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Anguish of an abandoned wife facing eviction from home



Millicent Akinyi Malaki always dreamt of spending her sunset years tending to her grandchildren hearing their clatter and plays and aging with her husband in bliss. But life has thrown her one too many lemons she has no idea how to dream again.

The 61-year-old does not know whether to fight her evictors, look for food or inspire her children to pursue tertiary education. She has been hoping for the last ten years that life would go back to normal but vagaries of separation and joblessness have taken their toll.

The mother of four separated with her husband in 2010 and she was moved from Bungoma to Nakuru after the man took in another wife.

Whereas that did not put her down, she is at her wits end after she received a notice to vacate her house in Kaptembwa Estate in Nakuru West SubCounty. The notice is from a man who purports to have bought the property from her husband.

“I don’t have my name on any of the property we acquired though I also chipped in financially to pay for it. According to him, women cannot own anything in their name. My husband never allowed me to have my name on the title.

He would say: ‘I’m the man of the house, what I have you have. If I own it, you own it.’ But now who will support me to get my share? I’m on my own,” she pleads. Malaki says they got married sometime in 1991 and separated in 2010. “When you work on a marriage and lose it all, it is devastating. What is more painful is when the man you know as the father of your children moves to dispossess you of the only shelter you have. I do not have money. Where do I start and how do I start?”, she laments.

Left homeless

She dreads the prospect of being left homeless after the purported buyer visited the premises armed with an eviction order.

Her 19-year-old daughter Mercy Malaki wrote her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations in 2016 and attained a mean grade of C. She aspires to be a nurse or an International Relations expertHowever, hope is fast ebbing for Mercy after what she claims to be her father’s refusal to pay her fees, leaving her with no option but to resort to menial jobs to eke out a living.

“Many are the nights we go to bed hungry. My future and that of my siblings is bleak after our father abdicated his parental duties. To cap his mistreatment, he has roped a stranger in his schemes who now claims to be the owner of the only home we know,” laments the teenage girl.

A neighbour, Daisy Moraa says following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic Malaki’s situation had worsened as she could no longer get the menial jobs that she used to rely on to fend for her family. Moraa says Malaki has been unsuccessfully struggling to get relief food and vouchers distributed by the County government.

“She used to wash clothes in her neighbourhood for a living, but people have now become cautious and no longer allow anyone into their houses. She has nowhere to run to,” offers Moraa. Activists However, all is not lost as a group of activist have promised to take up the case and pursue legal redress.

Miriam Bulemi, a coordinator from Young African Women Initiative, says her organisation would assist Malaki get legal advice and protection against the planned eviction. She states that Article 53(1)(e) of the Constitution clearly provides that “Every child has the right to parental care and protection, which includes equal responsibility of the mother and father to provide for the child, whether they are married to each other or not”.

Bulemi says Malaki can demonstrate before a court of law that she also made non-financial contributions in acquisition of the properties. She further states that Article 45(3) of the Constitution is clear that spouses have equal rights at the time of marriage, during and upon dissolution of marriage.

“The law defines non-financial contributions to “include domestic work and management of matrimonial home; child care; companionship; management of family business or property; and farm work. Ensuring justice and rights for the woman doesn’t have to be so difficult,” she says


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Couple’s pain after woman offers to hold baby, then disappears without a trace



A couple’s five-month-old baby boy is missing after a woman who visited them in Utawala offered to hold him to allow his mother time to finish washing her clothes on Wednesday afternoon.

At the time, baby Harold Ochieng was crying and his mother, 24-year-old Pauline Ilenje, who had strapped her baby to her back, needed time to finish with her laundry.

“She requested to hold him until I was done with cleaning and I agreed,” said Ochieng’s mother.

Unbeknown to her, the intention of the woman, only identified as Aisha, was not good. Pauline unstrapped her child and handed him over to the woman without any qualms. Aisha is said to have been visiting the couple’s neighbour that day.

After finishing her laundry, Pauline realised that the woman who had offered to hold her baby had vanished.

What followed later were hours of panic and a painful search for her baby as the reality that her child had been stolen started hitting home.

Shocked at the turn of events, Pauline made frantic calls to her husband David Ochieng (43), a casual labourer, but she could not reach him.

“I then rushed to Utawala police post to file a report where the officers told me to look for my neighbour and report back to the station with him,” she said.

At around 1pm, her husband called her and informed her that he would join her in the search but, before getting home, he called their neighbour asking for the whereabouts of his visitor.

At around 4pm, the neighbour returned and left in a rush but the couple caught up with him and reported back to Utawala police post for questioning.

She came and left quickly

“Officers at the station then asked us to search for Aisha, whose house we traced to Githunguri in Kiambu County. However, we did not find her there. The door was open but no one was inside. Neighbours told us they spotted her come and leave with a baby and a bag,” Pauline’s husband says.

The couple then returned to Utawala to update the police on their findings, but they were referred to Ruai police station where they were asked to continue with the baby’s search until yesterday afternoon.

“We wondered how we could continue with the search even past curfew hours but we did it anyway without a police escort,” said the baby’s father.

The couple decided to return to Githunguri where they were hopeful that they might find the woman at her house.

Unfortunately, the woman had not returned. Instead, they found a young girl identified as Diana who confirmed that the woman lives there but was not in.

Yesterday, the couple returned to Ruai police station where they recorded a statement and shared their child’s image for circulation.

“The officers informed us that they are tracking the woman’s phone to establish her whereabouts,” Pauline told the Nation.

Police also questioned the couple’s neighbour and the girl who was found at the woman’s house in Githunguri.

“Our neighbour now claims that the woman was his laundry person and not the girlfriend,” she said.

Officers at Ruai police station declined to comment on the matter.

by Nationafrica

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VIDEO: Bonus Value Add for Garden of Joy customers



Finally, it’s all joy for those who bought the Garden of Joy (GOJ). Optiven has pulled a positive surprise by kicking off the installation of hundreds of green solar lights along all the estate roads. The launch happened today when the GOJ was declared a green project.

The engineer installing this green energy friendly street lights lauded Optiven for being an Eco-friendly organization and openly subscribing to suitable development goals no 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and no 7 ( Affordable and clean energy)

Among the guests who attended this event was Justina Syokao of the popular 2020 hit song.

The installation was packed with joy as the Garden of Joy joined other Optiven projects that have already gone green.

We urged all our customers to join the green movement by building houses that have natural light, use water recycling technologies such as bio digester, trees planting and managing waste.

This project is now ready for occupation and customers have already started building fast and furious

The plots are on offer at 1.295M up to the 30th October. The offer will be 1.495 from 1st of Nov

Secure your property today with only 200k and enjoy a 12 months installment plan

If you want to join this green project, get in touch with us Today:
Phone: 0790 300 300 | 0723 400 500
Visit our Website for more details:
We were live at Garden of Joy.

Kindly click the link, share and let’s create engagement as we talk about how we can participate in the Green Agenda. #GardenOfJOYgoesGREEN


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Grace Ekirapa: I’ve been unable to access DJ Mo since cheating scandal



Grace Ekirapa, who hosts NTV’s gospel show Crossover 101, has revealed that she had not been in touch with her co-host DJ Mo since rumors he was cheating on his wife Size 8 rocked the internet a fortnight ago.

Ever since reports emerged that DJ Mo, real name Sammy Muraya, was cheating on his wife of seven years Size 8 causing a social media frenzy, the DJ was barred from co-hosting the show with Ekirapa and is thought to be busy trying to glue his marriage together.

Weighing in on the scandal rocking the marriage of her co-host, Ekirapa revealed that she had been trying unsuccessfully to reach out to DJ Mo.

“I haven’t spoken to him and to be honest. It’s been hard for me to get to him. My phone calls haven’t been going through, I know it’s been difficult for him and I think when he is ready he will talk to me. Meanwhile the show has been going on without him but that’s the management’s decision.” Ekirapa revealed during an Interview with Radio Jambo.

She, however, felt DJ Mo should be given a second chance.

“What I will have to say is, when you get saved you won’t stop sinning, you can’t be perfect but there will be consequences. We make mistakes. DJ Mo is an amazing guy and if there’s a chance of working with him again, I would love that.” She added.

The singer also delved into the rumors that once emerged that she was having an affair with DJ Mo, a married man.

“During the launch of Crossover is when the rumor started. We had done a couple of photo shoots on different days and most of the time his hands was on my shoulder or mine on his and so people got talking.” she explained.

by NN

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