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Canadian man wants Kenyan wife issued a Visa to visit him before his ‘imminent death’



An ailing Canadian man who has suffered heart attacks seven times  is pleading with the Immigration authorities to issue a visa to his Kenyan wife and her son so they can visit him soon, fearing that he could die any time now.

Patrick Kinsella, 56,  wants 32-year-old Mary Atieno Otieno, whom she met  during a trip to Kenya in 2017 to visit him “as soon as possible.”

According to Patrick’s doctor,  he has a hereditary heart condition that also killed his dad and two of his five siblings, all aged below 40.

He has asked Canadian authorities to issue a temporary visa to Mary and her 10-year-old son so he can spend his last days on earth with them.

According to Kinsella,  Atieno, a make-up artiste, was introduced to him by a British friend.

He  proposed to her on Valentine’s Day last year, and the two got married eight months later in September.

Patrick and Mary PHOTO|COURTESY.

Before that, the two had been communicating via email until December 2018 when the man returned to Kenya to visit Mary.

After tying the knot, the two hoped to spend their time in different countries, including Kenya, Canada and Ireland, where Patrick was born and raised

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However, things changed after Patrick suffered his seventh heart attack while Canada in January this year, which greatly affected the functioning of his heart.

Patrick, who also suffers from diabetes, is currently on more than nine medications and his heart is only 25 percent functional.

A report released by his physician Dr. David Mee, last month read in part: “Unfortunately, his disease continues to progress despite his medical management.”

According to Patrick, Canada immigration  rejected Mary’s application for a visa twice.

Patrick had visited his wife in March this year but was forced to travel back to Canada after he was unable to find three of his medications in Kenya.

Mr Kinsella with son.

“I had to pre-arrange my funeral, as no father leaves such to his children. Choosing my own casket at the funeral home was a very surreal experience. I recently completed my will and paid off my gravesite at St. Agatha cemetery,” said Patrick, a retired youth services manager with the Ontario government.

“I do not expect to see September. I will go any day. My concern is I will never see my wife and (step) son again. Our marriage is based on love, and I love her with all my heart. It was love at first sight in our relationship,” he said.

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Patrick has two adult daughters with his previous marriage, which ended in 2011. When he married Mary, the two did not bother to file a spousal sponsorship to get her permanent residency in Canada because they had planned to split their time between the three countries.

“Pat is a great and special man to me. A man with a rare personality. I found a husband in him and a father to my son. He is loving, caring, and selfless. His passion for helping the less privileged anywhere in the world says it all,” said Mary.

“Love knows no bounds. Terminally ill people may live longer than expected. I have never allowed any negative thoughts about our future. Prayers work wonders.”

“I worry that Canada might deny us the visas the third time now despite my husband’s health situation. I fear that the worst might happen, and I will not be there,” she added.

Canada suspended international travel in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic but foreign family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are exempted from the restriction.

“My wife and (step) child have no interest in permanent residence in Canada. Our life plan, please God, is to spend summer here, fall in Ireland and winter in Kenya,” said Patrick.

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“Mary absolutely has no interest in becoming a landed immigrant here. All we have ever asked for is a compassionate temporary visa,” he added.

Patrick says Canada immigration office  rejected Mary’s Visa application  last June and November.

“She filed a third application last month after learning of my latest heart assessment results,” he says.

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Screenshot: See Dr Lugaliki’s last WhatsApp text with pal



The last text messages from Dr. Doreen Lugaliki sent to a pal have emerged.

Dr Lugaliki succumbed to COVID-19 on Thursday, July 9, at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi after being admitted on Monday (July 6).

“She contracted the virus while saving others who had caught the disease,” Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said during his daily briefing to the media.


He added,

“On behalf of the Government, I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to her family. I say pole pole sana. I have spoken to her father and two sisters. I want to say it is a sad day for our healthcare workers.”

CS Kagwe honoured Dr Lugaliki by observing a one-minute silence.

A tweep, @ManuuNgesh, who chatted with Dr Lugaliki shared their last WhatsApp conversation.

He tweeted,

“My heart is heavy! I don’t know what to say. Good Lord! F&ck Covid.

Doreen You kept asking me to take all the precautions every other day. What’s gonna happen to the Babies.

God , give us the strength! More so to the family! RIP Dr Lugaliki.”

Check out the conversation below.


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Shock as beloved young Kenyan doctor dies of Coronavirus



Doctors around the country are mourning the death of Dr Adisa Lugaliki who succumbed to Covid-19. The news was shared by Dr Mercy Korir who described the deceased as a hardworking doctor who still had so much to offer.

“We have lost one of our own as a doctors’ fraternity to Covid-19. A young doctor with so much to offer,” tweeted Dr Korir.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union also sent a condolence message to the family of Dr Lugaliki, who served as an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at The Nairobi South Hospital.

“We have lost a hard-working obstetrician/gynecologist, a mother, a friend and a colleague to the devastating effects of Covid-19.

“Our condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Doreen Lugaliki,” wrote KMPDU.

Online, many recalled their interactions with the deceased and lauded her for her professionalism and dedication to the medical profession.

The late Dr Adisa Lugaliki

Despite the risks involved, health workers have continued to give their all in the fight against Coronavirus, constantly asking the government to provide enough PPEs as they discharge their duties.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced 447 new COVID-19 cases after testing 3,803 samples bringing the national tally to 8,975.

This is the largest number of confirmed cases in a day since the first case was reported in the country.

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While speaking in Mombasa County, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said a total of 64 patients were discharged bringing the total number of recoveries to 2,657.

Four more people also succumbed to the disease bringing the death toll to 173.

Kagwe said since the cessation of movement was lifted three days ago, the government has been focusing on county preparedness to fight the curb of COVID-19.

He urged county governors who had not reached the maximum of 300 beds as proposed by the Ministry of health to do so.

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It’s a whole new world for boy shot by police



Ten-year-old Limo Poriot (pictured) sits under a shade and appears in deep thought. He stares at the crutches beside him and looks into the distance as if contemplating what the future holds.

For a month now Poriot has been forced to adopt a new way of life; the use of crutches after one of his legs was amputated just several inches below his knee after he was shot by the police on an operation at Naudo village in Tiaty.

He misses moments he would join his siblings and play with them. The best he can do is follow up the games, as friends and sibling playfully run around him.

Feel sad

“I wish I could join other children, run around with them and play all sorts of games. The noise I hear from them as they play just makes me feel sad. If only I had my leg back,” Poriot said.

The Standard One boy was shot in May while herding his parents’ goats. He reveals that he was with another child on that fateful day when a team of officers who were on operation drove past where they were grazing their animals. Out of fear they ran and hid in a nearby bush, little did he know one of the officers had aimed at him. He was shot twice, leaving him with injuries on both legs.

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One of the officers he said ran to where he was and found him wriggling in pain. The two bullets would mark the beginning of his new life. The officer in jungle uniform, he said, rushed to where he was, stared at him, then knelt and said he was sorry before leaving him for dead.

“One of the officers came to where I was lying, and saw me cry in pain. He placed his rifle down, knelt and said sorry before leaving,” he said.

The officers he said never bothered to have him taken to a health facility. It is after the officers left that residents who had heard gunshots rushed to the scene.

Later the boy’s relatives were informed of what had befallen the minor. Poriot’s brother, Alex Krop said he rushed to the scene and found his injured brother. The boy was ferried to Nakuru Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital where doctors suggested that the leg be amputated.

“Doctors said there was nothing they could do other than have his leg amputated,” Krop said. Poriot stayed in hospital for close to two months and was discharged on Tuesday. The doctors, however, advised that the condition of the boy be monitored closely.

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Krop said they regret sending Poriot to the bush to graze the animals. All they want is justice for the boy. The Government, he said should be held responsible for the loss.

“The boy was innocent, all we need is justice as a family. His life will never be the same again,” he said.

Hosea Lomada, Poriot’s father, said they have been left helpless and can barely cater for the boy’s daily medical bill to have the wound dressed.

Christina Lomada, the boy’s mother said the child is finding it hard to cope with the new way of life. Baringo County Commissioner Henry Wafula said they will review the matter and see how the boy will be assisted.

“Let him heal, we wish him quick recovery. Together with my county commander, we will review and see how the boy will be assisted,” Wafula said


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