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Video: The best decision my ex-wife ever made was to dump me- Fareed Kimani



Renowned media personality Fareed Khimani has opened up on his struggle with substance and drug abuse that forced his wife to dump him.

Sharing his story on Engage Talks, a platform where people share their life experience to inspire others, the 45-year-old said his ex-wife made the best decision of her life to dump him as he had put her in so much pain due to his drug addiction.


Khimani’s wife walked out of him with two of their children in 2018 while he was in rehab in South Africa, an initiative he had agreed to undertake in an effort to try and salvage his marriage.

His wife had promised him that once he was done with the rehab and was clean, he would return home to find her and their kids waiting for him.

But that wasn’t to be.

On March 18th, 2018 his wife took their kids and left, on a day Khimani was on the 18th day of his scheduled 28 days stay at the rehab.

“It was a day where they called it a recovery day, they said it’s called ‘letting go and letting God’. It’s a moment in your recovery where everything kind of starts to make sense. Where you kind of see clarity and the reason you are doing this is for a greater purpose for yourself and people around you,” Khimani narrated.

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“But it is also the day I walked into my counselor’s office and my private counselling session at the rehab center and she was holding a slip of paper. It was actually an email from my wife. My wife had picked the kids and moved to Switzerland on that very same day. That completely broke me.” Khimani said.

He says at that very moment he felt very angry at his wife leaving him in the middle of a rehab session, something he thought would eventually put his family back together.

Khimani was angry and wanted to leave the center, but after hours of counselling he decided to stay and finish his sessions.

He finally accepted the situation and moved on, pointing out that perhaps it was a good decision for his ex-wife to leave him.


“I had so much resentment, so much anger, so much animosity towards my now ex-wife but it was probably the wisest decision she’s ever made in hindsight leaving me because I had put them through 10 years of hell,” he said.

Khimani got hooked to drugs and alcohol while studying abroad at the University of Florida. At some point during his study he worked as a bartender.

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He returned to Kenya in 2000 and immediately landed a job in radio. This offered a very potent environment for him to continue with his lifestyle as he enjoyed the privilege of always receiving invites to parties where alcohol flowed freely.

The wheels started to come off around 2016 as his own family began to despise him, while his close relatives shunned him.

It’s at this point that he decided to seek to help. Khimani has since remained clean for almost two years now.

By Nairobi News

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Otile Brown reveals of fraudsters conning people using his name




Kenyan singer Otile Brown has warned his loyal fans to be wary of Facebook operating using his name.

The singer put out the message through his official Instagram account after a few of his fans claimed that he had defrauded them of their hard-earned money with fake promises.

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of con artists who scam crazy fans of their money using celebrities names mostly on Facebook.

They ask for money in exchange for certain services, i.e. business cash boosts or fake gifts.

Otille Brown informed his fans that he does not have a Facebook account as his was hacked a few years ago.

He said that he is trying hard to get it back and would inform his fans through his Instagram account once he does.

“I repeat, I do not have a facebook account at the moment, if I manage to get mine back I will inform you all from this account,” he wrote.

Otille Brown went on to make it clear that he does not and has never asked for cash directly through any of his social media accounts.

Otille appreciated the love of his fans; however, he asked them to be smart while dealing with netizens.

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“Please don’t be conned, OB does not ask for money from fans. Please be smart.”

He further urged anyone who has been approached by a celebrity like him to first ask for a video call before sending any cash.

In regards to the extortion done under his name, Otille Brown identified three men who his team has managed to track down and promised that he will do his best to bring them to justice.

“These are the three conmen, they are a team working together. Chuma chenu ki motoni. We are working too,” wrote Otille Brown followed by a list of three names and phone numbers of the alleged conmen.

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Amber Ray addresses relationship with Brown Mauzo 




Many questions have been going around regarding socialite Amber Ray’s relationship with her ex singer Brown Mauzo ever since he moved on and started dating Vera Sidika.

The two were spotted in a romantic getaway just two months ago at the Coast before they quietly ended their relationship and moved on.

They paraded they young love on social media with Amber Ray saying that she had found both friendship and love in Brown Mauzo.

“Imagine finding both love and friendship in one person,” wrote Amber Ray on an Instagram post of the two lovebirds enjoying a drink by the beach.

During a Q & A Instagram session, one of her curious fans asked the socialite what happened to which she bluntly replied, life happens.

She went on to add that she is currently happy in her life, which Brown Mauzo is too.

“Life happens. He is happy, I am happy.” wrote Amber Ray.

In another one of her posts, the young single socialite disclosed that she is finally ready to settle down and that she is just waiting for the right man to come her way.

“I think I’m ready to f** the same guy in different hotels in different countries for the rest of my life,”  wrote Amber Ray.

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Woman brings 23 relatives on date with lover to test his generosity



A Chinese woman has made headlines after bringing 23 members of her family on a blind date to test her lover’s generosity.

Woman brings 23 relatives on date with lover to test his generosity

Chinese people enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Photo: Quora.
Source: UGC

According to the Daily Mail Online, the unknown woman tagged along with her large clan to the romantic occasion without informing her date in advance.

After enjoying the meal, the man decided to teach the woman a lesson and fled away after receiving the bill which amounted to KSh 382,000 ( £2,300).

According to a Chinese newspaper, Taizhou Evening News, the anonymous woman went on a blind date with a 29-year-old man identified as Liu in eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang.

Reports indicate that the date was organised by Liu’s mom who was worried about her son who had been single for long.

The man had offered to pay for the meal with the thought that it would be a romantic dinner for two but shock on him.

Speaking to the media, the woman said she wanted to test her potential boyfriend’s generosity in catering for the large crowd of 25.

According to reports, the lady and her family enjoyed expensive dishes and alcohol.

Interestingly, Liu failed the test and his potential date ended up paying for the meal herself.

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It was later agreed that the man pays for a small part of the meal and the remainder of the bill be shared among the woman’s 23 family members.

In other news, reported of one bride who has since gone viral after she took to social media to convince her friends and family to fund her special day.

According to the post on Reddit, the bride wants a huge amount of moneythat will enable her and her fiance’ to tour Europe for a one month honeymoon.

According to the post, the couple will be tying the knot in December and the bride hopes the guests will not change their mind due to coronavirus.

“Hope you all are doing great and getting all of you all wedding gifts (haha) prepare your cold hard cash and your large housewarming gifts…We really cannot wait to see you all (and receive your gifts LOL) this December,” read the post.

The bride advised her friends against pulling out due to COVID-19 saying they have a monetary goal of KSh 2.2 million ($20,000) minimum.

She indicated that the guests are expected to donate over KSh 3.2 million ($30,000).


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