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Inside DP Ruto’s secret rituals with Talai elders



Talai Clan elders who hosted Deputy President William Ruto  for a cultural intercession on Friday morning have opened up on their two-hour interaction with the country’s Number Two.
Speaking in strict confidentiality, the elders said apart from his ongoing political problems, they had their separate and long pending grievances with the DP which took the better part of their time with him. The elders are the descendants of the Orkoiyot Koitalel Samoei, who led a 12-year rebellion against colonial invasion before he was duped into a peace truce and shot dead in 1905.
“We poured our hearts out, including on missing out in government posts since he took over leadership mantle in 2013 and generally neglecting the clan that blessed his ascendancy to the top,” stated one of the elders.
Rare moment
They said given that it was a rare moment to have with the DP humbly seated among them, they censured him for neglecting their clan, whose political misfortunes of colonial era saw them banished to Gwasi, Homa Bay County. “He acknowledged the challenges and asked for forgiveness, promising to complete the stalled upgrade of Chepterit-Kaiboi and Sironoi-Baraton roads the Government initiated in 2014,” quoted the source.
The council of elders accepted his atonement and proceeded to crown him with the coveted animal skin known as sambut (leadership gown) and two batons.
“He was handed a sharit (leadership baton) and a rungut (hunting baton) while seated on the special three-legged stool, surrounded by religious leaders and the council of elders,” the source revealed. The source further stated: “We didn’t want to be hard on him since he has problems in government. We simply forgave him and wished him well in his endeavors,” said the source.
Reverend Peter Chemaswet, a cultural historian, told Sunday Standard that the occasion was significant given it entailed the blessings of elders. “Nandi elders gave presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi leadership blessings and regalia. Kenyatta was given another sambut (a special leader’s regalia) in Kapsokwony, Mount Elgon,” Chemaswet claimed. The blessings signify respect and authority to lead in various aspects of life, he said. Being a Sabaot, Chemaswet said he cannot speak much about Ruto’s anointment since it was done by Nandi elders.
According to an elder of the Talai clan, the event was a private affair and there were strict instructions against revealing anything to those not invited.
One of the elders who administered the cultural ceremony said the clan had sought an appointment with Ruto six months before the Friday meeting. The dawn ceremony was closely guarded, only left for performing elders, the anointed leader and a few members of Ruto’s age set.
Ruto was ushered into a special house that had been set apart for the anointment. “It was a strong cultural tradition initiated by seven elders all aged above 60 and from all the five sub-clans of Koitalel arap Samoei’s Talai clan. All the elders were seated in designated positions near a fireplace while Ruto had a special placed reserved for him,” he said.
Ruto made his political debut in 1997 by trouncing a member of Talai Clan, William Saina.
According to one of the elders, Ruto will now turn the tables on his enemies, and that those fighting him politically will now scatter. While the meeting stirred the debate of the blurred line between Christianity, which Ruto professes, and culture, it also laid bare the rugged journey that characterises the search for presidency and the place of culture in it.
Kenya’s four presidents, it emerged yesterday, have had an interaction with the Talai clan of the Nandi community. Kenyatta, Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru have all had personal interactions with the elders either before or during their presidency. On December 12, 1963, Sirian Manyei, the son of Koitalel Arap Samoei, held Mzee Kenyatta during the hoisting of the Kenyan flag at Uhuru Gardens after the country attained independence. It’s not clear whether there had been some interaction before or after according to historian and author Godfrey K Sang.
Nightlong ritual
Sang said that on July 26, 1969 at Kamatargui village in Kapsabet, Nandi County, then Vice President Moi had a meeting with the Talai elders that went on all night. The organisers, he says, were ex-senior Chief Joel Malel and the former chairman of the Nandi African District Council Isaac Kosgey and Paul Kiplimo Boit, chairman of the giant Sirikwa County council.
It was attended by the then DC Mr J Waiboci and MPs John Kipruto Cheruiyot, Tinderet MP Marie Seroney and Mosop’s Gerald Kalya.
The event at Kamatargui village involved the slaughter of a goat whose innards were used to predict Moi’s fate. “Very early in the morning just before dawn after the nightlong ritual, the elders announced that Moi’s future was bright,” Sang said.
Kipchoge Arap Chomu, a Nandi elder, said when Kibaki took power, he went into history books as the first president to officially recognise the Talai community.
“He officiated over the centennial commemoration of Koitalel when he ordered the putting up of a Mausoleum in Nandi Hills town, an institution of higher learning and a cultural centre/museum to honour the fallen hero,” said Arap Chomu.
On October 19, 2017 after the Supreme Court nullified the presidential election, Uhuru met with Talai elders at Nandi Bears Club in Nandi Hills in a close-door meeting.

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Grace Ekirapa: I’ve been unable to access DJ Mo since cheating scandal



Grace Ekirapa, who hosts NTV’s gospel show Crossover 101, has revealed that she had not been in touch with her co-host DJ Mo since rumors he was cheating on his wife Size 8 rocked the internet a fortnight ago.

Ever since reports emerged that DJ Mo, real name Sammy Muraya, was cheating on his wife of seven years Size 8 causing a social media frenzy, the DJ was barred from co-hosting the show with Ekirapa and is thought to be busy trying to glue his marriage together.

Weighing in on the scandal rocking the marriage of her co-host, Ekirapa revealed that she had been trying unsuccessfully to reach out to DJ Mo.

“I haven’t spoken to him and to be honest. It’s been hard for me to get to him. My phone calls haven’t been going through, I know it’s been difficult for him and I think when he is ready he will talk to me. Meanwhile the show has been going on without him but that’s the management’s decision.” Ekirapa revealed during an Interview with Radio Jambo.

She, however, felt DJ Mo should be given a second chance.

“What I will have to say is, when you get saved you won’t stop sinning, you can’t be perfect but there will be consequences. We make mistakes. DJ Mo is an amazing guy and if there’s a chance of working with him again, I would love that.” She added.

The singer also delved into the rumors that once emerged that she was having an affair with DJ Mo, a married man.

“During the launch of Crossover is when the rumor started. We had done a couple of photo shoots on different days and most of the time his hands was on my shoulder or mine on his and so people got talking.” she explained.

by NN

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‘Our marriage is currently in a tough space’ Says Vivianne, Sam West responds



Motivational speaker-cum music manager Sam West has responded after his wife Vivianne hinted that they are going through marital problems.

According to a social media post by Vivianne, people always assume they are a perfect couple but they are not.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Sam West said he hopes things will work out for them.

‘We just have a few domestic challenges but we are working on them. We juts need prayers.’

Asked if this is just clout chasing considering his wife just released a new jam, he responded

‘No it’s not kiki, it’s just a coincidence.’

Sam Was responding to the post below by his wife Vivianne

‘Today I want to be very candid.. nataka niongee wazi.. The world first met  when he decided to propose on the biggest TV show in the country.

I was shocked and this was unexpected for me.

I couldn’t say yes or no so I sat there in front of 40mill Kenyans hoping the world would swallow me but it didn’t, so I smiled.

First forward I have worked with Sam West and been his woman for 4 years.

So to get to the point this post is for you who understands that what society has labeled as marriage is one of the hardest things to exist in.

We are two humans who have learnt the hard way. We are friends and we will always care about one another. Our union has however taken a kick to the stomach.’

Vivianne added

‘ IG in-laws can attest to the fact that I haven’t posted Sam on my feed for the past one month or so.

We felt it would be important to share the truth that marriage can get difficult..

Social media couples have created illusions of perfect marriages which we feel are quite misleading.

To be honest we have ignored each other’s needs in our union . Expectations and control took over our relationship. We are in a tough space and to be honest we are hoping we will overcome the current challenge.

Hii sio Kiki. For those who love even one of us remember us in your prayers. May God’s will be done.

In the meantime ukipata unayemdhamini never take them for granted., #najua


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Otile Brown reveals of fraudsters conning people using his name




Kenyan singer Otile Brown has warned his loyal fans to be wary of Facebook operating using his name.

The singer put out the message through his official Instagram account after a few of his fans claimed that he had defrauded them of their hard-earned money with fake promises.

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of con artists who scam crazy fans of their money using celebrities names mostly on Facebook.

They ask for money in exchange for certain services, i.e. business cash boosts or fake gifts.

Otille Brown informed his fans that he does not have a Facebook account as his was hacked a few years ago.

He said that he is trying hard to get it back and would inform his fans through his Instagram account once he does.

“I repeat, I do not have a facebook account at the moment, if I manage to get mine back I will inform you all from this account,” he wrote.

Otille Brown went on to make it clear that he does not and has never asked for cash directly through any of his social media accounts.

Otille appreciated the love of his fans; however, he asked them to be smart while dealing with netizens.

“Please don’t be conned, OB does not ask for money from fans. Please be smart.”

He further urged anyone who has been approached by a celebrity like him to first ask for a video call before sending any cash.

In regards to the extortion done under his name, Otille Brown identified three men who his team has managed to track down and promised that he will do his best to bring them to justice.

“These are the three conmen, they are a team working together. Chuma chenu ki motoni. We are working too,” wrote Otille Brown followed by a list of three names and phone numbers of the alleged conmen.

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