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Kenyan man inspires people online after narrating how he made KSh 100k



Kenya has many small businesses which are in fact a source of employment for many Kenyans and contribute hugely to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

However, there are certain challenges that are specific to small businesses and some make it against all odds for their businesses to grow while others close up along the way.

Kenyan man inspires people online after narrating how he made KSh 100k by hawking sweetsDennis Gathee started his sweets business in late 2015 under a footbridge in Ruiru. Photo: Dennis Gathee
Source: Facebook

Being an entrepreneur can be quite frustrating as it is never a smooth sail especially when you run a business that barely pays you back and one Dennis Gathee knows this too well.

“I hope this story inspires just one human being who will someday say, “I read a post some time ago and it transformed me, I started something and here I am…” wrote Gathee.

Before he learnt how to save the little profit he got from his business, Gachee said in a Facebook post dated Tuesday, July 28, that he started his small business with only KSh 4,000.

With nothing other than a small stand and a small stock, Gathee started his sweets business in late 2015 under a footbridge in Ruiru along the Thika Superhighway.

He was determined to keep his business afloat but at some point in 2016, he lost focus with his savings and had to start all over again.

“This was me a few years back in Ruiru. I started with KSh 4,000 in late 2015. I was so determined in 2016 but somewhere along the line I lost track,” he wrote.


Kenyan man inspires people online after narrating how he made KSh 100k by hawking sweetsDennis Gathee said he started his small business with only KSh 4,000. Photo: Dennis Gathee.
Source: Facebook

This time around, determined and more focused, the entrepreneur started with only KSh 800 which he had saved in his M-Shwari account.

According to Gathee, it only took him 11 months to save KSh 100, 000 from his business

“I had to restart saving in February 2017 with only KSh 800 in M-Shwari…by December 12 2017, I had Kshs. 100,000 saved,” he said.

“I used to wake up at 4:30am so I can be at work by 6:00am then work till 7:00pm. You can do it! discipline, commitment, consistency and focus,” he concluded.

Gathee’s post was followed by a series of comments from his followers who had drawn inspiration from his short story of grass to grace.

Asked where his efforts and determination had got him, the businessman responded by saying he had got to a point where he always wanted to be and wondered if he could go any further.

Kenyan man inspires people online after narrating how he made KSh 100k by hawking sweetsIt only took Dennis Gathee 11 months to save KSh 100, 000 from his business. Photo: Dennis Gathee.
Source: Facebook

“Very far. I actually wonder if there is any farther I can go,” said Gathee.

While he promised his followers to share his current engagements soon, they had nothing but admiration for the entrepreneur whose purpose was to inspire them.

“If you want to kill a monkey do not look at his face, you will sympathise with it, I mean as much as we do not like our jobs, just see what it brings at the table, congratulations,” wrote Sammy Kwamesa

Well, there are many people running small businesses to strive themselves out of poverty by securing little cash for daily upkeep.

This has made it hard to enhance expansion in various areas and such conditions may be marked by poor household conditions.

However, Gathee seems to have overcome it all.


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Safe rides: Introducing the all-female taxi



Say you are a woman, it is 11pm and you need a taxi ride urgently. You may have heard horrendous stories of female passengers in a male driven taxi that makes you recoil and opt to cancel the ride, but you need it, and you are alone.

Getting in the taxi, worry knocks and you start having wild ideas of your escape plan, just in case. You check the child lock and confirm that your phone is charged, before sending a screenshot of your taxi details to a friend – if anything happens, they will have a clue of where to start.

Will it be comforting to say that you are not alone?

This comfort factor for women is in a female chauffeured taxi called An Nisa, a taxi company whose vehicles only carry women and children, limited to pre-teen male.

Fellow women

“I wanted a taxi service that would make women feel comfortable throughout their journey. Women are more maternal and women feel more comfortable being driven by fellow women,” says  Khawlah Habib, founder of An Nisa.

An Nisa, which means women in the Arabic language, is a solution to women and mothers who may have had insecurities when they use other taxi services.

Whilst the analogy of prevention being better than cure is mostly used in medicine, Ms Habib says it perfectly fits her idea of having a female passenger being driven by a woman.

“I did a lot of research and talked to a number of women who narrated their unpleasant experiences, which made me see the need of coming up with a female-only taxi,” says Ms Habib.

When it was launched in 2018, there were more than 1,000 downloads and requests to use their service within a week. Unfortunately, at the time this article was written, the app was under maintenance so all bookings are still made on call.

Affirmative nod

“Men also call me to let me know that the ladies in their lives, or children, would wish to use An Nisa as a mode of transport, and that tells you that the worry is felt by both genders,” says Ms Habib.

An Nisa today, has more than 50 female drivers that work mainly in Nairobi and Mombasa.

It is even a feel-good option for female taxi drivers. Beatrice Wambui, a 30-year-oldwho has been a taxi driver for ten years now, has an affirmative nod for the An Nisa experience.

Ms Wambui juggles between all the online taxi service providers available in Nairobi. But says: “Having an An Nisa client feels safe, because I already know it is a fellow woman coming on board.”

Although she may not be affected much when she uses the other online taxi services, the discrimination starts from the passenger.

“One time I got a client request for my ride, when I accepted the request and they found out that it was a woman behind the wheel, they cancelled, and I felt so bad,” Ms Wambui says.

Late night ride

With An Nisa, she says, the expectation and reality are usually in synchrony. So, once a client calls in, they know that it is a woman who will drive them, so they do not have any reservations because that is what they sign up for.

Ms Habib does not just employ any woman to be her driver.

“I prefer drivers who have driven for a while, say 10 years or more, not less and should comply with all NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) requirements.”

And for clients who may want a late night ride, or a very early ride; say to the airport, they make advanced booking so that safety precautions including the driver’s, are considered.


“I had to apply for a curfew pass that allows me to pick and drop off clients who travel in the wee hours of the night. With the pandemic, I insist that the client wears a face mask and sits on the back seat,” adds Ms Wambui.

For safety, An Nisa has partnered with Lady Askari, a company that offers protection services to women. The services, just like An Nisa, are provided by female trained security guards.


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MANY PHOTOS of the spectacular retirement home Sarah Kabu gifted her husband on his birthday



Kenya’s Bonfire adventures MD, Sarah Kabu did the unimaginable for her husband over the weekend, after making a multi-million purchase of a retirement home for her husband, a dream come true on his birthday.

The famous Jabo Jabo couple gave fans a look into their simple yet rich retirement home during the celebrations that went down in Olpajeta, Nanyuki.

Inside Kabus retirement home

The pair gave us a look of the home’s exterior, fitted with large glass windows as walls of the different rooms upstairs, each well furnished with rare exotic African furniture.

The Kabus on baecation

Surrounded with bushes and trees at a distance, the couple did not think much of having a fence around their home, open to all who would pay a visit, with a sign board at the entrance with the words “Welcome to The Kabus retirement home.”

The front yard graced the parking lot while the backyard would be where the couple hosted their social events. With long dining tables and outdoor canvas seats setting the mood for a communal feel, allowing us a view of the large projecting balcony the duo had to enjoy the priceless views of the wild.

Sarah gifts Simon Kabu dream retirement home

In the presence of close friends and family, Mr Kabu was treated to a magnificent birthday event by his wife, Sarah who made his dreams come true with the surprise of his dream retirement home in the wild.

For Simon, as they drove through bushes and thickets, he first thought they were having a bush lunch only to his surprise to discover that his wife had brought to reality, his plans to own a private getaway in the wild when he needed to unwind from the city’s hustling.

The Kabus

Every time the couple would visit the Olpajeta conservancy, Simon would always wishfully admire “ningetaka kuretire hii place” but after Corona happened, his plans stalled. Hardly did he know that his wife was busy taking huge bank loans to give him his dream retirement home. What a love!

Have a look at the Kabu’s rich retirement home.

The Kabus


Sarah &Simon Kabu

The Kabus getaway

Simon Kabu birthday

Mr Kabu birthday

Kabus’ retirement home

Inside The Kabus retirement home

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The Sun is now Setting on your Chance to be Part of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace



With only 26 plots measuring 1/4 acres remaining, the window to own a plot of land at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace is now closing. As this is happening, the cost of these plots is now set to move up by 20%.

Here is the good news though; you still have a chance to secure your property before this change takes effect.

As this window slowly closes, the value additions are tripling as we are now headed to start internal roads murruming before we finally lay cabro on the same streets. On the other hand, the Kenya Power contract to lay underground power is right on the heels.

At the same time, the Razor Wire installation on Wall of Happiness and Wall not Knowledge (1.4Km in length) is also set to start next week.

Meanwhile, we are heartily celebrating the completion of the four walls surrounding this top gated community in Kiambu (Wall of Peace, Wall of Wisdom, Wall of Happiness and Wall of Knowledge).

As we share this update, the laying of paving blocks (cabro) on a one acre gate-area is ongoing as you see on the accompanying photo.

This cabro works on the estate’s driveway has been designed to give all families and visitors coming into this gated community an inviting welcome.

Do you want to know how to be part of Optiven Family?

Call us now: 0790300300 or 0723400500

Experience the difference

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