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Rapcha The Sayantist reveals how Mzee Ojwang’ moulded his career



Radio presenter and stand-up comedian Francis Kibe alias Rapcha the Sayantist has revealed that the late Benson Wanjau, better known as Mzee Ojwang’ helped mould his career.

Celebrating his fifth death anniversary, Rapcha revealed that it was in 2001 when Mzee Ojwang’ offered him a chance that would play a big role in defining his future as an actor and comedian.

According to the presenter, at that time he was only a young actor who had broken through into the cast of Vioja Mahakamani, but was only doing fillers as he was not part of the main cast.

“He told me to go out there and shine in front of the crowd, and if it got difficult, he would come on stage and help me out. I went out there and 20 minutes later I returned backstage, and he took over on stage,” he said.

Rapcha was part of a group of KBC actors led by Mzee Ojwang’ that went to perform at an Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) show in Nairobi. He further revealed that he was given the task of collecting entrance fees as the group entertained show-goers with various acts. When the place was full, Rapcha left his station at the entrance to inform Mzee Ojwang’ that it was time to go on stage as the crowd was eagerly anticipating him.

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Mzee Ojwang’, however, wasn’t keen on taking to the stage just yet and instead, offered Rapcha the chance to entertain the crowd before he wrapped up the show.

“It was very important for me because it was what actually showed me that I could do it on my own, that I could entertain without being part of a group. That is when I started getting more into stand-up comedy as well,” he added.

Commenting about the current comedy industry, Rapcha noted that back then, it was easier for upcoming talent to emerge and thrive.

“All I am saying is, in that generation, no one tried to own the industry and this allowed for new talents to constantly emerge. At the moment, you have to ask yourself where the comedians who are not part of various cliques are supposed to go,” he noted.

Mzee Ojwang’ died of pneumonia while in the hospital in July 2015. He was aged 78 years old.

Before his death, Mzee had played key roles in local programmes Vitimbi, Vioja Mahakami, Vituko and Kinyonga among others.


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Deep-Dive Analysis: Studying Master’s At The University Of Tampa




Have you ever wondered what it takes to study your master’s in America?. Well, in this episode of Success With Bob Mwiti Show, I take a deep-dive analysis of taking your master’s at The University Of Tampa. If you like my work, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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KCB closes branch after envoy collapses and dies



Kenya Commercial Bank has shut down one of its main branches after a South Sudanese envoy collapsed and died.

Confirming the Thursday afternoon incident KCB, in a statement, said it had opted to close KCB Advantage center at Kencom House along Moi avenue indefinitely.

The bank revealed that it had already reported to police the matter involving 66-year-old Michael Nyang Jook, the South Sudanese ambassador to Eritrea.

“We regret to confirm that a customer at our KCB Advantage Branch, Moi Avenue, Nairobi collapsed and died this afternoon during a visit to the branch. The incident was reported to the police, and they took over the matter,” the statement read in part.

According to the police report, the ambassador collapsed after complaining he was experiencing difficulty in breathing.

The incident was reported at the Central Police Station under OB/22/102020.

On the shutdown, KCB said, “We encourage our customers to visit our other Advantage Centres or use alternative banking touchpoints such as cash recyclers, ATMs, cash deposit machines, Mobi, KCB M-Pesa, Vooma and internet banking.”

The KCB management also sent message of condolences to the family of the deceased.

“We condole and stand with the family during this difficult time,” the statement concluded.

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Othuol Othuol’s final journey commences at KNT



The late comedian Ben Maurice Onyango alias Othuol Othuol, who passed on while receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), will be laid to rest on Saturday at Got Gaga village, Ndere in Alego, Siaya County.

Comedians In Kenya Society chairman Ken Waudo said the hearse carrying the late Churchill Show rib cracker left Chiromo Mortuary on Friday morning for its first stopover at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) Tree Yard for the first funeral service.

The funeral service, Waudo said, is being held while strictly observing Covid-19 restrictions before the body commences the journey to his Siaya final resting place.

“We would like to thank all friends, family and fans who stood with us, as well as all the entertainment fraternity, more so comedians, with a special mention to Churchill and Jalang’o for their immense support and being on the frontline to mourn greatly our colleague. Also political leaders who came in handy,” said Waudo.

On Wednesday evening, Kenyan comedians held a candlelit vigil at KNT for the late comedian led by Churchill and Jalang’o and which also acted as a fundraiser.

The comedians were also joined by a section of celebrities from different sectors as well as the fallen comedian’s fans as they also sought to offset his burial expenses.

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According to Waudo, the funeral committee had put a budget of Sh1 million to cater for all the burial expenses and to offset Othuol’s debts.

The comedian died at the age of 31.


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