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Kenyans from UK start arriving, those in China and India to follow



Kenyans who were caught up in Covid-19 lockdowns around the world have started arriving home.

Some 84 citizens landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport aboard a Kenya Airways plane from London, the United Kingdom, on Monday night.

The travellers, who had selected their quarantine centres before starting their journey, presented their coronavirus clearance certificates at the airport.

A source told the Nation the passengers were screened at the airport before being taken into quarantine.

Mr Ambrose Njeru, one of the passengers, said the travellers had sent their coronavirus results to a Kenya Airways doctor, who approved their request for travel.

When they arrived, he said, officials already had a list of the returnees.

Every passenger paid Sh53,544 for the journey.

“We were few in the plane. A passenger was required to occupy three seats,” Mr Njeru said.

“We wore masks throughout the journey. The process at JKIA was so smooth that we were on our way to quarantine by 11.30pm.”

More Kenyans are expected to land from China tomorrow or Friday.

The flight from Mumbai, India, is overbooked as Kenyans jostle to return home tomorrow.

Kenya’s High Commissioner in New Delhi, Willy Bett, said the plane would leave India at 5.15pm local time.

Last week, the mission reached an agreement with Kenya Airways to fly home some 223 people caught up in India’s 21-day total lockdown, which has been extended to May 17.

In a notice, Mr Bett said the mission had been informed by Kenya Airways that some Kenyans who went to India for treatment and their caregivers may have missed seats on the flight.

About 300 people, including tourists, have booked to fly to Nairobi. “We are calling on any deserving caregiver or patient who might have missed out to send their names, passport numbers and locations to the mission immediately since they are a priority,” the ambassador told the Nation.

“I insist that this is neither an evacuation nor a repatriation. It is simply facilitation to help stranded Kenyans get home. That is why they are paying.”

India is a popular destination for Kenyans seeking treatment, but the lockdown saw many stranded and their flights cancelled. The programme has attracted other Kenyans — including those who had travelled as tourists, for business or to see relatives but got caught up in the lockdown.

This group booked early as patients and their caregivers raised ticket money.

“They already have money while patients were still pleading with families back home for help,” a stranded cancer patient, who did not wish to be named, said.

Mr Bett said the flight would be charged at a subsidised rate of $800 (Sh85,894) for a business-class ticket and $400 for economy.

“If we have to offload people in favour of patients and caregivers, we will,” he said.

But he said patients who are still in their early stages of treatment should not fly back home.

By Nairobi News

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VIDEO: A TRUE PLACE OF PEACE for the young ones too!



Amani Ridge the Place of Peace is the place to be for those who seek to settle in a peaceful domicile.

Families are coming here not only to survey the place where they will soon establish their dream homes, but listen this…to enjoy the quietude and take photos too! They come here to take a walk and enjoy the amazing views.

Others just come to appreciate and walk along the walls of Peace, Happiness, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Others still come here to confirm the value additions that are being placed here courtesy of Optiven. Watch this video expounding on this gated community’s architectural projections:

For the young ones who make their way here, they have a chance to breathe the fresh air, to enjoy the serenity of the open and refreshing skies of these cool Kiambu environs. The young girl captured here can attest to this.

You are free to visit the project and enjoy the Peace as you enjoy the magnificent developments happening at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace

Do you want to be part of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace great experience? Get in touch with Optiven Today:

Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300 Email: Website: George Wachiuri Blog:

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Don’t buy land around Ngong Road Forest: KWS



The Kenya Forest Service is warning Kenyans not to be duped into buying land within Ngong Road Forest around Sunvalley Lang’ata and surrounding areas without verification.

The agency said Kenyans were being swindled of millions of shillings and being sold air, within forest land.

“Much of the land that is purportedly up for sale by crooks there is part of Ngong Forest land which will be reclaimed. It is just a matter of time,” warned KFS Chief Conservator of Forests Julius Kamau on Thursday, “and it will not matter what is on the land, it will eventually revert to the KFS. It won’t matter what sits on the forest land when we come for it. We’ll take all of what belongs to the forest.”

Mr Kamau said the Ngong Road Forest sits on 1,224.4 hectares, but 789 hectares have been grabbed by unscrupulous developers and land racketeers.

However, according to a record given by KFS in 2017, the Ngong Road Forest sat on 2,850 at gazettement, in 1932. Meaning the land continues to be excised.

KFS board chairman Peter Kinyua said some people had acquired titles to the land under forest area fraudulently.

“Anybody sitting on forest land, will have to vacate. Many of the people on those parcels of land there say they have titles but they have titles to what? When was it degazetted, by whom? Because for public land to convert into private land, a parliamentary process to degazette it has to have happened,” Mr Kinyua said, adding that a process was underway to recover the irregularly acquired land.

“Some people have illegally and irregularly erected structures on these 789 hectares. But it remains gazetted as forest land and it has a legal notice and there is no process of degazettement that has been undertaken,” Mr Kamau said.

“Anybody who is in the forest illegally has to vacate. We’re very clear in terms of mapping all the forest areas around the country,” he added.

“And there are Kenyans who’ve actually been doing the right thing by writing to us to establish the status of what they want to acquire against the forest jurisdiction and we give them advice.

“I want to ask Kenyans who are buying in the area around Ngong Road Forest to do serious due diligence before investing millions of shillings. We do not charge for the service. It is absolutely free of charge, so Kenyans should not hesitate to come to us,” advised the conservator.

Investigations by the Nation revealed that a 40 by 60 ft plots are currently going for about Sh12 million. The grabbed land is currently being sold by among other sellers a former MP.

Some of the properties adjacent to Lang’ata police dog unit, are said to sit on the private land that includes about 800 prime homes in Parkview, Sunvalley 1, Sunvalley 2, Kenya Medical Association, Langata View Apartments and St Mary’s Hospital.

Most of the grabbed forest land, initially used as training ground for police dogs, now hosts lavish homes belonging to senior government officials, businessmen and a community.

In 2017, KFS announced that of the 2,850 ha of woodland gazetted in 1932, only 1,224.4 ha was left after some powerful and connected people grabbed almost half of it.

The Nation

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‘…time is out just know I did my best,’ says Eric Njoka amid sacking rumours at K24 TV



Word on the street has it that K24 TV is planning a mass firing soon and it seems many of its employees are ready for anything.

After Betty Kyallo called it quits on May 30, Eric Njoka, a presenter at the Mediamax owned TV station says he’s ready for whatever outcome.

Njoka, who doubles as a morgue attendant, shared a post saying he wasn’t fine and asked his fans not to pray for him because their prayers didn’t work.

Thank you all for your concerns, I am not fine and won’t be for a while but I will make sure to keep smiling. Don’t keep me in any prayers, they don’t work.

Eric Njoka

In a recent Instagram live, Njoka lashed out at Mediamax management for planning to fire people during this Covid-19 and he said,

‘…It’s frustrating so many people. Some have many families and if someone is not going to speak for them then, where I go I will regret why I never spoke for them. I did speak for them because people are really suffering and they can’t speak out.’

View this post on Instagram

This face describes my career as a Journalist “Disappointments, Negativity, Let Downs, Stagnation, Pessimism, Hopelessness and Depression’ but in all my years of practice, I have never questioned or challenged God, rather never asked my creator “Why?” Because I know my shine will come some day. Be Patient, work in total Silence and BELIEVE. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤❤ #anchorman #iamnairobian #trending #trendy #gentleman #pictureday #followme #likelike #Kenya #newsman #igerskenya #igafrica #igkenya #goodvibes #gainwithus #gainwithmchina #gainwithspikes #gainwithcarlz #gainwithxtiandela #gainpost #followtrain #gaintrick

A post shared by Eric Kamau Ledama Njoka (@ericnjoka_k24) on

Well, Eric Njoka shared a touching message which read,

When my time is out, just know I did my best, diligently, with poise, faith and determination. Feels like dejavù but iriz wat iriz. #Anchorman is still my name.

By Mpasho

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