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More queries on death of city bank staffer in car fire



Terrence Korir often waved at neighbours or rolled down the windows of his car on his way back home from work.

But on the morning of April 29, no such niceties were traded. Neighbours woke up to find him strapped on the driver’s seat. The car had been reduced to a shell and himself to charred remains. No one had heard him scream.

Those who knew him tried to piece together what might have happened. Was it murder or suicide? Either way, a post-mortem examination conducted by the Government Pathologist Johansen Odour on May 5 revealed that Korir was alive when the fire started.

“He inhaled a lot of soot, an indication that he took a lot of time in the car before he died,” Oduor told journalists at the Chiromo mortuary.

He said the deceased’s intestines were empty, an indication he had not eaten for some time. The post-mortem had revealed the painful death of the Credit Section staff at the Bank of Africa, Westlands branch.

After his death, social media was full of speculation that the 35-year-old Korir was the latest victim of domestic violence, brought about by the stress of coronavirus pandemic-related closures and movement restrictions.Investigators from Buru Buru DCI backed up by homicide detectives from the DCI headquarters swung into action to unravel the mystery.

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His wife, Ruth Wanjiru Mungai, 29, also a banker, was the first to record a statement with the police. She had been condemned on social media but her mother-in-law, Betsy Maritim, had kind words for her. “I have never had any issue with her. We are constantly in touch,” Korir’s mother said.

The family has asked DCI boss George Kinoti to conduct a thorough probe into Korir’s death. Initial reports were that Korir could have been killed elsewhere and his body brought into his car which was then set on fire.

If indeed he were alive when the vehicle was set on fire, then why didn’t he try to run away from the inferno? Could it be that he had been drugged, put in the vehicle which was then set on fire? These are some of the questions his family and friends keep asking, and they want answers. Investigators have since forwarded ash samples to the Government Chemist to establish whether the fire was caused by petrol or paraffin.

They have also forwarded parts of his intestinal walls for toxicological examination. Already, the DCI team is a step away from confirming that Korir committed suicide.

This is based on the last moments of Korir as revealed by his family and neighbours. On April 28, Korir had arrived home about 30 minutes before the 7pm curfew time.

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Korir had spent the entire day at his brother’s in Ngong, according to his parents. Unlike other days, the man did not park his vehicle on his designated parking bay but an open space close to the wall. Visit counsellor

The couple had agreed that the following morning, Korir would visit a counsellor in the city. The wife was first to wake up and after taking a shower, proceeded to the bedroom for her make-up. Korir was just about to take a shower when there was a power outage. He, therefore, decided to wait until power was restored to heat the water. It took about 15 minutes for power to return.

Wanjiru realised that the husband was not in the shower and had actually gone out. It’s then that she heard shouts from neighbours that a vehicle was on fire.

And when Wanjiru went out, she was shocked to see the lifeless body of her husband being pulled out of the vehicle. Fire experts from the Nairobi County Government who were incorporated into the investigations have revealed that the fire started from the driver’s seat. And based on the way the vehicle was parked, there is no possibility that a third party was around. The fire experts, according to police sources, think that it was suicide.

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By Kamore Maina,

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MP Millie Odhiambo denies shouting down DP Ruto



Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo (pictured), has denied shouting down Deputy President William Ruto at Bomas of Kenya yesterday at the Bomas of Kenya. Odhiambo says she was only answering questions posed by the DP in his BBI address.

The outspoken legislator says she did not have a microphone to enable her respond to DP Ruto’s submissions against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

“I was answering his questions because he was asking us questions about what should be done, and I was basically reminding him he is the deputy president and I should be asking him the questions he was asking and not vice versa,” the MP said in an exclusive interview with KTN News.

Odhiambo concurred with DP Ruto’s thinking when she acknowledged that there may be areas that need strengthening in the report even if it promises more gains to the Kenyan people.

 “There are some issues that will be addressed through the constitutional review and some through legislative action,” she told KTN News.

Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo during the launch of the Building Bridges to a United Kenya Taskforce Report at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi. [Stafford Ondego, Standard]

During the launch at the Bomas of Kenya, DP Ruto made several submissions on areas to be reviewed in the BBI report.

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In his speech, he said the real elephant in the room was the post-poll winner-takes-it-all mentality which the BBI was trying to address by creating the position of a Prime Minister and two deputies.

He wondered how that would take care of other big political heavyweights who would still find themselves without political offices.

Midway his speech, the DP had to pause as sections of the crowd jeered at him while shouting “Respect the President.”

According to Odhiambo, the DP was talking of a coalition government something that the BBI report is not addressing.

“BBI is talking about inclusion [and] we are saying that in a case where you win as a president, then you need to expand the framework of regions that are represented in the executive,” she said.

The MP rubbished reports that DP Ruto allies never received invites for the Bomas of Kenya conference.

Odhiambo said most of the Tangatanga allied MPs chose not to show up despite being invited to the forum that was to be used to air issues in the report.

However, Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwah, a DP Ruto ally, says the process was surrounded with hypocrisy.

He echoed Ruto’s remarks that the report did not touch on issues affecting Kenyans such as unemployment of the youth, saying this ought to constitute the national dialogue.

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“The only two people who captured imaginations of Kenyans were DP Ruto and former vice president Musalia Mudavadi,” he said, adding that, “those are the only people who were bold enough to articulate the real issues affecting Kenyans.”

Despite being heckled Ruto made his remarks insisting we needed to have a candid discussion before the report is embraced.


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Ex-military officer accused of killing ex-wife, children wants ATM cards released



A former senior military officer at the Laikipia Air Base accused of murdering his ex-wife and her two children has asked the court to allow him to get back ATM cards and other personal items confiscated by police.

Major Peter Mugure told Justice Abigail Mshila that detectives took away his ATM cards which may not be used as evidence in the murder case, where he is accused of killing his ex-wife Joyce Syombua, Shanice Maua and Prince Michael.

“They took away a number of personal items including my ATM cards. I’m asking to have them returned to me because I do not think they are part of the evidence,” Mugure told the Justice Mshila in a virtual court session.

Although some of the personal items could be used as part of the evidence, Mshila told Mugure to make a list of the items and asked defence counsel to check the inventory and make an application for the release of items that state doesn’t need as evidence.

“Some of the personal items like clothing, or ATM cards could be taken for analysis to enable show your movements. The inventory is in the prosecution file and you could make a list of the items you need to be released,” said Mshila.

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The case in which Mugure is jointly accused with Collins Pamba, a former employee at Laikipia Air Base was coming up for hearing on Tuesday but it was postponed to a later date following the transfer of Judge Jairus Ngaah who was handling the matter in Nyeri.

Mugure joined the session from King’ong’o GK Prison in Nyeri and Pamba at Kerugoya prison.

The two are accused of killing the deceased parsons on October 26 last year at the Laikipia Air Base situated in Nanyuki.

The three bodies were recovered buried in a shallow grave after Pamba led police to the site at Kilimo area in Thingithu, in the outskirts of Nanyuki town.

In the previous session when the ex-major was denied bail on February 21, Justice Ngaah cited damning evidence in Pamba’s affidavit implicating Mugure in the gruesome murder of his ex-lover and his two children.

Pamba’s statement as recorded in court file detailed how Mugure called him from Nairobi on a material day and asked for his help to the ferry and bury the bodies and in return, help the casual worker secure employment at Kenya Defense Forces.

The mentioned date was scheduled for December 9.


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