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How beach boy, met and fell in love with Kericho Breweries heiress



Omar Lali, 50, the man at the centre of investigations into the death of Keroche Breweries heiress Tecra Muigai, is a beach boy who ekes out a living carrying luggage for tourists visiting Lamu island.

Lali also works as a boat operator when there are no tourists to take out for excursion. He mastered boat riding as a cox- swain and would hire one to ferry tourists to luxurious and secluded retreats in remote areas such as Kiwayu. Here, a one- night stay costs at least Sh48,000.

It was during one of these boat rides in 2017 that Lali met Tecra, the daughter of Keroche Breweries chief executive Tabitha Karanja.

Residents say Lali—who a court yesterday ordered he be held for 21 days for investigations—and Tecra had lived together at a local hotel since March before moving into an apartment.

Tecra is said to have fallen down the stairs while intoxicated and was rushed to Shella Dispensary where she was referred to King Fahad Hospital on April 30.

Born and raised in the remote fishing island of Kizingitini in Lamu East, Lali like many youth who had no means of earning a living other than fishing, moved to Lamu Archipelago where he lived with relatives.

The beach boy, who relatives say has children with three other women, became famous because of his signature long grey beard an ability to master foreign languag- es. Lali speaks fluent English, German, French and Dutch.

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He is said to be a smooth talker who en- deared himself to tourists who he assisted carry luggage to the luxury hotels on the scenic island that is a retreat to rich as well as the young and restless.

According to Mohamed Ali Mohamed, a cousin, Lali and Tecra have been living as a couple for almost two years and had visited her parents in Naivasha to seek blessings for their union.

The smooth talker is reported to have met the last-born daughter of multi-billion Keroche beer brand brewers at Peponi Htel after she was detained for failing to pay a Sh10,000 bill for drinks and accommodation.

“He had gone to Peponi Hotel to drop luggage belonging to some tourists when he found a lady (Tecra) in commotion with the owner over a bill. Lali bailed her out after realising she was the same tourist she had dropped at the hotel days before,” said Mohamed, adding that he also paid for the room she was occupying. The two struck friendship that developed into an intimate relationship,” Mohamed added.

Those who knew Tecra described her as a party animal with an appetite for the fine things of life and other mannerism associated with high society.

Mohamed said he was introduced to Tecra by Lali two years ago as they sailed from Shella, a swanky beach to Kiwayu in his boat.

“When her stay in Lamu ended, she returned to Naivasha with a promise of coming back and after two weeks, she was back. That was in 2017,” Mohamed recalled.

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Lamu and would stay for months. Mohamed said the relationship hit a rock when Tecra took Lali to visit her parents in Naivasha.
“She had gone with Lali for introduction to her parents. They rejected him but the girl stood her ground,” he said.

“Tecra vowed she could not separate with Lali and promised to stand by him despite the rejection,” he added.

Married to two

In Lamu, the two lovebirds spent most of their time at Diamond Hotel in Shella or Peponi and would normally be seen basking in the sand or resting at the seafront at night.

“In 2018, she accompanied Lali while dressed in a long white dress to a wedding in Kizingitini. She had on a veil perhaps to show that she had converted to Islam. They spent two weeks in the village,” Mohamed said yesterday.

He claimed Tecra had helped one of his boyfriend’s nieces to secure employment at the Keroche Breweries. We could not, however, verify the claim.

Interestingly, Lali had allegedly been married to two other foreigners and had children with them.

“Lali is very famous and he is known to have children even abroad with different women. As a family, we could not judge him but had to accept his new wife as he told us,” said his cousin.

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Gone quiet

According to Mohamed, he was married to a German and had a baby girl with her before taking Tecra in. Lali also has children with an Italian and a Dutch whom he befriended while visiting Lamu as tourists.

“Lali anajulikana hata ana watoto ulaya. Shida yake ni kulewa kupindukia (Lali is known to have befriended tourists he even has children with. His problem is overindulgence in alcohol,” said Mohamed.

The relative said the family is unhappy that the Karanjas had not intervened to secure Lali’s release and has instead “gone quiet yet she fell while drunk in their apartment in Shella.”

He said during their stay in Lamu, the family had given them a vehicle which was parked at the Mokowe yard.

“We are wondering why Lali is being treated as a criminal. The family was aware of the relationship and there was a standby vehicle that had been hired by the family for the two to use to run errands while Tecra was in Lamu. The family would even send them drinks,” said the cousin.

Lali’s mother, Aisha Lali, said Tecra was introduced to her as his son’s wife. She said she was informed that Tecra had tripped on the stairs.

“Since the beginning they did not like him. He is suffering because he is from a poor family,” said Aisha.

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Why we built and turned our house into a resort



When architect Dorothy Abonyo’s husband, architect Erastus Abonyo, received a call that the beach plot they had been looking for had been found in Sakwa, Siaya, they were elated.

The land had been standing idle for many years and snubbed by potential buyers because of the many bushes around it, but they saw the potential in it. “When my husband asked us (his family) what we thought about the piece of land, and suggested how we could use it, we were sold out. We loved the scenery and the fact that it was on the shores of Lake Victoria,” narrates Dorothy.

With the go ahead from his family, the land was bought in 2016 and they began clearing the bushes and fixing the road to the land. In 2017, the family comprising of four, all architects, began the process of designing and building their dream house on the land.

“I am an architect with my own practice, Tekto consult, my husband and our first- born child are architects. Our second born is studying interior design and architecture abroad. The house was designed by our first born, Teddy Abonyo, who was then a final year student,” says Dorothy, who has been practicing architecture for about 30 years.

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Shared responsibility

To them, building the house was a small project that they felt their son could handle. Dorothy came in to strengthen the design and add a few details and her husband did a lot of work in the initial stages, such as fencing and setting up structures where people could sleep in. Dorothy, who became the senior architect to the project, opted to stay and oversee the process of building the home.

“It was frustrating supervising the project while living in Nairobi where I work. Every time I came to check on the progress of the project, I would find workers have messed things up, which meant we had to start all over again. So I decided to stay and oversee the project by myself and when I took a break, I would close the entire site until I came back,” she narrates.

Low business as a result of the 201 7 elections that year also allowed Dorothy extra time to focus on the project. And in 2018, the three-bedroom house was completed. It was constructed with as much natural materials as they could find in the area.

For instance, the pebbles they used on the exteriors of the house were mostly picked from their land while the rest were harvested from their neighbour’s land. Nyanza being a relatively hot place, the house was designed with thick walls that shield the interior from heat penetration. “When you have thin walls, heat goes in easily. We used cladding, which is attaching a layer of stones outside of a house to safeguard it from the weather effects. With the two thick walls, it will take a long time for the heat to penetrate,” Dorothy explains.

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The house was meant to be their retirement home, but they changed their mind after realising that the beauty and the set up spoke more and decided to share it with the public.

“We gave it a second thought and opted not to just have this place to ourselves as our boys were now old. Our second born is out of the country, he may or may not come back and is too old to even want to live with us. The last born too is on his way out meaning that it’s just me and my husband, so we decided to make it a holiday home,” she shares.

Getting into hospitality

That’s how their retirement home became a beautiful resort. Having come from the construction industry, the family knew nothing in hospitality except what they had experienced during their travels. “We have also travelled a bit and in particular, my trip in two cruises one at west Mediterranean cruise with the royal Caribbean for seven days in water really made me learn a bit on hospitality. Though we were over 5,000 guests, the staff took care of us as if we were five guests and there was no one time that we went to the restaurant and missed food. Their service, unlike other hotels I had been to, was superb,” she recalls.

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Having unanimously decided that their home would be turned into a resort, the family came together to name it. Dorothy’s choice, Pi Kidi, won. Pi means water in the Luo, while Kidi meant the stones. The area too was green and lush, so it also functions as a garden resort.

“Not many people were comfortable with the fact that you can share your home with strangers, but it’s a new trend, they have eventually gotten used to it. The boys then came up with the idea of putting up tents saying that their age mates would fancy that. So we set up a campsite that’s pretty formal, but we are also thinking of opening up the bush for people who are more adventurous and just want to camp by the water or in the bush,” Dorothy adds.


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Woman commits suicide days after sister’s escape



Four days after a woman whose partner killed another man believed to be her lover in Mlango Kubwa in Nairobi, her sister set herself ablaze in a suicide yesterday afternoon.

Police said the victim doused herself with paraffin before setting herself ablaze at around 2pm yesterday. It was not immediately established why she committed suicide.

Detectives from the Pangani police station are still looking for the victim’s sister, Esther Mwikali and her lover only known as Peter, a water vendor, who escaped after stabbing Douglas Macharia on Sunday night.

The two then locked the door and disappeared, leaving the body of the deceased and her two children in the house.

A neighbour had reported she heard some noise before seeing the two leave the house.

Visible stab wounds

“The suspect and her man stabbed the deceased and locked the door from outside before escaping to an unknown destination. The deceased was found lying on a chair with a visible stab wound on the chest,” police said.

Sources told People Daily faat Mwikali was also selling illicit alcohol in her house. “The husband has been hospitalised for a very long time. We suspect it is a case of

love triangle,” a neighbour said.

Another neighbour also claimed Mwikali said she was going to the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospital on Juja Road to alert the doctors.

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Police officers from Pangani station went to the house on Sunday at around 10pm and broke the door. The lifeless body of the man and the woman’s two young children were in the house.

The body was transferred to the City Mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

“Detectives are tracking down the two for grilling. We are treating them as the prime suspects in the murder,” the police commander said.

The fatal attack is eerily reminiscent of another attack in the same area where a boy aged eight had a harrowing first-hand experience when his father killed the mother and locked the door from outside, forcing the son to remain alone with the body overnight.

The class 3 pupil, told the police that at around 9pm the father picked a quarrel with his mother – Kasunga Malombe 30. He retired to bed only to wake up and find the body of his mother in a pool of blood.

Latest reports indicate that cases of domestic violence have been on the rise.

On July 6, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the National Crime Research Centre to probe the increasing number of cases of gender-based violence that have rocked the nation.

“I am concerned by increasing tensions within our homes. Cases of gender-based violence have increased, mental health issues have worsened, and instances of teenage pregnancy have escalated,” the President said.

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The State Department for Gender estimates that in Kenya, 45 per cent of women aged 15-49 have experienced physical violence and with 14 percent having experienced sexual violence.

Brutally attacked

Among the latest victims are the Makueni-based lawyer who was brutally attacked by a female police officer on October 7 and later succumbed to the injuries.

Lawyer Onesmus Masaku, who died on Sunday morning while undergoing treatment, was attacked and cut on both hands by Constable Njeri in his house in unclear circumstances.

In another incident, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives on October 13 arrested a man who burned his wife to death.

The same week, a man killed his estranged wife before committing suicide in Kitengela. According to the police, Timothy Weru killed the wife, Miriam Nyakaro after he convinced her to visit him weeks after separation.


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VIDEO: Radio Jambo presenter Joyce Gituro narrates how a cult broke her marriage



Radio Jambo’s Joyce Gituro has opened up about how she lost her husband of many years because of a church.

Speaking on her YouTube channel with Jeridah Andayi, Joyce narrates how her ex-hubby left her, carrying everything from their house leaving her alone with their children.

Well, she says things changed when she and her religious husband changed the church they used to attend.

“The church was the main reason me and my husband parted ways. I lost my husband in church,” she said.
“My husband told me we had to leave the church where we used to worship and he took to a church that I did not believe in. When I went there I told my husband I am not comfortable with the doctrines…The church was sounding funny,” She said.

She recounting an incidence that happened when all worshippers were asked to close the door and the windows to chase away the demons.

“I remember one day the pastor said we close the windows and doors so that we could ‘Cough’ out the devil. I told my husband I am not very comfortable and went out with my kids. When I walked out the pastor did not like it and that is where the problems with my hubby began. When I talked to my hubby he reprimanded me that walking out was wrong,” she added.

She said that after that incidence she started noticing some weird behaviours in her hubby.

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He would always receive scary prophecies from the pastor. She recalled one day when the love of her life took a lot of money to buy a TV for the pastor adding that at the time they had not paid for their children’s school fees.

“I called my parents-in-law. I told them that their son had joined a cult. He would disappear saying he has gone for prayers. The kids would see him and the cycle continues,” added Joyce.

Another time after, her husband came from his usual prayers and told her that the pastor had told him the kids were not his.

“I remember one time he came back from his usual prayers, he told her that the pastor said that the kids do not belong to him. My hubby got into debts. I suspect he was taking the money to this church. He got into debts to an extent that even my car was taken away,” she said.

The mother of three said that one day she was followed by the police who claimed that the car she was driving had been stolen.

“I was followed by police all the way to Royal Media. The police asked me if the car was mine and I told them yes. They told me that the car had been stolen. I was confused because I had given my hubby money to buy me the car. I later realised that he did not buy me a car but hired one and brought it to me. It was a stolen car,” she added.

Joyce says she was living in fear after that till one day when she visited her sister only to be called by her neighbours asking why she had not informed them that she was moving out.

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In shock, she went back only to find her house empty.

“My hubby left us. He carried everything in the house. I have never seen a man who when he leaves packs the cooker, fridge, seats, curtains and other things in the house. I was shocked. We had our issues but I did not expect it to get to that,” she said.

Joyce admits that she is not sure whether the people were auctioneers or it was the husband who decided to carry them.

Joyce moved out with her kids and started a new life. After a while, she was informed that her husband was in jail in Uganda.

She informed his family who helped him to get out of jail.

Watch the whole story to know what happened later;


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