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Willis Raburu’s wife Marya Prude seems to be moving on



Willis Raburu, the celebrated Citizen TV media personality who was reported to have had a falling out with his wife Marya Prude before they subsequently separated seems to be witnessing a shift in his wife’s mental space as she switches to focusing on healing and moving on.

A sense of acceptance can be seen to have washed over Marya prude who has silently been striving to strengthen herself for the next phase of her life and regardless of what happens, the woman who emerges from this trial will be different.

willis raburu

And to his credit, Willis Raburu isn’t exactly sitting around waiting to see what the future holds either but this article is meant to celebrate the wholesome way Marya Prude has moved on.

A quick look at her social media shows a woman focused on her everyday struggle of making ends meet but when you delve deeper, you see a healthy mind moving on from the traumatic experience of suffering a miscarriage then the demise of her marriage.

willis raburu and marya prude

And celebrities like Tanasha Donna, Zari and even Akothee should borrow a leaf from her book because she is what young girls need to model themselves on as they face the inevitability of heartbreaks.

There are no attention grabs with photographs of a sexually titillating nature and there are definitely no cheap quips and posts made to dig at Willis Raburu. They have decided to handle their affairs privately. And though it can be argued that they have taken this move in an attempt to work on salvaging their marriage but this, in essence, displays a sense of maturity.

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marya prude and willis raburu

The understanding they have is that not everyone who hears about their issues has their best intentions at heart. So rather than expose their marriage to any negativity cloaked as help, Marya Prude and Raburu are dealing with things privately.

Or perhaps this is truly the end of their marriage and the trip to America did little in way of salvaging the situation, instead cementing the decision to split up. But whatever the case may be, Marya Prude has done herself some justice by maintaining bother her own and the honour of her ex-husband.

By , Ghafla

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Jalang’o makes debut on Kiss 100




Self taught radio presenter Fleix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, on Monday, July 13 hosted his first radio show since leaving Mediamax-owned Milele FM in June.

Jalang’o hosted the morning show alongside Kamene Goro.

Before announcing his exit from Milele FM on June 23, Jalang’o had been hosting Milele Breakfast alongside Alex Mwakideu.

Listening to the show, one would be forgiven for thinking Jalang’o had been at the station for years, as he used his trademark humour in hilarious conversations with his co-host.

It was Jalango’s second debut on Kiss FM, having hosted a show alongside Caroline Mutoko in the early days of his career.

Among those who voiced their excitement at the presenter and comedian’s return to radio were celebrities including singers Bahati, Masauti and Nadia Mukami, media personality Betty Kyallo and comedians Eric Omondi and Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki.

Ndambuki, who also hosts a morning show on Classic alongside Maina Kageni, told Jalang’o in a recorded message to make the most of his ‘Take 2’ at Kiss FM.

Betty urged him to continue entertaining Kenyans and making them laugh, just as he had done for many years.

Jalang’o left Mediamax at a time when the company was embroiled in disputes with its employees over proposed wage cuts due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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He quickly found success online, however, with his Youtube channel Jalang’o TV racking up more than 100,000 subscribers in under a month.

Other than the flagship talk-show Bonga na Jalas, the presenter had revealed plans to introduce other shows including a cooking show and a fitness show hosted by his personal trainer.

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‘I pity you!’ Terence Creative addresses bodyshammers



Comedian Terence Creative has always been at the tail end of nasty comments from troll and body shammer.

The comedian known for his online character Kamami addressed the trolls today.

He was speaking about this at the launch of new products by Gire Limited in Karen. Terence is one of the ambassadors signed up by the company to promote their products online.

Speaking to Mpasho, the comedian said,

“I’m a very proud fat guy. You see, we have a lot of unhealthy people but like who I am, I’m very healthy, and cute and all my organs are functioning.”

He added,

“I just pity people who body shame others. Because if you look at it, really, they are the ones with the problem. Not me. I’m good with who I am. I’m happy with my struggle, ninapambana na nyama zangu. I’m okay.”

Terence explained,

“When you laugh at others and scorn them, the same happens to you because others will also laugh at one or two of your features.”

The concluded,

“I don’t want to say I’m used to that and I don’t have a problem with it. If you saw my photos from back then, I would prefer to be the way I am now. I’m satisfied with my structure. I am okay with my body.”

By Mpasho

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KTN news anchor denies dating music producer Saint P




KTN News Swahili news anchor Fridah Mwaka has responded to claims that she dated music producer Saint P.

Speaking to Billy Miya, Mwaka said she only had good chemistry with Saint P as they worked together on Kubamba Radio.

She acknowledged that their friendship got to many people, and some even offered to provide all they needed for their wedding.

“Sijadate Saint P. We never dated, we never kissed. Saint P tulikwa tunafanya naye show ya radio sasa chemistry yetu ilizengua watu wengi sana kwa sababu tuliingiana kabisa.

“Mpaka kuna watu katika hii industry walikuwa wamejitolea kununua kreti za soda. Kuna watu walikuwa wamejitolea kuwa Emcee. Grounds tulikuwa tushapatiwa sisi za harusi. Watu wanasema kama wewe na Saint P mnaoana basi tumewapatia hayo mambo yote,” said Mwaka.

In the interview, she also explained why she has not yet adopted her husband’s name like other people do, stating that she is a brand on her own.

“Fridah Mwaka is a brand on its own so we agreed mimi na bwanangu kuwa ni maisha yangu.

“Aliniambia at the end of it all I’m your husband. Whether you say my name or not it doesn’t add anything,” she added.

In November 2019, Fridah Mwaka and her longtime now husband formalized their union in the affair attended by close friends and family members.

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