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Riddle of traders who cannot explain Sh500m in accounts



Honey is sweet, however, it gets even sweeter when you get it to drip millions of shillings into your bank account. That is the excitement you get each time you count more millions deposited into your account from multiple sources.

That is the sweet tale of a livestock production officer, working at Mandera County, whose wife has collected millions in bank accounts, whose source he cannot explain. Another trader, also from the same county, had questionable transactions worth Sh384 million, which has attracted the Asset Recovery Authority (ARA) to file a legal battle at the Anti-corruption court.

Meet Abdi Mohamed Ali, a director of livestock production, who ensures animals are well fed and are producing enough milk and when they die, either by the butcher’s sword or natural causes, he assesses the carcass to determine if it can be sold as meat or buried.

Abdi is married to Saadia Sheikh and the couple have 12 children and an equal number of grandchildren. He shoulders the cost of schooling 10 children, who are in secondary schools. Shiekh, on the other hand, is contented being a housewife. Abdi has a heavy burden of paying school fees and other costs of maintaining such a large family.

Family business

Abdi, according to papers he filed in court, is diabetic and battling cholesterol, which requires him to visit doctors, who help keep him alive. He also runs an unnamed family business, which requires him to pay suppliers and employees.

Despite all these needs, Abdi and Sheikh operate two bank accounts, whose cash they have never touched. The two would boast of being the rare millionaires who have Sh62 million lying idle in the bank.

“The said bank accounts received suspicious cash deposits in Kenya shillings and the funds are suspected to be stolen and/or fraudulently acquired from Mandera County by the respondents, their agents or representatives and deceitfully deposited in the said accounts,” a lawyer for the Asset Recovery Agency argued.

It is these colossal deposits to the accounts that attracted ARA, which demanded that Abdi explain how he made his millions. The Muthoni Kimani-led agency has since gone ahead and frozen the two accounts.

The secret to the unused cash in the account, according to Abdi, is it accrued from proceeds of selling honey, cereals, and camels. However, he has no documents, receipts or persons to corroborate his story.

The court papers showed that Abdi has never withdrawn even a single cent from the accounts at Equity Bank. He explained in his statement before the court exclusively seen by The Standard that he only knew the person who delivered the honey and nothing more.

Moreover, Abdi said he got millions from two companies that allegedly had construction tenders with Mandera County.

The first company, Al-Kowthar Construction deposited Sh1.9 million into his account while Platinum International Limited banked another Sh2.1 million.

However, he said he had no knowledge the two companies he was dealing with had any deals with his employer. Court papers filed by ARA lawyer Jeniffer Gitiri indicates the deposits, in millions, were only from sale of honey.

There were some two transactions in one account, which he jointly opened with his wife that got Sh2 million twice, then the tranches reduced to hundreds of thousands. The deposits would sometime be made in three intervals within a day.

Abdi explained that the bank, at one point, refused to accept his millions and advised him to split the money into batches. Asked why he never withdrew from the two accounts, Abdi said he was saving for retirement.

Retirement plan

After the court froze the accounts in February this year, Abdi sought redress to access his money, saying he was being unfairly subjected to untold suffering.

He argued that the disputed money were deposits from his customers and savings spanning 35 years. He explained that he has permits to trade in livestock and was willing to provide a paper trail of the funds.

“The freezing of my client’s business accounts continue to greatly prejudice the applicants’ business, family and personal affairs. It subjects them to excessive financial embarrassment,” argued Abdi’s lawyer Robert Asembo.

“The applicant’s life and businesses have stalled owing to the inability to meet routine and urgent business obligations since the frozen accounts contain money meant for the discharge of business and life overarching and already overdue.” Abdi and his wife are not the only ones who are in trouble with ARA. One Ali Abdi Ibrahim, a man who claims to be a businessman, has a load to explain.

He needs to provide proof of how Sh455 million from the same county ended up in his two bank accounts. After sleuths analysed his accounts, they found Sh3 million from one Abdi Maalim. After asking Ali to explain what the money was meant for, he replied he does not remember why it was being sent to him.

Ali has two accounts at Equity. In one account, a total of Sh168 million was wired while in the second one he got Sh216 million. However, at the time ARA went after him, they only had Sh42 million. His story surrounds a deal to construct Mandera County headquarters. He allegedly owns a company known as Risala General Contractors alongside one Mohamed Yakub Issak.

On April 23, 2018, Governor Ali Roba led the county to seal a deal with a firm called BAMI investment for a total of Sh455 million to construct its headquarters.  BAMI is allegedly owned by one Baashi Maalim. According to court documents, three days after BAMI signed the contract with the county, on April 26, 2018, it subcontracted Risala to carry out the project at a tune of Sh364 million.

In the report provided by Ali to ARA, the agreement was that BAMI would pay the contract amount to his personal account no 1000176315716. In this account, he received Sh134 million from BAMI. And there was a second account, 10001193921283, which was not provided in the contract and which got Sh75 million.

The invoices he provided were in his name and not Risala. ARA investigations revealed that Ali also received money from four other companies – Kurte Supplies and General Construction, Frontier Engineering, Bluesky General and Green County Construction, all which had received funds from Mandera County. ARA says they are all under investigation for alleged money laundering in Mandera County.

“Analysis of the statement of accounts revealed several transactions of deposits into the respondent’s accounts were from several companies, which receive funds from Mandera County in a scheme of money laundering and to conceal proceeds of crime,” argued ARA.

Money trail

Ali got Sh24 million from Kurte and this was transferred to him immediately after the firm received funds from the county. He got Sh11 million from Frontier Limited, a company which is co-owned by Abdi Kadiri Khalif and Hassim Khalif.To explain the transaction, Ali said he had loaned them Sh15 million.

ARA argued he did not have proof to his claim. From Bluesky, he received Sh6.2 million and this too he said he had loaned one Ali Ibrahim Guracha. Green County wired Sh5 million to Ali’s account and he explained it was payment for Sh11 million loan to the owner, Kullow Mohamed.


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VIDEO: How rogue tailor turned Abel Mutua into a waiter on his wedding day



The last thing you want is to look forward to that day you will tie the knot, the day you will walk the isle or see your better half walk the isle, only for things to go haywire.

Whether it is your cake well baked and designed to your taste, whether it is the bridal gown or the groom´s suit, whether it is your event organizers taking care of every little detail.

Everything just needs to be perfect for you to enjoy your day!

However, many have fallen into the traps of con-artists out to squeeze money from you for either lower quality product or for nothing in return.

Now Kenyan production mogul and actor, Abel Mutua faced a similar scenario for his young wedding.

Abel Mutua

Rogue tailor

Through his YouTube channel Young & Stupid Ep8, the former Tahidi High actor recalled how we sought designer services from La Giacca, a brand with an Italian name meaning ´The Jacket´.

His first contact with the tailor gave him an impressive perception of the brand and he did not doubt one bit!

He told me that the lapel fabric on my blazer would be imported and the whole outfit would only cost KSh 60,000. I thought the price was fair because at a high-end shop, it would have cost KSh 300,000 and above.

Best friends and celebrated actors, Abel Mutua (right) with Philip Karanja (left)

Up-front, Abel paid the amount in full because of how much trusted the tailor.

His measurements were taken with a clean fit of the trends of that time. 3 weeks down the line and waiting, Abel was still confident with his tailor.

A month later, the tailor called and told him everything was done and even ready for wear but there was one thing he needed to work on, to complete the look.

The suit is ready to wear but there is a small piece of material that I haven´t received, give me one week to complete.

Kenyan actor, Abel Mutua

One week lapsed and his friends started growing doubts about the tailor but the young actor calmed them down.

The tailor however requested for another week, yet the actual wedding was just two weeks away.

He brought me another suit which he claimed had the same measurement and any adjustments would then be done on the actual outfit.

The tailor convinced him that in a few, he would bring back the complete suit, with every detail in place.


The TV personality never heard from his tailor until the eve of his wedding. The tailor came with the suit that allegedly was made of imported material but Abel could clearly tell it was locally made.

Abel Mutua

The tailor asked to go back with suit, to have it dry cleaned and pressed, ready for his big day. Promising to drop the suit by 4am the following morning – his wedding day.

6:30 am, Abel´s alarm went on but on inquiring from his groom team about any parcel that might have been dropped early morning, the response was ´no´.

They rang the tailor´s phone but his phone was not going through. They kept their hopes high and waited for about 7:00 am to call back.

One hour later, phone still not going through. The actor started getting uneasy that he might disappoint his bride but he never told her of the happenings.

Abel Mutua with his wife

9:30, he was getting late to get to church that was set for 10:00 am.

Quickly, the groom and his team agreed on a common theme and then borrowed friends and neighbors something to substitute because time was not on their side.

We went to church and immediately the bride walked in, she was shocked at our outfits. We were dressed in black and white like waiters. She could not tell the groom from the waiter. The wedding started and we proceeded to the reception.

Abel Mutua´s wedding reception

Soon after the newly weds made their vows and already done with the reception, Abel´s phone rang and it was a notification that the tailor´s phone had now been switched on.

It rang again and an unknown caller told him:

Your suit has been dropped off at your apartment.

Abel dressed in the new suit for his reception.

Abel Mutua with his wife

Since then:

I never heard from the tailor ever again. No apology, no remorse. From that day I learnt my lesson the hard way.


BY Ghafla

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Ben Githae opens up about marital issues that almost left him depressed



Gospel singer Ben Githae did not have it easy in 2019. This is after his alleged side chick exposed him for neglecting their twin daughters.

According to the baby mama identified as Rose Wanjiru; the singer had been neglecting his responsibilities as a dad. She went on t0 add that the singer had even been threatening of killing her; after she refused to have an arbortion when the pregnancy was still young.

The serious allegations left Ben Githae ready to share his side of the story; but when you cheat on your wife of 18 years, how do you explain yourself?

Ben Githae (left) with his baby mama and Twins

Ben Githae speaks

Addressing this issue, singer Githae denied all the stories shared by his baby mama. He went on to claim that everything said was a lie aimed at making him look bad. According to him, he has been supporting his girls and has not reason to abandon them;

Contrary to what Wanjiru says, I have constantly featured in the lives of our girls. I have always taken care of them.
I have been taking all the responsibilities. I have been paying the house rent for her, doing everything for her. This woman is out to tarnish my name.

Became a Laughing stock

After his affair with Rose went public; Githae says life changed as he became a topic of discussion among his friends. He went on to add that some would even remind him of the mistakes he did.

Ben Githae’s other family

But after seeing what depression had done to a few celebrities and pastors he knew; Githae recollected himself and decided to work on becoming a better person. This is because he was not ready to kill himself over mistakes that had already occured.

“It is deeply eating them in the present. Sh*t happens as it happened to me a few years ago and was exposed early last year. I became a laughing stock but I refused to die. I remained strong. I refused depression. I prayed for forgiveness from family, friends and the public. Most forgave me but a few keep reminding me of that bitter past,”

In conclusion Ben Githae said;

Believe the report of the Lord for He is a God of a second chance. Be resilient.”



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Anxiety high over Uhuru speech



If there was a day Kenyans have recently looked forward to, it is today. This is the day the dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed on the country to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus is supposed to end after President Uhuru Kenyatta extended it for 21 days last month.

But recent statements by senior government officials have tended to dampen the expectations of a majority of Kenyans, with some resigning to the possibility of the perpetuation of the status quo or a new order with just slight changes.

Friday, Cabinet secretaries seemed to be managing the people’s high expectations, with hints that a wholesome opening of the economy could lead to a spike in Covid-19 cases and put the vulnerable members – such as old parents – at risk when they host their kin from the cities.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha Friday hinted that schools will not be opened any time soon.

“The ministry will advise the level of preparedness that will be required of all stakeholders involved in the running of schools and teacher training institutions,” he said.

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho earlier in the week said the government was considering a phased easing of the Covid-19 restrictions to help people to generate incomes.

He said Kenyans should not expect a sudden return of normalcy.

President Kenyatta has also been facing pressure from religious leaders to open places of worship. Religious organisations have formally written to him asking for a review of the measures and promising to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and his Health counterpart Mutahi Kagwe met with religious leaders ahead of the handover of the report from the National Coordination Committee on Coronavirus to discuss how to proceed with religious activities in the event the government agrees to relax some of its guidelines.

Dr Matiang’i said the contents of the report will be communicated by the President.

Mr Kagwe urged religious leaders to assist in effecting home-based quarantine, a measure that the government is advocating as it moves to ease the Covid-19 restrictions.

Kenyans took to social media to express their optimism – and pessimism – about today’s speech by the President.

From making merry at entertainment joints to travel and reuniting with loved ones and lovers, expectations were so high that the hashtag #June6th was the number one trending topic locally on Twitter.

Tweeters filed their wishlists, a majority of which were hilarious.

Yet others just wanted the economy to be opened up.


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