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For better, for worse: Waiguru’s husband steps up to defend her honour



As Governor Anne Waiguru calmly played solitaire on her phone on Tuesday, her better half, lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo, seemed to be sitting on a seat full of thorns.

Waiganjo seemed all keyed up, even as his dearly beloved wife-cum-client calmly tried to up her solitaire scores. None of the ‘Velocity – Velocty’ talk around her seemed to interest her one bit.

Her sweetheart Waiganjo was, however, a restless man – the kind of restlessness borne out of deep care. But how else would he feel? The love of his life was going through a low moment, and Waiganjo had to stand by her side. He had promised to be there – for better or for worse, in good times and in bad, till death do us part?

Lawyers know a thing or two about vows. They spend their lives taking and prescribing them. Waiganjo was not about to betray the solemn vow he had made last year in a traditional marriage ceremony held in Gichugu, Kirinyaga County.

Kirinyaga, it is believed, is the dwelling place of the Agikuyu gods. Waiganjo made those vows right at the feet of the gods. He was not about to take the gods on by breaking an oath he had sworn under their watchful eye.

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Members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly had promised an apocalyptic end to his wife’s career. Further, they had threatened a series of impeachments if Senate clears her.

But they will have to pass through Waiganjo. From his demeanour, he was not letting them bully his wife around. Of all the people who sat in that hearing, he probably spent the least amount of time seated.

When he was not reaching out to the impeached governor, he was whispering something in his co-counsel, Andrew Karani’s ear.

He made frequent trips to the front bench. But he was not always as patient as to consult his fellow lawyer. On numerous occasions, he could be heard through his colleague’s microphone, though he sat one bench behind him The teacher of law was anxious, but his darling clearly trusted him.

Perhaps he should have shared in her faith. He was eager to defend her against all adversity and constantly seemed impatient for his turn to speak, even when Karani, the defence lawyer, appeared to be doing a fairly good job, nudging Mutira ward rep David Kinyua on the witness stand.

It was clear that Waiganjo wanted so badly to take Kinyua’s testimony apart; to light a fire under the ward rep’s comfy seat. Unlike everyone else who had made their submissions seated, Waiganjo opted to stand, like a man would for those he loves, his voice booming in the hearing chamber. The sight must have been pleasing to Waiguru:

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She was in a safe pair of hands. She could count on a defender who would not waiver in securing her honour. Ah, what a man! Yesterday, though, Waiganjo was calmer and less agitated. But the concern was still there. His eyes still wore that sombre look.

This was understandable; it was his wife’s job and honour at stake. Even worse, it was his former student, Ndegwa Njiru, the ward reps’ counsel playing the oppressor.

Of all the blows life could deal, it had struck low, aiming for his softest spot. All he had wanted was a happily ever after. Alas, life had other plans.


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Nameless opens up on marriage struggles with Wahu




Celebrated singer, David Mathenge alias Nameless has opened up on marriage struggles he has been experiencing with his wife Wahu Kagwe.

The couple has always kept their life away from the public such that no one would expect them to have disagreements but that is not the case.

Speaking to comedian MC Jessy, the Megarider hitmaker opened up about his marriage saying that they also have fought just like any other couple.

According to him, marriage is not a bed of roses and that a couple of times he has had to enjoy his nights on the couch leaving their bedroom for his wife.

“You know MC Jessy, let us tell people the truth. There are times I have slept on the couch and it really helps the marriage. At times you need to take time out,” said the singer.

The father of two decided to give young men who will be soon getting into marriage some advice.

Nameless hilariously said that they should be very keen while buying their furniture and ensure that they buy comfortable sofas for they probably will spend the night there when things get heated in the bedroom.

“One thing I would like to tell men, they should be very keen while buying furniture for their house. Ensure that you buy sofas that you can use as a bad. When things get tough in the bedroom, you will need that seat not once or twice,” he added.

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In other news, A few months ago Nameless was forced to use his God given wisdom to maintain peace in his family after his young daughter demanded to be given a new family.

According to the proud dad, Nyakio had a fight with her mom and elder sister Tumiso and could not handle the pressure anymore.

In another story, Nameless revealed that his daughter had already packed her bags ready to leave after another fight with the mom.

Asked where she was going, Nyakio said she would know once she leaves the house but needed to ask her mom to request a cab for her.

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Robert Murathe? Kagwe denies Pastor Burale’s ‘deal’ – VIDEO



Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on Thursday said he has never heard of Robert Burale after he was asked a question about the ailing pastor during Thursday’s Covid-19 briefing in Mombasa.

Referring to him as Robert Murathe, the CS said that he does not know who Burale is, adding that he cannot respond to rumours.

“I don’t know anything about Robert Murathe, I don’t know what he’s doing, he’s probably sick. I have never heard of this guy. You are saying he is supposed to have been paid, by who? When it comes to issues like rumours, if I were to respond to every rumour I would be very busy,” he said.

He wondered who would have paid him and why.

Pastor Robert Burale. PHOTO | COURTESY
Pastor Robert Burale. PHOTO | COURTESY

“I don’t know who would have paid him or why he would be pretending. The guy might probably be sick but you have decided that he is not. Let me leave that one out.”

On Monday, the renowned motivational speaker and pastor announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Pastor Burale made the revelation via Facebook, saying that he had to wait for President Uhuru Kenyatta to give his speech before he could share the bad news.

“Last week Wednesday I (after recording an FB program that airs of Fridays) was struggling to breathe and rushed to Nairobi Hospital where I was tested for Covid-19 and I tested positive,” he said.

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He was immediately taken to isolation within Nairobi Hospital.

Many Kenyans online claimed that it was a PR stunt and alleged that Burale had been paid to pull off the move.


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‘I went through hell and high water!’ Ex-TPF star Linda Muthama speaks out



Life has not been a walk in the park for former Tusker Project Fame star Linda Muthama.

The singer who has now released a gospel song titled Asante Yesu told Mpasho that life was been mean to her.

“I have been through hell and high waters and God has truly brought me through. I am recording the music that I love. Gospel Music and specifically Worship.”

Linda explained, “This song is to encourage people because God’s mercies are new every morning. I mean having been called names, shamed in public for my wrong choices, I feel that I have come full circle.”

How have things changed from the time you were on TPF to now?

I have become a mentor of girls and a teacher. I want to prepare children who will be so grounded when going for competitions like Tusker Project Fame.

Do you keep in touch with your fellow contestants from Tusker Project Fame?

Not really. I watch Alvan Gatitu like everyone else and was in church with Ruth Matete.

You have a masters or is it a PHD now? What were you studying?

Yes Masters and now pursuing and ECDE diploma…I want to focus a lot in raising the next generation. I am also the head of Music at Gems Cambridge-Regis school

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How did you meet up with Josh Manio to do the collabo? What is the backstory?

I had interacted with Amos and Josh at a Lifepool church and I remember we said it would be great to sing together. I guess it was fate because we did not plan it, it just happened. He is such a nice person.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanksgiving is a weapon of warfare and so let us all learn to give thanks at all times. God never fails. If he has continued to lift me, I will not look back but serve him even more.


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