Bien of Kenyan boys band Sauti Sol has talked about how watching his dad battle depression after losing his job shaped his life.

Speaking in a recent forum ‘Engage Talk’ Bien said the events surrounding his childhood scarred him for life

‘Those events scarred me for life, it changed my relationship with money.

Today everything I get helps me appreciate the need of delayed gratification.

Sometimes when I give am reminded of how my father gave and no one came to his rescue when he needed help.

I ask myself if I will ever get into such a position where I need help and no one helps.’

Bien added that the events also shaped him to become a better husband

“You are never going to hear stories of Bien popping bottles in a club on his tab,”It changed me as a husband .

I can’t imagine my wife Chiki looking at me the same way my mum looked at my dad when things hit rock bottom.

My mothers name is Grace and the fall from grace was very hard on my family. ‘

Bien said that it’s during that difficult time that he and his family were able to know their true friends even among relatives.

‘Relatives who cared stick stuck around.

They would come and give encouragement give handouts. When I look at my mum I understand the meaning of ‘ In sickness and in health’.

She taught me that despite all that she went through brighter days were yet to come.

A lot of my friends wanted to come and visit but I did not want them to see our new situation.

My parents on different occasions sent me to send their CV’s on their behalf but the answers were always negative.

Watching my parents give up was hard.’

Having been abandoned by his friends Bien’s dad struggled

‘I was angry ,why were all the friends my dad bought booze, all the relatives he helped.

We owed many shops money and it reached a point where we could not borrow anymore.

But that situation left us with a lot of lessons as well.’


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