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Betty Bayo says pastor Kanyari’s mom controlled their marriage



In the past few weeks, singer Betty Bayo has been sharing a lot about her life and marriage to her ex-husband pastor Victor Kanyari.

Bayo in a candid interview shared what transpired in her marriage saying that she has healed and is ready to talk.

Speaking to Keziah Kariuki, the mother of two revealed that from the word go, her marriage was not a bed of roses as she battled a lot.

According to her, she got involved with Kanyari after her then-boyfriend dumped her three weeks before introduction to her family.

“I met pastor Kanyari when I went to perform in his church. He invited me later and thanked me for the performance. I was in a very disturbing relationship. The guy I was dating then, he was to come to my home to see my mum but he withdrew. I had everything planned. When talking to Kanyari, I jokingly asked him to come and act as my guy and he agreed,” said Bayo.

After moving in with the pastor, the mother of two said she found out that her hubby was living with close to six other women who were said to be employees.

According to her, the employees had no boundaries and would go into the couple’s bedroom whatever time they wanted without even knocking.

“When I moved into Kanyari’s house, I found out he was living with six women in the same house. The employees had no boundaries and would even come into my room whenever they felt like. They never cared to knock. I did not have privacy,” she said.

She revealed that she had no power to make decisions in her house and the women were the ones who dressed her husband.

“Let me tell you, these women always came into our bedroom and would choose whatever outfit my husband would wear. I fought them and got tired of it,” the singer said.

The single mom revealed that at times she was forced to lie in church, something that she felt was not right.

“I never felt comfortable going to his church. I was annoyed because he would lie in church. One day he lied that our house had been robbed and I had to lie. On another instance he forced me to lie that he had bought me a car,” said Bayo.

According to the singer, Kanyari’s mom forced her to support him so as to ensure that their ministry was strong.

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She said that her hubby’s mom gave her an offer of KSh 30,000 every Sunday so that she could attend her son’s church.

“His mom gave me an offer and requested me to be going to church every Sunday with my husband instead of roaming around in churches in search of money. She offered me a salary of KSh 30,000 every Sunday but I turned it down. She instructed her son to never give me money at all,” added the singer.

In other news, the singer who parted ways with her hubby after the KSh 310 scandal said she moved in with the self-proclaimed man of God three weeks after knowing him.

Bayo said she went against God’s commands and followed her body’s desire.


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