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If you miss me know that I am in heaven – Comedian Kasee’s last words



A video has emerged on social media of the late comedian Kasee that has aroused fan’s emotions.

The short clip is said to be of the comedian’s final interviews just months before his demise which occurred on Sunday, June 28, after he was found dead by the roadside.

If you miss me know that I am in heaven - Comedian Kasee's last wordsThe late Kasee was confirmed dead after he was found lying by the roadside. Photo: Glorious pictures
Source: UGC

In the video, Kasee was being interviewed by a local media and gave a goodbye that nobody thought meant anything, until now.

While bidding the filming crew goodbye, the late told his fans if they failed to find him, then they should know he’s in heaven.

“If you don’t find me, just know that I am in heaven or in Kinoo,” Kasee said while facing the camera.

When asked by the interviewer not to adhere to the call, Kasee responded saying:

“C’mon if its Jesus, I’ll just perform a somersault (accept his call),” he said amidst laughter.

The late Kasee’s remarks left many wondering if the young man saw what was coming.

The interview took place in Kinoo area, the same place the comedian was found dead after a reportedly drinking spree with friends.

Laugh Industry’s Ken Waudo speaking to said he believed the young man had drunk a contaminated drink which led this death.

His autopsy was to be done and confirm the exact cause of death which, until now, is yet to be revealed.

Kasee was a loving father of two young kids who had actually turned a new leaf in his life after starting a wholesale business before he turned back to his drinking ways which ultimately contributed to his demise.

The comedian was laid to rest on Saturday, June 4, in Matuu – Machakos county, Itumunduni village.


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VIDEO: Sauti Sol Polycarp’s wife’s cute baby bump video cracking ribs online



The Sauti Sol boy band is about to welcome their first baby in a few weeks and the team just can’t keep calm.

The band’s guitarist, Polycarp Otieno was the first to make a step towards starting a family with his wife Lady Mandy whom she wedded in November 2018.

Mr and Mrs Polycarp Otieno

This is going to be the couple’s first child as well as the music group’s first.

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Mandy has been holding on to her baby bump that keeps growing bigger and heavier by the day and it seems she is not far from gracing the delivery room.

Polycarp Otieno and wife Lady Mandy expectant

The team recently had a moment to come together and have some feel of the protruding belly and the session was crazy.

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Polycarp who had probably touched the baby bump numerous times, just to feel the unborn baby kick, kept his distance, capturing the adorable moment as Savara and Chimano kept Lady Mandy’s baby bump company.

From a distance, we can see the two artists shy away from holding and feeling the baby bump, seeming like a mystery to them and something out of this world.

Mouths agape, sitted by the edge of the seat and just trying to imagine what it is like in there. Meanwhile, Lady Mandy had slouched back on the couch to allow the two have their moment.

They take turns in feeling the baby bump before it’s Savara’s turn and the baby kicks and the artist quickly jerks back because it’s just unbelievable.

Mixed reactions

This left fans cracking their ribs expressing:

Hizo reactions ni priceless yani 😂😂

sowairina It really is miraculous isn’t it🤗♥️and also I’m seeing two👶🏽👶🏽is there something you’re not telling us🤗

Their reactions are so adorable! True brothers! Congratulations ❤️

I swear it’s the best feeling ever! A miracle

Aki mko na wanna😂😂😂awa wasee wanaeza lala wakiskiza mtoi aki bt i can feel the kafeeling furaha tele❤️🤣


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Jacque Maribe teams up with Sarah Mwangi for new show



When life gives you lemons make lemonade, so the saying goes.

And former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe appears to have adopted the mantra after announcing that she is soon set to start her own political show titled The Hot Seat.

Maribe, made the announcement on Friday on Instagram saying that she is now ready to get back on the spotlight after taking a sabbatical.

The Hot Seat will be aired online on social media.

“She’s back…after a sabbatical from your screens… And she’s bringing on the heat…raw conversations, political affiliations, in-depth inspiration… the heat is on, only on #TheHotSeat,” posted Jacque Maribe.

Speaking to Nairobi News on phone, Sarah Mwangi, the producer of the show, said that it will premiere on Sunday at 8pm with the first episode having Maribe just talking about her life experiences and journey to being a political journalist.

Sarah Mwangi, the show’s producers.

“The show launches on Sunday on YouTube and Facebook. Episode 1 will be basically Jacque sharing her story about her growing up and her love for political journalism. Going forward, the show will tackle political matters,” said Ms Mwangi.

Maribe decided to take a step back away from the spotlight after she was co-accused alongside her ex-boyfriend Jowie for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani in 2017.

However, Ms Mwangi says that now is the right time for her to continue with her passion which is being a journalist.

“Why not now? This whole Covid-19 situation has impacted on all of us. And not everything seems to be going right for most Kenyans. So Jacque felt that it was time to come out and do something and make our leaders accountable for their actions,” she went on.


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Jalang’o ‘snitches’ on Betty Kyallo’s relationship with ‘Somali guy’



Comedian Jalang’o seems to have let the cat out of the bag regarding the nature of the relationship between Betty Kyallo and her alleged ‘Somali Guy’ Alinur Mohammed.

Jalang’o posted a picture of himself together with Mohammed on Instagram.

He captioned the photo, “Hanging out with my brother in-law if you know you know….@honalinur.”

Betty then commented telling Jalang’o that it was not right what he did, followed by laughing emojis.

“Si Poa,” replied Betty.

Alinur has been suspected to be the ‘Somali guy’ that Betty dated for a while.

Media personality and businesswoman Betty Kyallo and Alinur Mohammed. PHOTO | COURTESY
Media personality and businesswoman Betty Kyallo and Alinur Mohammed. PHOTO | COURTESY

He (Alinur) came out to deny the claims.

However, the blossoming friendship between the two has been a subject of speculation on whether Mohammed is the ‘Somali guy’.

In fact, he commented on a picture of Betty together with her two sisters Mercy and Gloria while on a trip in Malindi referring to them as family.


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