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It all ends in tears after memes fail to sway president



By last weekend, the countdown had begun.

People were waiting for the speech that would “declare their freedom”. Online and off the Internet, talk was on the things that people wanted to do once the cessation of movement, put in place to contain spread of Covid-19, was lifted.

It had been more than two months of restricted movement and curfew, and Kenyans were hoping for change as President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered his eagerly awaited speech from State House yesterday. There were those who longed to walk into a bar in the darkness of night.

There they would caress the frothy bottles of their favourite drinks and stagger out at the first strike of dawn like they used to before coronavirus struck. There were those who wanted to travel out of town to see their loved ones after the sudden separation that came a few days before Easter.

Others craved for when they would not have to hurry home, their hearts beating with anxiety, hoping to beat the 6:59:59 stroke of the clock before falling into the hands of police for violating curfew. The memes told it all.

People were waiting with bated breath. A revised version of the Sarafina “Freedom is coming” song was created to reinforce the anticipation that awaited the President’s speech.

“Saturday the 6th feels like visiting day. You just don’t know if your father will show up with food or just a newspaper,” read one of the memes that went viral. In a hilarious attempt to sway the President’s mind, letters were written on social media to beg the Head of State to ease the regulations.

“Best performing President, fashion killer, your eight-year legacy unmatched, his Excellency, too young to retire, please do not disappoint us…” they teased on social media.

The President’s speech was scheduled for slightly before midday, but Twitter lit up way before 5am. “Wake up sir! Somebody should wake the President up and tell him we have already showered and waiting for him to release us,” was one of the memes that was highly circulated; a cheeky reference to how students in boarding school would wait for the gates to open after a speech by the principal on closing day.

By midday, the anxiety could be felt through the screen. The speech had been moved to 2pm, sparking a wave of more memes. In between were serious posts and comments from people who were desperately waiting for the president to open up the country.

“I am a salonist who had gone to do makeup on a client in Mombasa before the cessation of movement was announced. Then things happened so fast and I am now stuck at my client’s house for two months now. I have been watching television since 6am,” said Linda Achieng’ who was hoping to return to Nairobi.

And when the President stepped up to speak, a few minutes after 4pm, he had a different answer. The answer to those who wanted to hold a celebratory party about their “freedom” was ‘No’.

Kenyatta admitted that he had seen the hundreds of memes on social media, perhaps smiled a bit at some of them, like the one that warned men from sending fare to their girlfriends to travel to the city, but he was not ready to ease regulations yet.

“I saw the memes talking about freedom is coming. This is not about freedom or independence. It is better to be alive than have a few days of leisure and die,” he said, deflating the hopes of those who had waited for something different. “It has ended in tears! Those who had packed and were ready to travel should unpack. It is 30 more days,” read a post on Facebook.

The only glimmer of hope were the additional hours that had been added, pushing the curfew to 9pm in the evening to 4am.“All is not lost. We can still eat mutura which is definitely tastier when eaten in the dark. 9pm is better than 7pm,” wrote George Wanjohi on Twitter.


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‘Our marriage is currently in a tough space’ Says Vivianne, Sam West responds



Motivational speaker-cum music manager Sam West has responded after his wife Vivianne hinted that they are going through marital problems.

According to a social media post by Vivianne, people always assume they are a perfect couple but they are not.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Sam West said he hopes things will work out for them.

‘We just have a few domestic challenges but we are working on them. We juts need prayers.’

Asked if this is just clout chasing considering his wife just released a new jam, he responded

‘No it’s not kiki, it’s just a coincidence.’

Sam Was responding to the post below by his wife Vivianne

‘Today I want to be very candid.. nataka niongee wazi.. The world first met  when he decided to propose on the biggest TV show in the country.

I was shocked and this was unexpected for me.

I couldn’t say yes or no so I sat there in front of 40mill Kenyans hoping the world would swallow me but it didn’t, so I smiled.

First forward I have worked with Sam West and been his woman for 4 years.

So to get to the point this post is for you who understands that what society has labeled as marriage is one of the hardest things to exist in.

We are two humans who have learnt the hard way. We are friends and we will always care about one another. Our union has however taken a kick to the stomach.’

Vivianne added

‘ IG in-laws can attest to the fact that I haven’t posted Sam on my feed for the past one month or so.

We felt it would be important to share the truth that marriage can get difficult..

Social media couples have created illusions of perfect marriages which we feel are quite misleading.

To be honest we have ignored each other’s needs in our union . Expectations and control took over our relationship. We are in a tough space and to be honest we are hoping we will overcome the current challenge.

Hii sio Kiki. For those who love even one of us remember us in your prayers. May God’s will be done.

In the meantime ukipata unayemdhamini never take them for granted., #najua


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Otile Brown reveals of fraudsters conning people using his name




Kenyan singer Otile Brown has warned his loyal fans to be wary of Facebook operating using his name.

The singer put out the message through his official Instagram account after a few of his fans claimed that he had defrauded them of their hard-earned money with fake promises.

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of con artists who scam crazy fans of their money using celebrities names mostly on Facebook.

They ask for money in exchange for certain services, i.e. business cash boosts or fake gifts.

Otille Brown informed his fans that he does not have a Facebook account as his was hacked a few years ago.

He said that he is trying hard to get it back and would inform his fans through his Instagram account once he does.

“I repeat, I do not have a facebook account at the moment, if I manage to get mine back I will inform you all from this account,” he wrote.

Otille Brown went on to make it clear that he does not and has never asked for cash directly through any of his social media accounts.

Otille appreciated the love of his fans; however, he asked them to be smart while dealing with netizens.

“Please don’t be conned, OB does not ask for money from fans. Please be smart.”

He further urged anyone who has been approached by a celebrity like him to first ask for a video call before sending any cash.

In regards to the extortion done under his name, Otille Brown identified three men who his team has managed to track down and promised that he will do his best to bring them to justice.

“These are the three conmen, they are a team working together. Chuma chenu ki motoni. We are working too,” wrote Otille Brown followed by a list of three names and phone numbers of the alleged conmen.

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Amber Ray addresses relationship with Brown Mauzo 




Many questions have been going around regarding socialite Amber Ray’s relationship with her ex singer Brown Mauzo ever since he moved on and started dating Vera Sidika.

The two were spotted in a romantic getaway just two months ago at the Coast before they quietly ended their relationship and moved on.

They paraded they young love on social media with Amber Ray saying that she had found both friendship and love in Brown Mauzo.

“Imagine finding both love and friendship in one person,” wrote Amber Ray on an Instagram post of the two lovebirds enjoying a drink by the beach.

During a Q & A Instagram session, one of her curious fans asked the socialite what happened to which she bluntly replied, life happens.

She went on to add that she is currently happy in her life, which Brown Mauzo is too.

“Life happens. He is happy, I am happy.” wrote Amber Ray.

In another one of her posts, the young single socialite disclosed that she is finally ready to settle down and that she is just waiting for the right man to come her way.

“I think I’m ready to f** the same guy in different hotels in different countries for the rest of my life,”  wrote Amber Ray.

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