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Did you know this about Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula who has died at 58?



Does the name Charles Bukeko ring a bell? Well, not to as many people as compared to ‘Papa Shirandula’. Bukeko made ‘Papa Shirandula’ a household name in Kenya through a comic television series where he is the lead actor and concept creator. Kenyans woke up to news of his passing on Saturday July 18th.

His fame went beyond the eight-year-old ‘Papa Shirandula’ programme. The 2010 Kalasha Award winner for the Best Actor in a TV series was known all over the world. In South Africa, Bukeko was well known through a Vodacom advert where he played the role of a dictator.

The advert is considered one of the funniest ever produced in the country. Those who watched television could also not miss to note his “Brrrrrr” moment in a global Coca Cola advert that was voted the 2007 Advertisement of the Year by the Creative Circle.

Who really was Charles Bukeko?

He described himself as an actor, director, thespian, singer, a father and a husband whose story gives hope to thousands of aspiring actors in the country having climbed from the unfathomable levels of deep poverty.

The father of three was the firstborn in a family of four and had the responsibility of helping his parents, Valeria Makokha and Cosmas Wafula, take care of the family.

Papa went to Jogoo Road Primary School and Upper Hill Secondary before getting free training on theatre basics for three years at the Phoenix Theatre. He has featured in internationally acclaimed films like Fernando Meirelles’ The Constant Gardener.

Besides acting, Bukeko was also a Goodwill Ambassador for South East Asia and did concepts for countries like China, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Mauritius, Hong Kong and Macau whenever called upon.

Papa Shirandula died in Nairobi on Saturday morning leaving behind a widow, Beatrice, and three children.

Shirandula’s brother-in-law Ronald Wanyama said he experienced difficulty in breathing before he was rushed to the Karen Hospital.

“It is sad he didn’t make it out of the hospital alive. He had tested positive for Covid-19. We are devastated,” he said.

Mr Wanyama said the TV star had travelled to Western and returned to Nairobi on Sunday before he fell sick.

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Shirandula was the main actor in the Citizen TV comedy series ‘Papa Shirandula’.

He was an award-winning actor who bagged the Kalasha Award for ‘Best Actor in a TV Series’ in 2010.


In a condolence message to the family via Twitter, President Uhuru Kenyatta eulogised the thespian as a “gifted storyteller whose contribution to the development of Kenya’s entertainment sector will be cherished forever”.

Also via the social media platform, Deputy President William Ruto said, “We are heartbroken by the passing of the versatile television star. Bukeko was a towering, talented and skilful actor.”

He added, “His electrifying and distinctive performances will continue to enlighten and inspire many generations. We will miss his rich contribution on and off the stage.”

Sometime in 2007, Citizen TV launched the comedy-drama Papa Shirandula, and with it, a star was born. After years of acting in several stage productions at the Kenya National Theatre, Phoenix Theatre and some few screen productions, Bukeko was instantly thrust into global fame with his breakout role as Papa Shirandula.

Interestingly, while most Kenyans only knew about Bukeko from his acting in Papa Shirandula, the actor revealed that his breakout happened much earlier.“I would say that my breakout role was when I was cast as Herold for the play, Nativity at Braeburn Theatre.

I think that is when people saw that I had what it took to be an actor,” Bukeko told a local newspaper.With his distinct burly frame, larger-than-life persona, natural acting and irresistible sense of humour, Bukeko was perfectly fit for the role of Papa Shirandula, an animated guard who lived a double life and came out as everything from a liar to a polygamist.

Many Kenyans agree that Bukeko played the role with such ease; it was almost as if he was born to play this role.“This is one guy who has three wives and one mzungu girlfriend. Strangely enough the wives don’t know what he does for a living. But again Papa Shirandula is not a bad person.

The only problem he has is that he lies so much,” Bukeko said of his character during an interview with GoTV.Bukeko’s character and the premise of the show were modelled to mimic everyday Kenyan life. Bukeko believed that he had been born to act.“I think I was born an actor,” he revealed in an interview with Radio Citizen. However, his talent in acting was a constant cause of conflict during his childhood, and a gift he struggled to accept in his formative years. “I thought I was born a bad kid.

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If I went somewhere I would disturb people or they would disturb me,” he recounted.Because of this, Bukeko revealed, he was often misunderstood, even by his mother.In school, he recounted struggling to maintain a level head and focus on his studies.

He narrated that he had a difficult time striking the perfect balance between his studies and his mischievous shenanigans. Most times, what he described as his cunningness and foolishness triumphed, making it difficult for him to focus on studying.Prior to his death yesterday, Bukeko had been victim to multiple internet death pranks, the latest of which was published on June 13, 2019.“On Wednesday Shirandula had complained of back pain and severe headache and was rushed to Nairobi Hospital for a check-up.

His body is currently at Lee Funeral Home pending a postmortem examination,” read the fake news report by a Kenyan website. Speaking to Pesa Check, Bukeko described the fake news as shocking.

Bukeko did not find the pranks amusing, but instead thought of them as rude and disrespectful, as he revealed during an interview.Appearing on a show on Radio Citizen, Bukeko disclosed that he had been victim to seven death pranks.

A visibly upset Bukeko told the programme hosts, Mwala and Melody Sinzore: “It is bad manners and evil. On my side I don’t care much, but I worry about my father and mother and other people I love. I don’t know the motivation, I don’t know if it is about destroying someone’s career or his name, but I can say it is bad manners and a curse.”But Bukeko was more than a caricature.

He did much more than acting, revealing on several interviews that he helped conceptualise and develop his characters, in the stage and TV shows he played and even in adverts.

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Beyond his professional life, Bukeko was a loving father and husband, accomplishments he proudly spoke about each time he got the chance.“I am married to Beatrice Ebbie Andega with whom we have three children Tony, Charlie and Wendy. She has been the pillar of my life.

A faithful, humble and loving companion in life’s journey,” he told The Standard in an earlier interview.During an interview with GoTV, Bukeko also revealed that his real-life persona was somewhat a departure from the eccentric and over-the-top characters he often portrays.“I don’t go out so much.

I don’t drink alcohol. I am this person who actually loves being around my people, a bit reserved, but not quite reserved. I am a football fanatic, a football critic, ” Bukeko said in the GoTV interview. Bukeko’s love for football was unparalleled.

In interviews, he often boldly professed his love for the game and especially for local football clubs AFC Leopards and Sofapaka. While his weight contributed to his comedic effect, it was also a source of trouble for him. Bukeko admitted to his struggle with weight.

With the last act on his esteemed life at 58, Bukeko rose to be the top trending topic in Kenya, with thousands of Kenyans recounting his legacy and wishing him a peaceful rest.President Uhuru Kenyatta eulogised Bukeko as a gifted storyteller whose contribution to the development of Kenya’s entertainment sector will be cherished forever.“Some truths in life are hard to accept.

Your memories will never be forgotten! Those will always remain with us forever. Rest in Power,” wrote comedian Eric Omondi.“Rest in peace Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula. You were a self-made man who epitomised the joy and optimism of Kenyans.

You made a huge contribution to the entertainment industry in Kenya. We will miss you. May God give peace, comfort and strength to your family and fans,” wrote Ezekiel Mutua. “I am lost for words. Rest well Papa Shirandula. 2020 is indeed a dark year,” said musician Suzanna Owiyo.It was gloomy at the Karen Hospital yesterday as the family and friends came to terms with the death of the veteran actor.



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