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For better, for worse: Waiguru’s husband steps up to defend her honour



As Governor Anne Waiguru calmly played solitaire on her phone on Tuesday, her better half, lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo, seemed to be sitting on a seat full of thorns.

Waiganjo seemed all keyed up, even as his dearly beloved wife-cum-client calmly tried to up her solitaire scores. None of the ‘Velocity – Velocty’ talk around her seemed to interest her one bit.

Her sweetheart Waiganjo was, however, a restless man – the kind of restlessness borne out of deep care. But how else would he feel? The love of his life was going through a low moment, and Waiganjo had to stand by her side. He had promised to be there – for better or for worse, in good times and in bad, till death do us part?

Lawyers know a thing or two about vows. They spend their lives taking and prescribing them. Waiganjo was not about to betray the solemn vow he had made last year in a traditional marriage ceremony held in Gichugu, Kirinyaga County.

Kirinyaga, it is believed, is the dwelling place of the Agikuyu gods. Waiganjo made those vows right at the feet of the gods. He was not about to take the gods on by breaking an oath he had sworn under their watchful eye.

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Members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly had promised an apocalyptic end to his wife’s career. Further, they had threatened a series of impeachments if Senate clears her.

But they will have to pass through Waiganjo. From his demeanour, he was not letting them bully his wife around. Of all the people who sat in that hearing, he probably spent the least amount of time seated.

When he was not reaching out to the impeached governor, he was whispering something in his co-counsel, Andrew Karani’s ear.

He made frequent trips to the front bench. But he was not always as patient as to consult his fellow lawyer. On numerous occasions, he could be heard through his colleague’s microphone, though he sat one bench behind him The teacher of law was anxious, but his darling clearly trusted him.

Perhaps he should have shared in her faith. He was eager to defend her against all adversity and constantly seemed impatient for his turn to speak, even when Karani, the defence lawyer, appeared to be doing a fairly good job, nudging Mutira ward rep David Kinyua on the witness stand.

It was clear that Waiganjo wanted so badly to take Kinyua’s testimony apart; to light a fire under the ward rep’s comfy seat. Unlike everyone else who had made their submissions seated, Waiganjo opted to stand, like a man would for those he loves, his voice booming in the hearing chamber. The sight must have been pleasing to Waiguru:

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She was in a safe pair of hands. She could count on a defender who would not waiver in securing her honour. Ah, what a man! Yesterday, though, Waiganjo was calmer and less agitated. But the concern was still there. His eyes still wore that sombre look.

This was understandable; it was his wife’s job and honour at stake. Even worse, it was his former student, Ndegwa Njiru, the ward reps’ counsel playing the oppressor.

Of all the blows life could deal, it had struck low, aiming for his softest spot. All he had wanted was a happily ever after. Alas, life had other plans.


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Death of festivals dims Lamu hope to revive ailing tourism



Maulid. Food and Expo. Art, yoga and kite festivals. These are just a few of a slew of art and culture experiences that Lamu County used to dish out to the world and which boosted its tourism profile.

Lamu Old Town, also known as “the island of festivals”, had a splendid array of events and festivals ranging from Eid-Ul-Adhar to the Lamu Fishing Competition, Lamu Art Festival, The Lamu Cultural Festival, Lamu Yoga Festival, the Kite Festival, Shella Hat Contest and the Lamu Painters Festival.

But these events were put on the back burner as the tourism sector took a nosedive.

Coming on the backdrop of the Mpeketoni terror attacks in 2014 that also hit tourism hard, hospitality industry players say the vital sector is in the doldrums and want the festivals reinstated. Speaking during a forum in Lamu at the weekend, hoteliers and other players questioned why the county government has not been keen in reviving the events.

Hotelier Salim Abubakar said the county’s tourism sector was on the decline after the festivals were lifted. He urged Governor Fahim Twaha to restore the events and revive the sector.

“All the festivals that were introduced in the calendar of events are crucial. They served to attract visitors, both domestic and international, to Lamu. We need them back so that the tourism sector can be improved,” he said.

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Marketing strategy

Former Lamu Tourism Association (LTA) deputy chairman Ghalib Alwy said the body, in partnership with the county tourism office started the festivals to attract more tourists. Mr Alwy said it is important that the events are retained.

“We launched those events as a marketing strategy for Lamu tourism. Through them, we were able to attract tourists from Kenya, East Africa and the world. This is after the terrorism attacks led to an almost 90 percent decline of the sector. It’s only through the festivals that tourists got the confidence to visit Lamu again. The events must be reinstated,” said Mr Alwy. Mr Mohamed Hassan noted that local tourism was still doing badly, attributing the situation to a section of foreign countries that are still having active travel advisories against their citizens visiting Lamu.

“The travel advisories still play a big role in scaring away tourists. We want as many festivals as possible as they have the ability to ensure the tourism climbs back on its feet,” said Mr Hassan.

Some of the festivals known and which are still being celebrated by many in Lamu includes the annual Lamu Cultural Festival that is marked between November and December, the Maulid Festival marked every January, New Year’s Dhow Race marked on January 1 and Eid Ul-Fitr marked every July.

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The festivals are said to attract more than 30,000 visitors from around the world.


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‘I was jobless and about to be kicked out’ Tedd Josiah on how Kenyans came through for him after losing his wife



Kenyan Music producer and JokaJok founder Tedd Josiah has thanked Kenyans for coming through when he lost his wife Reginah Katar.

Katar passed away just months after welcoming her daughter Jay.

Since then, Tedd says strangers became family and he is forever grateful.

‘To our beloved IG family, To say thank you doesn’t ever feel like it’s enough.

I was broken (am still in repair) and lost.

2017 Oct was all about cliffhanging in PAIN, learning how to raise a baby girl 3 months old ALONE! No nanny, no relatives, no one just baby and I walking the toughest walk I’ve ever had to.

Tedd Josiah

Guess who came through for us with baby clothes, with baby milk, with words of encouragement, with prayers and more prayers and more prayers…? Our IG FAMILY that was at the time only 20k at the time.

When JayJay’s 1st birthday 🎂 came along I was scared and very jobless about to be kicked out of our home.

People from as far as China sent JayJay gifts 🎁 and cakes 🎂 and so many other things. You made it bearable.’


‘When we launched mama’s idea of a bag company JOKAJOK you embraced us and have continued to build with us from day one.

Now we not only feed ourselves but we feed 11 other families through employment and we empower single mothers and fathers in our company.

Our head of leather studio is a lady feeding and fending for 3 children alone, all our other staff also have children to fend for and we’ve managed to come this far with you our IG family and build a legacy company.

Tedd Josiah

The road ahead is even longer and only God knows were it leads.

Sometimes strangers become closer than family and love you in a real way they will pray, fast, love and support you.
We don’t take that for granted at all and we want to thank you.

Let’s keep building the bear 🐻 family but also let’s build other people who maybe in need.



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Grace Ekirapa: I’ve been unable to access DJ Mo since cheating scandal



Grace Ekirapa, who hosts NTV’s gospel show Crossover 101, has revealed that she had not been in touch with her co-host DJ Mo since rumors he was cheating on his wife Size 8 rocked the internet a fortnight ago.

Ever since reports emerged that DJ Mo, real name Sammy Muraya, was cheating on his wife of seven years Size 8 causing a social media frenzy, the DJ was barred from co-hosting the show with Ekirapa and is thought to be busy trying to glue his marriage together.

Weighing in on the scandal rocking the marriage of her co-host, Ekirapa revealed that she had been trying unsuccessfully to reach out to DJ Mo.

“I haven’t spoken to him and to be honest. It’s been hard for me to get to him. My phone calls haven’t been going through, I know it’s been difficult for him and I think when he is ready he will talk to me. Meanwhile the show has been going on without him but that’s the management’s decision.” Ekirapa revealed during an Interview with Radio Jambo.

She, however, felt DJ Mo should be given a second chance.

“What I will have to say is, when you get saved you won’t stop sinning, you can’t be perfect but there will be consequences. We make mistakes. DJ Mo is an amazing guy and if there’s a chance of working with him again, I would love that.” She added.

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The singer also delved into the rumors that once emerged that she was having an affair with DJ Mo, a married man.

“During the launch of Crossover is when the rumor started. We had done a couple of photo shoots on different days and most of the time his hands was on my shoulder or mine on his and so people got talking.” she explained.

by NN

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