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Kenyan man who “fled to US after conning investors of millions” faces extradition



A suspect who fled to the United States after defrauding investors of millions of shillings could soon be brought back to stand trial.

Joshua Muthee Kiura, 29, is accused of perpetrating the fraud under the guise of an online forex broker. He had promised investors returns of up to 10 per cent per month on any investment above a million and eight per cent on anything between Sh100,000 and Sh1 million.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in April agreed with investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and advised that the DCI obtain a warrant of arrest so that extradition proceedings can start.

DCI boss George Kinoti said the delay in getting the arrest warrant has been caused by the scaling down of court activities in line with regulations on containing the coronavirus. Execution of warrants of arrest was among the services suspended by the Judiciary at the beginning of April.

“The investigation file is ready. Once we obtain the warrant of arrest we shall also be contacting the US authorities as guided by the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty to bring him back to face charges,” Mr Kinoti said.

The investigators have also obtained a statement from Mr Kiura’s sister, who told them that her brother said he was going to live with friends in Alabama, US. The last time she spoke to him, she said, he was planning to relocate to Washington, DC.

Timothy Mugunde thought he had found the perfect place to invest part of proceeds from his business.

With a monthly return of 10 per cent on his savings, the online forex trade was netting him much more than he was getting from Treasury bills, “which did not seem to give a good return on investment”, Mr Mugunde, who is a businessman in Siaya, told the  Sunday Nation.

He had met Mr Joshua Muthee Kiura, who claimed to be an online forex exchange broker, through an existing client.

Under the Forex Investment Agreement that they signed, Mr Kiura would be paying interest on the investment at the rate of 10 per cent per month between the fifth and the 10th of every month for a period of 12 months.

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With such a sweet deal, Mr Mugunde decided to test the waters with an initial investment of Sh100,000, which was deposited in Mr Kiura’s bank account at Standard Chartered Bank in September 2018.

Initially, Mr Mugunde says Mr Kiura kept his promise and paid the interest without fail on the tenth of every month.

The returns from the initial investment were so good that on January 15, 2019, Mr Mugunde took Sh2.2 million from his business and handed it to Mr Kiura.

But the honeymoon seemed to be over since, as soon as he had deposited the Sh2.2 million into Mr Kiura’s account, he received the interest for February 2019 but from March, things took a worrying turn. Mr Kiura started delaying the payments, claiming that he had lost some profits because of Brexit.

Within no time, communication with Mr Kiura ended and he did not respond to text messages or answer calls. He had told Mr Mugunde that he was in the US and even gave him a US phone number that he could be reached on but that too went silent.

“I travelled to Nairobi and went to the DCI offices in Kiambu County and gave them all the relevant documents but they wanted to be bribed, money which I did not have,” said Mr Mugunde.

He also reported the matter to Hardy Police Station OB. No. 17/29/10/2019. Nothing has ever come out of the investigations the police promised. He now estimates that his investment of Sh2.3 million has grown to Sh4.7 million but the prospect of ever getting back his money has all but diminished as Mr Kiura remains unreachable and his parents, who are church ministers, as well as other family members, who he had introduced to the investors, remain guarded on his whereabouts.

Mr Mugunde’s story is the story of tens of Kenyans who have lost money after investing with Mr Kiura, who then disappeared.

Mr Elijah Gakuya, a teacher in Nairobi, had invested Sh532,000 with Mr Kiura. In fact, it is Mr Gakuya who introduced Mr Mugunde to Mr Kiura. He had also introduced two other people to the man. He got to know Mr Kiura through the latter’s aunt.

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Then there is Mr Japheth Kaeke Musyoka, who put in Sh9 million, which he has now lost.

“I had resigned from my job to start a business. I handed to him (Mr Kiura) all my benefits on the promise of good returns,” said Mr Musyoka.

Stephen Kamau had invested Sh100,000 and expected to top up. He received payments for just two months before things changed and Mr Kiura disappeared.

“When there were delays in receiving payments, he explained that the reason was Brexit. It wasn’t long before he went silent and blocked some of us so that we couldn’t reach him on phone,” said Mr Kamau. On the list of the victims of Mr Kiura is a Zimbabwean woman and two Congolese nationals.

Complaints against Mr Kiura have been reported at Kiserian Police Post (OB No. 25/22/8/19), Hardy Police Station (OB. No. 17/29/10/2019) and Central Police Station (OB. No. 90/05/11/2019), but investigations have not moved an inch. Things are the same at the DCI headquarters, where the officers who were assigned the case reportedly went silent on the complainants and nothing has ever come out.

Attempts to reach Mr Kiura to respond to the many allegations against him did not bear fruit as he did not respond to WhatsApp calls and messages, as well as an email the Sunday Nation sent to him.

Mr Kiura’s alleged fraud scheme is one of the ways in which  Kenyans are losing money to unscrupulous individuals and firms claiming to be online forex brokers.

There is Goldvest Ltd, which has disappeared with more than 30 investors’ money after promising safe and attractive returns. Goldvest was promising between 90 and 270 per cent interest, depending on the duration of one’s investment.

For a 90-day investment, the estimated interest rate was between 90 and 100 per cent, for 120 days the rate was between 180 and 220 per cent while those who left their money in the scheme for a year were to earn interest of between 250 and 270 per cent. The minimum one could invest was $2,000 (Sh200,000). Mr Kiura was asking for Sh100,000 as the minimum one could invest.

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Meanwhile, businessman Manases Karanja has been charged with the offence of obtaining money by false pretence and running an illegal online forex business through InterWeb Global Fortune Limited, where he is a director.

As fraudsters use online forex trading to con unsuspecting investors, the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) says it has licensed only three online foreign exchange brokers as provided for in the Capital Markets (Online Foreign Exchange Trading) Regulations, 2017.

These are EGM Securities Limited (Trading as FXPesa), SCFM Limited (trading as Scope Markets), and Pepperstone Markets Kenya Limited.

“The authority also relies on alerts from stakeholders on the existence of unlicensed entities. Investors are invited to confirm the legitimacy of firms offering capital markets services and products through reference to the list of licensed firms on the authority’s website. The authority is also available on social media platforms to respond to any issues,” the CMA said in response to questions sent to them by the Sunday Nation.

With just three licensed online foreign exchange brokers, it means many Kenyans who have put their money in the trade could be dealing with fraudsters.

CMA says investors who trade through unlicensed entities and lose money have no recourse.

“If cases are brought to our attention and we establish there are crimes that may have been committed, we engage the criminal investigation and public prosecution agencies to follow up on such matters,” the authority said.

The CEO of Scope Markets Kenya, Mr Kevin Ng’ang’a, said the proliferation of unlicensed foreign exchange brokers offering products and services in the Kenyan market is a threat to the licensed players.

“Following a market survey, we estimate that over 400,000 Kenyans are investing through unlicensed online foreign exchange brokers outside Kenya. In contrast, the licensed online foreign exchange brokers have around 60,000 clients. This is unfortunate since Kenyans investing through the unlicensed online foreign exchange are exposed to risks as most of the unlicensed entities do not even have a physical presence in Kenya,” said Mr Ng’ang’a.

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Man praises stepdad for being amazing father



Thabani Nhlengethwa, a South African man, has shared a touching story on Facebook about the man who raised him.

Thabani Nhlengethwa praised his stepdad for making him the man he is today. Photo credit: Facebook/Thabani Nhlengethwa

Thabani Nhlengethwa owes every success he will experience in the future to his stepdad. Photo credit: Facebook/Thabani Nhlengethwa
Source: Facebook

In a post written on #ImStaying group, the young man praised his stepdad for being an outstanding man and amazing human being.

He said he owes every success that he enjoys in the future to his dad, Jita.

According to Thabani, Jita met his mom back in 1996. He was only four years old at that time.

Jita accepted Thabani and his siblings who were all sired in previous relationships.

Man praises stepdad for being amazing father, exceptional husband

Thabani hopes to give his stepdad the world one day. Photo: Thabani Nhlengethwa
Source: Facebook

The kind man schooled them, fed them and protected them as if they were his own flesh and blood.

The netizen owed everything he knew to the man who raised him and hoped that one day fortune would knock on his door and enable him to treat Jita like a king.

He added that at the moment, the fanciest thing he can do is take his stepdad out for breakfast, but soon things will change.

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Man praises stepdad for being amazing father, exceptional husband

The man said his stepfather was the breadwinner and did not mind providing for them. Photo: Thabani Nhlengethwa
Source: Facebook

“I love and owe every success I might have in the future to this amazing gent right here. Jita met my mom in 1996, I was only four-years old by then and my mom already had 4 kids from her previous relationships.”

“Jita took all of us under his wing, took us as his kids and loved us. He took us to school and we all were able to finish matric because of him. My mom was not working and so Jita was the breadwinner,” he said.

In a related story by, a young lady took to Facebook on Monday, June 15, and shared a beautiful story about the hero of her life.

At the age of three, Portia Thabisile’s biological father decided to leave her and her mother.

Thankfully, her mother met a wonderful man who raised Portia as his own daughter.

She shared her inspirational post via the I’m Staying Facebook group.

“I am staying because of my daddy, he took me in when I was three years, after my biological father left me and my mum, he gave me love till today,” the lady wrote.

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Uhuru names Amb. Martin Kimani new envoy to NY as he moves to cement his legacy in foreign affairs



President Uhuru Kenyatta has either moved or nominated envoys to fill 12 positions globally. In the new line-up, Uhuru  has settled on a member of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) taskforce Amb Martin Kimani as the new Kenya’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations who will be based in New York.

The position fell vacant when Amb Lazarus Amayo moved to Washington DC as the envoy to US.

But who is Ambassador Martin Kimani? He was the Director of Kenya’s National Counter Terrorism Centre and Special Envoy CVE, and once served as the Permanent Representative and Head of Mission to the United Nations at Nairobi and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

Kimani holds an MA and PhD in War Studies from King’s College of the University of London and is a Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative and the Aspen Global Leadership Program.

He was also the 2013 Distinguished African Visiting Fellow at the South African Institute of International Affairs.

Learn more here:


Kenyatta has also nominated three former IEBC commissioners for deputy head of mission positions in the latest appointments.

Connie Maina, Paul Kurgat and Margaret Mwanchanya have been picked as deputy heads of mission in the latest changes made by the Head of State.

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The list of nominees features 25 people who are expected to fill up the positions of high commissioner, permanent representative, ambassadors and deputy heads of missions.

According to an Executive Order signed by Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua, and released on Thursday evening; the group will join the country’s foreign service in various capacities.

The order states partly, “His Excellency the President has on this fifteenth day of October 2020, caused nominations and appointments to the senior ranks of the public service for persons to serve the nation as Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Permanent Representatives in Kenya’s Embassies/High Commissions/Missions abroad. The persons who by dint of the Presidential action will join our nation’s esteemed foreign service…”

Former IEBC vice chair Consolata Nkatha has been picked as the deputy head of mission in Rome, Italy. Her colleagues, Paul Kurgat and Margaret Mwanchanya will occupy similar positions in Moscow (Russia) and Islamabad (Pakistan) respectively.

Below is the list of individuals nominated for the positions of deputy heads of missions:

In the order, Amb John Tipis who headed the Directorate of the African Union heads to Canberra as Kenya’s High Commissioner to Australia. Immaculate Wambua has been picked as Kenya’s High Commissioner to Canada, and she will be based in Ottawa. Closing the list is Amb Catherine Mwangi who will be Kenya’s High Commissioner to South Africa. She will be based in Pretoria.

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In the list of appointments are 12 people who have been picked for ambassadorial positions. They include Amb Jean Kamau (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), Linday Kiptiness (Bangkok, Thailand), Amb Tom Amolo (Berlin, Germany), Amb Lemarron Kaanto (Brasilia, Brazil), Amb Daniel Wambura (Bujumbura, Burundi), Stella Munyi (Harare, Zimbabwe), Maj. Gen. (Rtd.) Samuel Nandwa (Juba, South Sudan), Maj. Gen. (Rtd.) Ngewa Mukala ) Khartoum, Sudan), Amb Benson Ogutu (Moscow, Russia), Joshua Gatimu (Tehran, Iran), Amb Tabu Irina (Tokyo, Japan) and Amb Jean Kimani (UNHABITAT).

Resignation from IEBC

The three former IEBC officials announced resigned from the commission on April 16, 2018, claiming that their boss Wafula Chebukati was incapable of running the IEBC affairs.

“For far too long and way too many times, the commission chair has failed to be the steady and stable hand that steers the ship in difficult times and gives direction when needed,” the trio said in a statement.

They added: “Instead under Chebukati’s leadership, the commission boardroom has become a venue for peddling misinformation, grounds for brewing mistrust and a space for scrambling and chasing individual glory and credit”.

But on August 12, 2018, Justice Wilfrida Okwany ruled that the commissioners did not legally tender their resignation and were still adjudged to be in office. The court ruled that the trio ought to have resigned in writing rather than in the press conference.

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“As I have already found in this judgement, the issue of the alleged resignation of the four commissioners was a matter that was neither here nor there and was not proved by any tangible evidence,” said Okwany.

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Kenyan entrepreneur among top 10 finalists of Jack Ma Foundation competition



Kenyan entrepreneur Chebet Lesan is among the 10 finalists of Africa’s Business Heroes, a competition organized by the Jack Ma Foundation to identify and recognize the continent’s top entrepreneurs.

Chebet is the founder of Bright Green Renewable Energy, a social enterprise that turns urban waste into clean burning charcoal for households, schools, farmers, hospitals and many others.

She is now among the 10 finalists who will pitch at the competition’s grand finale in November for a chance to win a share of a US$1.5 million prize pool.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Chebet said being among the top 10 is a humbling experience for her as they were up against strong competition.

For Chebet and the team at Bright Green Renewable Energy, a win in the competition will be a win for more than 800 million people in Africa who cannot access clean energy.

“It will mean that the problem we are solving of energy poverty across Africa, that the voices of 800 million people in Africa who still don’t have access to clean cooking fuel have been heard and are going to get the support they need to be able to improve their situation,” Chebet said.

For Chebet to win, As Kenyans you can support her by sharing your first Ugali experience using the hashtag #ugaliyanguyakwanza

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The finalists were chosen from a pool of more than 22,000 applications across all 54 African states and key sectors, including agriculture, fashion, education, financial services, healthcare and renewable energy.

The top 10, an even split of female and male entrepreneurs whose average age is 34, represent eight African countries: Kenya, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

On November 13 and 14, Africa’s Business Heroes will host its Grand Finale and winners of the 2020 ABH prize will be announced on November 14.

During the online Grand Finale pitch, the top ten heroes will present their business ventures, as well as their vision and leadership profile, to the finale judging panel that includes Jack Ma, Founder of the Jack Ma Foundation and the Alibaba Group, Ibukun Awosika – Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and Founder/CEO of The Chair Centre Group, Strive Masiyiwa – Founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Group and Joe Tsai – Executive Vice Chairman of the Alibaba Group.

All of this will be part of ABH brand-new business entertainment televised show due to air in five episodes from November 21-December 19 across Africa.


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