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Murkomen: Why I was ousted



You have been at the heart of government virtually all your political career, enjoying State power and its largess. How do you feel finding yourself in the current situation?

I have been at the helm of Jubilee politics since 2012 when Prof Kithure Kindiki and I were engaged to craft the Jubilee coalition agreement. Still, throughout that period, we fought for the mandate of the Senate all the way to the Supreme Court.

Even then, I never acted in bad faith. We held meetings with the President in Mombasa, at State House, and other places where I strongly defended the Senate and devolution. All this put me in trouble with the President. So I have always fought for what I believe in.

Some would say that you actually authored your own downfall. Why did you choose to fly too close to the sun?

I have seen the image of Daedalus and Icarus being used to explain my situation. Only if you are a supporter of dictatorship and absolute power can you use that analogy.

It is not a befitting image, because our proverbial sun is the Constitution. There are those who say that I should have defended the position of Jubilee at all times, but there is no collective responsibility in violating the Constitution. Party discipline and loyalty are subordinate to the Constitution.

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I have seen that even the media has reduced our unlawful ouster to my losing cars, employees and other personal benefits. Okay, we all need money, but I am happy to lose it for what I believe in. If we all voted with our selfish gain in mind, what country will we have? I made a conscious choice to stand for the Constitution.

You obviously have interacted with both the President and the DP. What is the fundamental difference between the two leaders?

I don’t want to comment on this. But, well, you know they are people of different backgrounds and are unique in their own ways. Naturally, Ruto is a people person who has a lot of patience. He is home with the people out there.

You have said that Parliament is dead. What do you mean?

A lot of harm can happen if we are not careful with a pliable Parliament. But it is not just Parliament that is under siege. The respect for independent institutions — the Judiciary and constitutional commissions — is at its lowest. When did you last hear of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights? Where were they during the Kariobangi evictions? I don’t think that the Senate, for instance, can be resuscitated. It is being buried with senators as undertakers. What does it benefit people like James Orengo who were rightly celebrated for their fight for democracy in the past only for them to come and sanitise what they fought against all along? It is unbelievable that Kang’ata, who was expelled from university, can be an Okiki Amayo of our era (the Kanu official who was a terror to politicians in the one-party era).

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We have been in semi-lockdown for nearly two months. What’s the exit strategy, as the pandemic may be with us for the long haul?

I have read literature on this disease globally, nobody seems to have the answer to this question. If the World Health Organization is right, then we will have to change the way we live and work fundamentally. The future depends on whether we will have a vaccine and how soon.

Governments will need to strategise, but not in the manner that is being done here where a small clique of the Executive thinks only it has a solution to this problem. Going forward, the next President of Kenya, be they Ruto or someone else, will have to deal with the adverse effects of Covid -19.

Reviving the economy, bridging the inequality in education and enhancing social protection.

Interview done By Julius Sigei, Daily Nation

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Ben Githae opens up about marital issues that almost left him depressed



Gospel singer Ben Githae did not have it easy in 2019. This is after his alleged side chick exposed him for neglecting their twin daughters.

According to the baby mama identified as Rose Wanjiru; the singer had been neglecting his responsibilities as a dad. She went on t0 add that the singer had even been threatening of killing her; after she refused to have an arbortion when the pregnancy was still young.

The serious allegations left Ben Githae ready to share his side of the story; but when you cheat on your wife of 18 years, how do you explain yourself?

Ben Githae (left) with his baby mama and Twins

Ben Githae speaks

Addressing this issue, singer Githae denied all the stories shared by his baby mama. He went on to claim that everything said was a lie aimed at making him look bad. According to him, he has been supporting his girls and has not reason to abandon them;

Contrary to what Wanjiru says, I have constantly featured in the lives of our girls. I have always taken care of them.
I have been taking all the responsibilities. I have been paying the house rent for her, doing everything for her. This woman is out to tarnish my name.

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Became a Laughing stock

After his affair with Rose went public; Githae says life changed as he became a topic of discussion among his friends. He went on to add that some would even remind him of the mistakes he did.

Ben Githae’s other family

But after seeing what depression had done to a few celebrities and pastors he knew; Githae recollected himself and decided to work on becoming a better person. This is because he was not ready to kill himself over mistakes that had already occured.

“It is deeply eating them in the present. Sh*t happens as it happened to me a few years ago and was exposed early last year. I became a laughing stock but I refused to die. I remained strong. I refused depression. I prayed for forgiveness from family, friends and the public. Most forgave me but a few keep reminding me of that bitter past,”

In conclusion Ben Githae said;

Believe the report of the Lord for He is a God of a second chance. Be resilient.”



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Anxiety high over Uhuru speech



If there was a day Kenyans have recently looked forward to, it is today. This is the day the dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed on the country to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus is supposed to end after President Uhuru Kenyatta extended it for 21 days last month.

But recent statements by senior government officials have tended to dampen the expectations of a majority of Kenyans, with some resigning to the possibility of the perpetuation of the status quo or a new order with just slight changes.

Friday, Cabinet secretaries seemed to be managing the people’s high expectations, with hints that a wholesome opening of the economy could lead to a spike in Covid-19 cases and put the vulnerable members – such as old parents – at risk when they host their kin from the cities.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha Friday hinted that schools will not be opened any time soon.

“The ministry will advise the level of preparedness that will be required of all stakeholders involved in the running of schools and teacher training institutions,” he said.

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho earlier in the week said the government was considering a phased easing of the Covid-19 restrictions to help people to generate incomes.

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He said Kenyans should not expect a sudden return of normalcy.

President Kenyatta has also been facing pressure from religious leaders to open places of worship. Religious organisations have formally written to him asking for a review of the measures and promising to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and his Health counterpart Mutahi Kagwe met with religious leaders ahead of the handover of the report from the National Coordination Committee on Coronavirus to discuss how to proceed with religious activities in the event the government agrees to relax some of its guidelines.

Dr Matiang’i said the contents of the report will be communicated by the President.

Mr Kagwe urged religious leaders to assist in effecting home-based quarantine, a measure that the government is advocating as it moves to ease the Covid-19 restrictions.

Kenyans took to social media to express their optimism – and pessimism – about today’s speech by the President.

From making merry at entertainment joints to travel and reuniting with loved ones and lovers, expectations were so high that the hashtag #June6th was the number one trending topic locally on Twitter.

Tweeters filed their wishlists, a majority of which were hilarious.

Yet others just wanted the economy to be opened up.

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Dr Amoth attends burial with 400 people to represent Kagwe – PHOTOS + VIDEO



The government is on the spot for applying double standards in the enforcement of Covid-19 prevention protocols, giving preferential treatment to particular politicians and well-connected individuals.

This was evident in Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe’s backyard in Mukurweini, Nyeri County where more than 400 people were allowed to attend the funeral of a retired teacher on Friday.

The government set out regulations banning all social gatherings specifically limiting the number of mourners attending a funeral to 15 close relatives.

However, for this particular funeral, a crowd of more than 400 locals from the Kihate area were allowed to gather at Mutwewathi Primary School grounds right under the watch of police, leaders and even senior ministry of health officials.

Health Ministry Director General Patrick Amoth led a delegation from the ministry to represent CS Kagwe who was also expected to attend the ceremony.

Mukurweini MP Anthony Kiai and Nyeri County Assembly Speaker John Kaguchia also attended the funeral.

A contingent of police officers from the National Police Service and the Kenya Forest Service had been posted at the venue to beef up security.

About 20 ushers had been posted at the entrance to screen mourners and hand out face masks to locals, many of whom showed up without.

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DN and NTV crews were roughed up for taking photos of the funeral where at least 400 people were in attendance. PHOTO | NICOLAS KOMU

Hired goons were also later deployed with apparent instructions to separate the crowd from journalists and bar the press from accessing the school grounds.

Journalists from the Daily Nation, Joseph Kanyi, and NTV’s Melita Ole Tenges and Charles Muriithi were roughed up by the rowdy youth backed up by a gun-toting KFS officer for recording proceedings of the funeral.

They were demanding that the scribes delete all recording and photos they had taken.

“We are here to observe just how the government is enforcing its own directives. It is sad to see police officers harass journalists for doing their job,” Mr Tenges said.

The funeral went on uninterrupted and leaders present allowed to give speeches, including Dr Amoth.

Ironically, this comes barely a week after a widower was forced to spend a night at Tigania Police station with his wife’s body after relatives were barred from proceeding to their home for burial.

Charles Mwenda was forced to proceed for his wife’s burial at Kianjai in Meru County alone after a night of horror in the police station.

A similar incident was witnessed in Mathira, Nyeri County where Konyu Ward MCA Eric Wamumbi was forced to cut short his tribute to his deceased wife by police.

Police were deployed to ensure a limited number of mourners attended and the time for the funeral limited to 45 minutes.

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“I am saddened that the police have no respect for the church and no feelings towards a family that had lost a loved one. It is very sad as to how low we have gone,” Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua said during Mr Wamumbi’s wife’s funeral.

By Nairobi News

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