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CAS Aman touched by man who reported Ruaka residents’ carefree lifestyle



Health CAS Rashid Aman on Wednesday expressed his gratitude to a man who he said visited his office to share his grievances on how dwellers of his residential area is handling Covid-19.

The unnamed resident of Ruaka area in Kiambu County, according to the CAS, went to the ministry’s office looking to convey a message to any top official and despite being kept waiting for a while he finally was able to see him after the guards let him through.


Dr Aman said the man narrated to him how residents of Ruaka where he lives were not adhering to the measures placed by the government, especially when it comes to public transport.

The CAS said he was touched by the man’s effort to visit the ministry and wait to see an official, adding that he could see he was not a man of means, but was determined to convey the message.

“I want to share with you an experience I had yesterday (Tuesday). Before I came out to give the briefing there was a gentleman sitting in my office and he had been sitting there for quite a while waiting to see me. I didn’t have a chance to see this elderly gentleman before the brief but when I went back I called him in and I spoke to him and asked him what had brought him to Afya House,” he said.

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According to Aman, the man told him that he had come with a message and he had insisted (to the guards and the receptionists) that he wanted to see someone in leadership.


“He told me that what he is seeing in Ruaka worried him. People there have disregarded all containment measures and especially measures that touch on transportation and travel. Matatus there are filing up passengers beyond capacity and he was very concerned because he was in one of those matatus with his wife,” Dr Aman narrated.

The CAS commended the Ruaka resident for his patience and concern and urged Kenyans, including matatu operators, to adhere to the instructions given on the maximum number of passengers that can be carried.

“I want to make a special appeal to each one of us to take personal responsibility in the fight against this disease,” Aman said.

Kenya on Wednesday recorded 307 new cases of Covid-19, the highest since the outbreak in the country, raising the country’s total confirmed cases to 6,673.

By Nairobi News

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Why Corona is fast spreading in Kiambu



The spike in Covid-19 cases in Kiambu County has been attributed to poor observance of containment measures put in place to halt the spread of Corona pandemic The ongoing mass testing exercise as well as the county’s close proximity to Nairobi, which is considered the epicenter of the Coronavirus may also explain may explain why it spreads so quickly.

Additionally, continuous shaking of hands and meeting with friends for drinks despite President Uhuru Kenyatta directive prohibiting sale of alcohol has also contributed to the spike in numbers.

A spot check by People Daily in various sub-counties such as Gatundu North and South, Thika and Juja revealed that most a majority of residents are yet to adopt the wearing of mask while those doing so were putting them up under the chin As at last week, the county had recorded over 1,400 cases. According to data from the county’s public Health Department, 81 patients have since succumbed to the deadly virus. The county has also started to record an increasing mortality cases as opposed to the figures registered before the outbreak of the virus.

Speaking separately, health experts and Governor James Nyoro (pictured) expressed concerns that Kiambu residents had adopted a business as usual attitude as they are in total disregard of the measures.

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Growing numbers
In spite of the growing numbers of Corona positive cases in the country and world over, they claimed majority of Kiambu residents, are still in denial and have not taken seriously the containment measures that have been instituted.

“You have to recognise that we have been testing quite a number of cases. Some of these figures belong to Kiambu people who live outside the county. We expect the numbers to rise because the national figures are also rising,” said Nyoro. He said the county is prepared for an eventuality and installed 230-bed capacity at Tigoni Hospital and purchased enough ventilators, the county’s main Covid-19 treatment centre.

After reopening the economy, the governor said that traffic jams started to increase; people started seeking entertainment in bars and other joints.

On the other hand, health experts believe as in many rural communities, people have generally dropped their guard in complying with infection prevention control measures that have been communicated.

Dr Moses Mwangi, a virologist, also the former chairman of Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industry says that better healthcare infrastructure of a county indicates that more people are likely to respond to health authorities’ directives.


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Death of Kenyan nurse raises questions



It was a short marriage.

That is what Stephen Okal Oketch says following the death of his wife – a nurse from Homa Bay County who had the coronavirus and who had just given birth to their first child.

Theatre nurse Marianne Awuor from Rachuonyo died on Sunday, two weeks after giving birth to a healthy baby, while on oxygen support.

Awuor, 32, and Mr Okal got married in a ceremony last December at Jabali Country Resort. They had been married for exactly seven months.

She was born on July 24, the same date as that of her first born child’s birth.

Mr Okal, the fifth born in a family of nine, was beside himself with grief when the Nation visited their home at Nyandang’e village in Kasipul division on Monday.

He said his wife booked a cake a month ago to celebrate their child’s birth as well as her birthday but her admission to hospital prevented this

“I will collect the cake after her burial, which is scheduled for Friday, and celebrate with the rest of the family,” said the 33-year-old, whose birthday is on July 22.


Awuor’s death has exposed deficiencies in county hospitals when it comes to handling Covid-19 patients as it emerged she was moved to Kisii County Teaching and Referral Hospital because of lack of specialists in her home county.

Earlier, the National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK) claimed the patient had not been reviewed by any specialist since her admission at KTRH yet she needed intensive care.

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The nurse contracted the coronavirus at 33 weeks of pregnancy and gave birth normally.

She was found infected on July 20 and had symptoms including difficulty breathing, a cough and chills, but she had also tested negative three times.

“She was first tested at Rachuonyo hospital but her results were negative. At Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital, she tested positive on July 20 then we insisted on another test which we both took. The results were negative. After giving birth, she and our son were tested and the results were negative. A final test on Sunday brought negative results,” Mr Okal said.

Kisii County Public Health Director Richard Onkware said one of Awuor’s lungs collapsed due to the virus and that this was what caused her death.


Awuor’s family said her condition worsened last Friday.

Mr Okal and his father, Barack Oketch Amwata, have faulted the KTRH, saying medics neglected her when they learned she was infected.

“Doctors and nurses at KTRH are on a go-slow because they have not received their salaries. Our patient was left unattended from Friday last week with our newborn left to feed on air,” Mr Okal claimed, adding he was devastated when he visited his wife but found her in an abandoned ward.

Mr Amwata said that getting information from the facility was an uphill task.

“Nobody was willing to attend to her. We were not even informed of her transfer from ICU to the Covid-19 isolation facility.”

Mr Amwata further said they were not officially informed that Awuor had tested positive and were updated by a nurse who saw them in agony.

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“We met the official incharge of KTRH, Dr Enoch Ondari, only two days ago. Before that, it was very difficult to get information from the hospital that is supposed to be a referral facility,” said Mr Amwata.

He asked the government to investigate the case.

“I do not want any other person to undergo what we have been subjected to. Patients deserve care and their kin deserve to be treated with dignity,” he said, adding counselling would have helped.

County Health executive Sarah Omache denied the reports of neglect at the Kisii facility.


Awuor had been a theatre nurse for almost a year. Rachuonyo was her first posting and she had worked there in different departments since 2014.

Her boss, Dr Stephen Okello, said she loved her job.

“I am a surgeon. We worked together in the theatre. She loved her job and attended to her patients with passion,” he said, adding they would help the family with burial plans.

Following Awuor’s death, Mr Okal moved their son to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga hospital in Kisumu.

“He is still in the incubator. This is for feeding purposes  …  he is being fed via pipes,” he said, adding his wife left him a “wonderful gift”.

The child weighed 1.7 kilograms at birth and 1.85 kilograms at the time of being transferred from KTRH.

“My wife was headed for the theatre for delivery through a cesarean section but she insisted on delivering the normal way,” Mr Okal said, describing her as a loving, hardworking, intelligent and development-conscious woman.

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“Even while expectant, she attended to emergencies at the Rachuonyo theatre,” said the trader based in Oyugis town.


Earlier on Monday, health workers in Homa Bay downed their tools accusing the county of exposing them to the virus by failing to hire specialists for the ICU and other departments.

Kevin Osuri, Nyanza chair of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) and the county’s KMPDU Liaison Officer Amos Dulo said it does not have staff to handle critical cases.

“We have not heard a statement from the government about the death of our colleague. We are working in dangerous environments and are declaring Homa Bay a hostile place to work,” Dr Osuri said.

Dr Dulo said an ICU at the county referral hospital was not operational because of the lack of specialised medics.

The Homa Bay health department said it was waiting for a medical report from the Kisii hospital to ascertain the cause of Awuor’s death.

The Kenya National Union of Nurses (Knun) asked the county to provide nurses with enough personal protective equipment (PPEs) to minimise their chances of getting infected.

Secretary George Bola said medical workers at public hospitals were grappling with a shortage of PPEs.

“The government has provided us with PPEs but they are not enough. We ask for more to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” he said.

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‘They put my dead baby in a box, asked if i’d carry it home,’ Zeddy narrates



Churchill comedienne Zeddy Zainabu has narrated how she found out that her child was stillborn after she delivered, something that shook her.

Speaking during an interview with Grace Msalame, Zeddy narrated,

‘I was expectant with my second born and everything was going on well till I felt it was time for my delivery.

I decided to go to the nearest private hospital so they referred me to Kiambu.

When I reached Kiambu hospital I was given a leso to lie down as the beds were full so I asked my husband to come pick me up and we went to Pumwani.’

Zeddy was taken to the delivery room but she was not ready for the horror that awaited her.

‘Upon reaching there I was taken directly to the delivery room.

When the baby was born, hakulia and I saw them looking at each other.

The doctor then took the baby and put him in a box and then using his foot pushed it towards the nurse.

He then asked me ‘mtabeba mwende nayo nyumbani?’

Shocked and confused Zeddy decided to ask a nurse what was happening but the nurse was so rude.

‘I asked my nurse what had happened to my baby and she responded ‘unatuuliza na wewe ndio umebeba huyu mtoto miezi tisa.

we ndio unaeza tuambia nini ilimfanyikia.

She was so rude so they never explained what happened. Upto date I never knew what transpired.

It was painful coming out of the ward with nothing.

My husband told me it was God’s plan and that we should let it go.’

After being taken back to the ward to recover Zeddy said that other mothers started treating her with suspicion.

‘I was hurt because I was put in the same ward with women who had their babies.

I would watch mothers nursing and bonding with their babies

One would be looked down upon with other mothers thinking that you would steal their babies.

If you were sitting between two mothers with babies and one wanted to go shower or to the loo they would not leave their baby with you.’

Her family would come to visit her but that did nothing to calm her sorrow.

‘My family would visit me but when I went home and that is when reality set in.

People would come asking me what gender the baby was without knowing the baby had died.

If the baby had been a boy I would have named him after my dad. I would ask God why me because my neighbour had a four month baby.

I started getting stressed so I gave out the shopping to other expectant mothers but they refused.

They said that taking the shopping might bring them bad luck and their babies might die.’

On what her lowest moment was Zeddy narrated,

‘I stayed in the house for months, My husband would go to work and he never bothered much.

It was hard to know if he was affected because he acted normal when he was at home.

There was a drunk friend of mine who would knock and demand I open the door.

He would ask me ‘Are you going to kill yourself because your child died?’

It’s then that he made me go out normally, he would even ask me to bring out my laundry we wash together.

We would go together to the market, he made me come out of my ‘cage’.

Sadly he died last year.’

Zeddy is now a proud mother of three.

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