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Dancing on Duale’s grave



Veteran politician Nazlin Umar has appeared to celebrate the removal of Aden Duale as the Majority Leader in the National Assembly.

Duale was replaced in the powerful position by Amos Kimunya during the Jubilee Party Parliamentary Group meeting on Monday.

Duale later on thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy William Ruto for supporting him hold the lucrative position for close to eight years.

But then Umar, who once rumoured to be more than just friends with Duale, could not hide her excitement over Duele’s woes.

She posted a funny cartoon which appeared to depict Duale’s challenges on her Facebook page.

“This is too much Hahahaha. Can’t stop laughing!! My ribs have broken. Someone please translate what Aden is saying,” she captioned the cartoon, adding 22 laughing emojis.


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PHOTOS: Murang’a Woman Rep Sabina Chege celebrates her elder sister’s 56th birthday in style



Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege celebrated her elder sister’s 56th birthday in style.
She gave her a car as a gift.
Sabina: “Gathoni, you carried me in your back when i was young and you fitted in our late mum’s shoes. This is just a small present of appreciation as you turn one year old. We as Chege Mutema’s we cherish you. Happy birthday Shush.”
Below are the photos to the celebrations.

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Akothee’s sister addreses relationship with singer after nasty online exposé




Singer Esther Akoth, alias Akothee’s sister Elseba Kokeyo, alias Cebbie Koks has for the first time spoken of her relationship with the singer.

Cebbie’s interview comes weeks after her proposal that went viral and later followed a damning expose’ on social media.

Speaking to media personality CJ Atemo, the beauty praised Akothee saying that the mother of five will always be there for her no matter what.

According to her, family will always be family no matter what circumstances they are in.

“Family is family and I like the way people kept on attacking me ‘oooh you cannot fight president of single mothers. She is my sister.

“Even if I killed today, she will open her arms and accept me because she is more of my mother, something people do not know, we also fight badly and hit optimum,” said Cebbie.

Cebbie also revealed that she and her elder sister always fight and nobody in their family gets in between their drama for they always find a way to sort things out.

According to her, she and Akothee solved their issues on the same day she was exposed by Edgar Obare for bad-mouthing the singer.

“What people do not know is that when Akothee and I are fighting in that family nobody talks because no one can bring us together. We find a way to talk and on that day when I was exposed we talked.

“We do not understand why people keep asking me if I am talking to her. We do not have to show you that we are talking or we are good. It did not dent us as much,” added the beauty.

Meanwhile, after Cebbie hit the headlines, Akothee took to social media to responded to allegations made by the beauty concerning her wealth and charity work.

In a series of screenshots shared by Youtuber Edgar Obare, the singer’s sister reportedly said the singer was struggling and even had no money to pay for her children’s school fees.

The mother of five responded to her post saying her heart betrayed her as she had a lot going on and was left to pay all the bills for her extended family.

Akothee said people wanted to own her life and jumped on her foundation presumably to make decisions.

She added to have put it on hold to concentrate on her kids after many felt entitled to her wealth.

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VIDEO: Sauti Sol Polycarp’s wife’s cute baby bump video cracking ribs online



The Sauti Sol boy band is about to welcome their first baby in a few weeks and the team just can’t keep calm.

The band’s guitarist, Polycarp Otieno was the first to make a step towards starting a family with his wife Lady Mandy whom she wedded in November 2018.

Mr and Mrs Polycarp Otieno

This is going to be the couple’s first child as well as the music group’s first.

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Mandy has been holding on to her baby bump that keeps growing bigger and heavier by the day and it seems she is not far from gracing the delivery room.

Polycarp Otieno and wife Lady Mandy expectant

The team recently had a moment to come together and have some feel of the protruding belly and the session was crazy.

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Polycarp who had probably touched the baby bump numerous times, just to feel the unborn baby kick, kept his distance, capturing the adorable moment as Savara and Chimano kept Lady Mandy’s baby bump company.

From a distance, we can see the two artists shy away from holding and feeling the baby bump, seeming like a mystery to them and something out of this world.

Mouths agape, sitted by the edge of the seat and just trying to imagine what it is like in there. Meanwhile, Lady Mandy had slouched back on the couch to allow the two have their moment.

They take turns in feeling the baby bump before it’s Savara’s turn and the baby kicks and the artist quickly jerks back because it’s just unbelievable.

Mixed reactions

This left fans cracking their ribs expressing:

Hizo reactions ni priceless yani 😂😂

sowairina It really is miraculous isn’t it🤗♥️and also I’m seeing two👶🏽👶🏽is there something you’re not telling us🤗

Their reactions are so adorable! True brothers! Congratulations ❤️

I swear it’s the best feeling ever! A miracle

Aki mko na wanna😂😂😂awa wasee wanaeza lala wakiskiza mtoi aki bt i can feel the kafeeling furaha tele❤️🤣


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