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Isaac Boniface Ondieki is Optiven’s Employee of the Month



This is a special year for Optiven Group. It is the year that we are celebrating 20 years of transforming communities through what we do best, being pacesetters in real estate.

And even amidst Covid-19, this is an even more special dispensation of time for Isaac Boniface Ondieki. This gentleman who has now worked at Optiven for over 11 years just got overwhelmingly voted as the staff of the month of May 2020, by his colleagues, for his impressive display of professionalism.

Ondieki is a Senior Projects Attendant and has under his lustrous belt, very successful projects that span from Imani Breeze, Victory Gardens Phase 1 & 2 and now, he is the man who is in charge of Victory Gardens Phase 3, 4 & 5. Watch more about Victory Gardens here:

And Ondieki’s dedication to his work hasn’t gone unnoticed. “One thing that I have come to like about this gentleman is the love that he has for his family,” says Optiven Group CEO, George Wachiuri. “He also has great love for the environment, especially in nurturing trees. Besides, he has an amazing passion for his work. This always comes alive with the way he handles customers who come visiting the projects where he is in charge. He does it with a special wholeheartedness.”

According to Optiven CEO, Ondieki knows every customer who visits Victory Gardens by their names, and he knows the specific location of every plot in all the projects where he has worked. He is also always adorned in an Optiven brand every day of the week. Says Wachiuri; “You will always find him either in an Optiven T-shirt, Optiven Cap or Optiven badge whether it is on a Monday or a Sunday.”

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And this gentleman is now being celebrated by his fellow Optiven staff as a humble man who truly deserves being at the top, based on his passionate dedication to his calling.

“Ondieki recently handled two of my clients at Victory Gardens in such a professional manner and the feedback that we got from these clients was totally positive,” says Faith Harry. She adds; “He attended to them with utmost excellence and respect and they were left with a wow factor. They called back to give their positive feedback about their experience with him.”

“Ondieki is simply amazing. His customer skills are just remarkable,” says Carolyn Kimani, who is joined by yet another colleague in lauding this staff of the month. “I can confirm that he is so good at what he does and is also very respectful to the clients, who are in turn always amazed by his service,” says Chantal Agnes Awuor.

Dennis Kiguru Muturi can’t agree more. “He is a true Optiven soldier. He always flies the Optiven flag high through his work and we value him for that. He has also made a great contribution to making Victory Gardens very green.” See more about Victory Gardens here:

And so does yet another colleague, Margaret Wangui Wambugu, concur. Ondieki is an amazing person and his level of humility is at an extraordinary level. Clients are always very safe in his hands since he takes them through the process step by step. I salute him.”

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Indeed, most of Ondieki colleagues attribute his accomplishment to his humble disposition. “He is a very humble man and also down to earth. He has magical hands. Whatever he touches must blossom. He is obedient and kind. He is hardworking yet you hardly notice him breaking a sweat,” says Martin Waweru.

“It is indeed this unadulterated humbleness that always radiates not only to the internal partners but also to the external publics. He has a disposition that is simply priceless. It might take you some coon’s age to come across such a soul,” says Muchiri Muchoki.

Another great attribute; “He is also extremely respectful, resourceful and always willing to help,” Cecelia Ndegwa.

On this character of being respectful, Angela Marindich can’t agree more. “I have a testimony from a client about this. Every keen person who comes across him will notice this disposition. And that is why I truly salute Ondieki,” she corroborates.

“Ondieki is also very helpful to us, the field officers, and is a true guardian of the Optiven vision,” states Solomon Chege.

His humble and unparalleled reputation will certainly keep him soaring. I urge him to keep this up and the skies will only be his fueling station,” adds Gachanga Paul.

Almost all colleagues who spoke about Ondieki point something about his unmatched integrity. “This man is simply at another level. So much such that there are no enough words to describe his integrity and passion,” asserts Nelly Muthoni.

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When all is said, “Isaac Ondieki is an extremely diligent employee; he takes very great care of the projects that are entrusted to him and we have great trust in him. He is a person who always shows high levels of responsibility to his work. He is not only exemplary but also a great asset to Optiven,” Winnie Muguiyi crowns it.

And true to his character, Ondieki on his part, is extremely flattered about all these praises that are being heaped on him by his colleagues. “We always work as a team here at Optiven and that is why I believe that everyone of us here is an employee of the month and I thank the entire team for actually being the best that there is.”

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Keeping our family coffee business picking



When 41 -year-old Gitau Waweru Karanja was a boy, he recalls spending his school holidays in his grandfather’s coffee farm with his cousins. His late grandmother would push them to pick berries to earn pocket money. Though he took up his parents’ passion in interior design and studied Interior Design in Kwa Zulu Natal University in South Africa, he did he know that one day he would wake up and smell the coffee and participate in running his grandfather’s coffee farm.

Gitau is the third generation of his family to manage Karunguru Farm, which belonged to his late grandfather Geoffrey Kareithi. Kareithi had bought the 300-acre farm in Ruiru, from a white settler in 1972. Gitau is married to Wangeci Gitau who grew up in Maragwa, in Murang’a where they also had a coffee farm.

Values instilled

For Wangeci, despite growing up in the coffee fields, she was more passionate about tourism and was a travel consultant before becoming a tour manager at a local company.

In 2012, she got an ectopic pregnancy, which put her on bed rest and thus was compelled to quit her job. When she recovered, she began assisting her husband. “By that time, my husband was selling modern house doors, but the business took a while to pick. Then we began selling milk from Karunguru Farm, but the milk production went down in 2016. The management, comprising of family members, told us to address the issue by becoming dairy managers. But when we joined the management of Karunguru Farm, we saw an opportunity in coffee tours,” she says.

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Taking cue from South Africa where they do wine tourism and also export wine, Gitau and his wife sought to use that knowledge in their coffee farm. “We started Karunguru Coffee and Tours after we found out that despite it being our main export, it was being underutilised when it comes to tourism. So, here we take visitors through the journey that coffee has to go through before getting to your cup,” explains Gitau. Everything is done in Karunguru Farm— including value addition such as processing coffee, drying and even roasting. “We have our very own packaged Karunguru Coffee, which is available in the market,” he adds.

Their late grandfather instilled in them a love for each other and every holiday it is the family culture to meet and bond as a family. The grandpa also ensured that the farm management is shared amongst all his seven children who meet every week to discuss the business of the farm. Once they come to an unanimous decision, it is then passed on to their children, who implements their decision.

Before one is given any role, you have _ . to be qualified for the position. “It’s not about being favoured, but your qualification. I am in tourism, so I handle the tourism aspect, my husband is in operations. In fact, one applies for the position and then you are interviewed. If you qualify, you are placed on probation until the management is satisfied that you can handle the role well,” says Wangeci.

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No entitlement

What makes family business go down is the fact that people who are less qualified are employed. Other people have to cover up for their messes and this creates bitterness and conflict. Gitau sometimes watches his nephews and nieces in the farm, giving them roles to check out whether they have interest in the farm or not before beginning to mentor them. Everyone begins from the lowest level and must know how to roast, pack, as well as prepare a cup of Karunguru coffee. This is to en inculcate the spirit of appreciation and value for the workers employed to do the role.

“My uncles always tell us that we didn’t come in the business because we are their children, but because of the passion we had in the business. With that, entitlement is killed and we ensure that we do our best to take the farm to higher levels,” says Gitau

They don’t entertain gossip,  ‘‘ but if someone has an issue, I then the person is invited ‘ to a meeting where one is confronted and told in love where they have missed the mark.


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VIDEO: Inspiring Journey Taking Shape at Kiambu’s Top Gated Community



Amani Ridge the Place of Peace was extremely busy today as the Engineers set their focus on achieving the very best in preparing the roads to murrum standard, ready for cabro when time comes.

The following activities will follow:

1. Storm water drainage

2. Piping water along the main lines (those building will only need to pay for water meter)

3. Underground power will follow

4. Installation of solar street lights will be the next step

5. After this, planting of 2, 000 trees will follow along all the roads in the estate

6. The sewerage systems will be replaced by Water recycling technology as initially promised

We are committed to #GoingGreen

Become part of the Amani Ridge family today


Call: 0790 300 300 | 0723 400 500


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Big Smiles on the way for Garden of Joy Owners



A big announcement concerning the Garden of Joy gated community is set to be made this coming Friday, 23rd October 2020.

The planned announcement will be a cause of great joy for clients who have already made a decision to make the Garden of Joy their joyous home.

Those joining the success train later, will pay slightly higher for this property. We call it the ‘waiting-to-see-expense.’

If you are reading this message, go ahead and call your relationship advisor today to save the waiting cost and to become part of the joyous brigade.

Check us on FB Live on the 23rd October at 4PM as we unveil the greatest news at the Garden of Joy.

Secure your jewel today
Call us on: 0790300300 | 0723400500

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