office of the registrar of marriage.

“When we resumed, only 700 couples were willing to postpone their weddings however we were left with a bulk of 1,841 couples. We are hoping that more people will postpone their weddings so we can manage the numbers,” she said.

Couples planning to do a civil wedding, will now be required to register their details on the eCitizen portal, pay for the marriage fee, book for a pre-wedding interview and later get an appointment for the wedding to be officiated by the registrar.

The schedule will have to be adhered to and if not the couples will have to book new dates.

“After completion of registration on the platform, couples will still be given 21-days’ notice for approval just as it was in the manual process. However, this process will be first rolled out in Nairobi, and thereafter in other counties after the platform takes root,” the CAS added.


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Police ordered to remove roadblocks



Traffic police officers in various major roads within the city have been directed to stop putting up roadblocks.

In a communication to regional bosses that was seen by Nairobi News, Deputy Inspector General of police Edward Mbugua said that the main reason behind the directive is because most of the roadblocks have been turned into toll stations.

“It is not rocket science to know the motive (behind the roadblocks). It’s simply to engage in corrupt practices for the commanders and the deployed (officers) benefit,” Mr Mbugua said.

Instead, Mr Mbugua said that officers should be patrolling highways and not being stationed in one place.

The placing of officers on specific roadblocks has been the norm for a while now with most of the officers extorting motorists.

According to Mr Mbugua, senior officers have been acting against orders of Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai who said roadblocks should not be mounted on Kenyan roads.

Mr Mutyambai then said that the traffic officers should be working under the supervision of the OCS and not base commanders as was the case before.


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