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Lulu Hassan marks 11th wedding anniversary in style 




Celebrated Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan has excited and impressed many of her online fans after celebrating her wedding anniversary online in the best way possible.

The mother of three took to social media on Thursday, July 31, and shared several photos of her wedding and tagged her hubby while marking their 11th wedding anniversary.

Lulu, through her official Instagram account thanked God for seeing them through the years and expressed her disbelief on how time flies so fast.

The riveting TV queen also used the opportunity to wish all her Muslim followers a happy Eid al adha.

”It has been a minute . Happy Anniversary to us Mwajita and Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters❣❣,” she captioned several TBT photos from their wedding.

Her fans were impressed by the longevity of her marriage and duly congratulated the power TV couple on the comments section.

Lulu and Rashid got married in 2007 in a colourful Islamic wedding ceremony held in Majengo, Mombasa and Waa, Kwale county simultaneously.

The two partners met many years ago when they were working at Radio Salaam in Mombasa.

Lulu and hubby have been couple goals for many young people growing up who wish they can have what the two have when they grow up.

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‘We save 100k for our 2 kids every month,’ Size 8 reveals



Celebrated couple DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 are aways serving us couple goals.

The couple has two kids who are just popular as them and their daughter Ladasha Wambo is the number one celebrity kid with many flowers on social media.

She has 398k followers on Instagram.

Size 8 and DJ Mo’s daughter has featured in quite a number of adverts among them Softcare diapers and a detergent called Kleesoft together with her parents.

She is making good money at a young age.

The couple is investing heavily in the future of their children and while advising a guest couple, who want to spend Ksh 2 million on their wedding on the Dine with the Murayas show on Monday, Size 8 said,

‘For now, DJ Mo and I are saving for our kids’ education fund. Wambo has one for sh20,000, 30,000 and another one 10,000. it matures with time. Junior has one for Sh40,000, which is Sh 100,000 per month.’

Meaning per year they save 1.2 million for their kids’ education fund.

DJ Mo’s wife went ahead to advise the couple to invest wisely.

‘If you take this two million and put in an education fund for one kid… afadhali mfanye wedding ya Sh 1 million and the other million muweke kwa education fund,’ the mother of two said.


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’20 bob saved my family from sleeping hungry,’ Dr Kingori on tough upbringing



Media personality Dr Kingori has talked about how tough life was like growing up, for them it was the norm to sleep hungry on some days.

Talking during an interview on Churchill Show he said,

‘Kulala njaa ilikua kawaida. 

There is a day my brother saw me buy a packet of maize flour and my brother even created a song coz of how happy he was.

My dad was a carpenter and my mum was a casual labourer. 

My mum used to sell blouses and that meant that if she did not sell we were to sleep hungry.’


‘One day I helped babysit a kid who had been left with a neighbour, after I helped calm the baby the mum gave me a 20 bob coin.

That day my mum did not sell any blouses and we were to sleep hungry but luckily that coin bought us supper.

We bought unga at 13 bob, cooking oil was 2 shillings, while kales were being sold for 1 shilling.

That act of goodness (baby sitting) made us not sleep hungry that day.’

At some point Kingori’s father struggled with alcoholism, and that taught him a big lesson.

‘I learned that you are the one who choses from every situation. Right now my dad is my biggest fan.’

Like they say, never let your past determine your future.


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‘I’m in tears,’ The Kiuna’s celebrate as they welcome a grandson – Photo



Jubilee Celebration Church founder Allan Kiuna and his wife Kathy Kiuna has welcomed a new member into their family, a grandson.

Their daughter delivered a baby boy today.

An exited Kiuna took to his social media to share the photo of her grandson attached with a sweet message of gratitude.

‘I Am just in tears of gratitude to God as we welcome the most handsome grandson in the universe, ETHAN ALLAN!!!

TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!!! Please thank God together with me and @revkathykiuna and our family as we welcome the most incredible addition to our family.

God has done us so well, we have no words. Thank you very much for those who continue to pray and love us.

May God’s best be on the WULNER family. We love you so much!!!!! And gosh I can swear i used to look like that at that age🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kiuna grandson

Below are congratulatory messages from Kenyans.

miriamwangui92: Now my question is where is @revkathykiuna 🔥🔥🔥 I am sure mum is somewhere dancing and crying 😢…Congratulations to your entire family 👪 😘God keep Enlarging you…From very far we can see The lion of Kiuna in that little boy😘.

wacukasboutique_ke: How can such a little boy decide to look like you 💙😍😢💗 You are favoured indeed…Congratulations to your family…A prophet has for sure been Born👏👏👏👏👏❤️

amanda_msipa_sibanda: This is too precious, congratulations Bishop and Reverend 👏🏼

bagske7: Woow congratulations! We bless God for His Faithfulness!!!


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