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Chiloba warns Akombe against testifying on Msando’s murder




Former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Commissioner Roselyn Akombe who recently disclosed that her murdered colleague Chris Msando was led to his slaughter by IEBC officials has exposed an email she received from her former boss, Ezra Chiloba 3 days ago.

In a statement complete with a screenshot of the email, Akombe revealed that the former IEBC CEO had warned her after she expressed interest in testifying in the mured of the commission’s former ICT boss who met his death barely a week to the 2017 general elections.

The email was direct to the point, warning her to keep off the matter.

“Do not attempt to rewrite history. Our silence is not your license,” read the email.

In light of the warning, Akombe asserted that it is even more important that she testifies in a bid to get justice for Msando and let Kenyans know the truth.

“It confirms my call for an inquiry. Kenyans deserve the truth. I owe it to you,” read her response.

Fiery opposition activist, Dr. Miguna Miguna backed Akombe, alleging that Chiloba is an arrogant criminal and linking him to the Chris Msando tragedy.

“Stay strong, my sister. Ezra Chiloba is an arrogant CRIMINAL who lured Chris Msando for Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and other murderers like Karanja Kibicho and @FredMatiangi; stole the 2017 elections and our money for them; and ruined lives. His time is coming, just like Kivuitu’s”. Wrote Miguna.

Akombe took to Twitter on Thursday, painfully recounting how Msando was led to his death and maintaining that she is ready to testify in an inquest into his murder.

“Painful that instead on this day three years ago, your own colleagues led you to the slaughterhouse. Like Judas, they sold you for thirty cents,” wrote Akombe.

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Three Days to Go before AR price Tilt – Grab Your Inheritance Today



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Where have you ever seen strategic Gardens in several portions of the development? Not one, not two but many. All planted with fruits – this is what we call a legacy project.

This gated community is more than just a project with its top security, wide Road networks and ready titles.

We just completed the four walls surrounding this environment friendly community in Kiambu (Wall of Peace, Wall of Wisdom, Wall of Happiness and Wall of Knowledge).

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Help me find my child, desolate father pleads over missing daughter



Joseph Koko clings tenderly onto the bittersweet birthday message his 13-year-old daughter Monicah Atieno, wrote him a few months ago.

“My dad is the best man in the world. My dad is the best father one could have. He brings joy to those who are sad and inside him is full of love,” reads the heart-rending message Atieno wrote to her father.

The young Atieno has been missing since August 6 but Koko believes she is still alive. Everyday he prays and hopes for his daughter’s safe return.

The seven weeks since Atieno vanished have been nothing short of hell.“I am not at peace. I feel like my daughter is looking for a way to get in touch with me. Life has become meaningless. I have lost my appetite for food and pleasures of life. When I remember that my daughter might be locked up in a basement, sad and alone, it breaks my heart,” Koko says.

Koko says that Atieno disappeared on August 6 this year in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

On the material day, Koko and his daughter were to travel back to Mombasa County after President Uhuru Kenyatta had lifted the ban on travel outside Nairobi.

Even though Koko stays in Mombasa and Atieno schools at Gates Academy in Homa Bay County, the pair found themselves stuck in Nairobi when President Kenyatta imposed a ban on movement, in March.

“When schools closed in March, I asked some of my relatives to pick Monicah from school but they didn’t have time so I went for her myself. I also had some business to do in Nairobi. Before we could travel back to Mombasa, the partial lockdown came into force and we were stuck,” a pensive Koko says.

When that happened, Koko explains that they were hosted by a friend. However, in August, when the ban on travel was lifted, Koko decided to travel back home with Atieno.

Before travelling, he took the daughter to her uncle’s home in Umoja 3 so she could spend time with her mother who lives nearby. Koko and Atieno’s mother separated when she was young but he felt it was good if the two spent some time together while in Nairobi.

A picture of the missing Monica Atieno. 

When Atieno’s mother failed to turn up after three days, Koko went to pick his daughter. That morning, they traveled from Umoja to Nairobi’s CBD to make travel arrangements.

On that day, August 6, father and daughter went to a cyber café in Nacico Chambers, where he left her in the company of a friend as he went to make travel arrangements.

“After leaving, my daughter followed me. I told her to go back and bring my bag. I then instructed her to return to the cyber cafe and wait for me,” Koko recollects.

He then went to a cyber café with better internet speeds to book bus tickets online. When he was done, less than an hour later, he returned to the other cyber café, and was shocked not to find Atieno.

“I returned less than hour later and was told she followed me. I told them it can’t be because my daughter always follows my instructions.

“I concluded that she probably went back where we were staying because the cyber cafe was full of people,” Koko says.

After failing to find her, Koko went to preach outside the Kenya National Archives, hoping her daughter would be back soon.

But when he went back to the cyber café and she was not back, he sensed something was amiss.

Troubled, he went back to Umoja to check if the girl was there. But she was not. It is then that it hit him that the girl was missing.

On August 7, Koko made a report at the Central Police Station in Nairobi. The matter was recorded under OB number 102/07/08/2020.

However, he says the police have been of little help, as they keep referring him to different departments without any progress.

When contacted, the Central Police Station OCDP Mark Wanjala told The Standard that the detectives at the department had reviewed CCTV footage and interviewed several parties including the missing girl’s parents and the people at the cyber but were yet to get any leads.

However, Wanjala said the police are looking at the possibility that the girl is with a close relative.

But Koko strongly believes his daughter may have been kidnapped. What makes him even more suspicious, is that Monicah had made strange reports of people following her.

“Monicah told me men in caps were monitoring her movements. We used to stay in Riruta Satellite then.

“She was studying at Bridge International but transferred to Riruta Satellite. I opted to be walking her to school, but when I moved to Mombasa in 2019, I enrolled her at Gates Academy, a boarding school in Homa Bay County,” Koko says.

He says that Atieno may have been kidnapped, probably by the people who were trailing her.

With nowhere to turn, he opted to circulate information about Monicah’s disappearance on social media, but that too has not yielded any results.

Broken, he is now counting on Kenyans to help him locate his dear Monicah.


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How nuns wrested key hospital from US priest



A ten-year battle over control of multi-billion shilling St Mary’s Mission Hospital between a US priest and nuns ended on Friday after the Court of Appeal ruled in the sisters’ favour.

The court ordered that the property in Nakuru and Nairobi be transferred to a limited liability company — St. Mary’s Mission Hospital Nairobi — that is directly linked to the Nuns.

The judges in a 65-page judgment, noted that the company would eventually endow, maintain and manage the hospitals. They noted that the absolute ownership of the hospitals would be eventually vested in the company.

The court directed that Dr William Charles Fryda and the sisters jointly oversee the handover of the hospitals from the sisters to the company and ensure that it is fully vested with the ownership and management of the same.

Surprisingly, the subscribers and directors of the company are members of the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi (ASN).

The judgment was made by Justices Asike Makhandia, Kathurima M’Inoti and Agnes Murgor.

The appeal by Fryda concerned the legal ownership, control and management of St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata founded in 1999 and St Mary’s Mission Hospital Elementaita that was opened in 2007.

The priest appealed against a decision by Justice Sila Munyao of Environment and Lands Court in Nakuru.

In the judgement, Justice Munyao said the properties were not held by the sisters in trust for Fryda and ordered that it be transferred to the company.

Fryda, a medical doctor and a citizen of the United States of America filed a suit against ASN and St Mary’s Mission Hospital Nairobi in 2010.

He claimed that in 1998 he sought for land in Nairobi specifically to put up a hospital to cater for the poor. He ended up buying St Mary’s Langata at Sh38 million.

Transfer the property

To actualise his vision, he paid for the incorporation and registration of St Mary’s Mission Hospital Nairobi as a limited liability company.

However, since the company was yet to be registered when he bought it, he agreed with ASN, that the title deed be registered in their name with the understanding that the nuns would later transfer the property to a body he was to register.

The priest said he started development of the property with his money and that from friends and donors. He said he spent Sh553 million on the project. Later in Elementaita, he spent Sh365 million.

Back then, Dr Fryda worked at Nazareth Hospital in Limuru before stepping down in 1995 to put up a new mission hospital.

According to him, in 1997, some land became available and he was in talks with donors for two years about his hospital vision.

Then, he had not created a legal entity under which the land could be registered. Since he was not a Kenyan citizen, he did not wish to buy the land in his name.

He therefore, asked Sister Maria Felix Mwikali of ASN to register the land under ASN on the understanding they would hand over the property to the company he intended to form once registered.

From his mission, he said he wrote a cheque of Sh5 million in the name of ASN being a deposit for the land on December 11, 1997.

He later learnt that the land would be held in the name of the Catholic Church which he was not agreeable to. He thus asked ASN to refund the money which was done in October 1998.

In mid-1998 he bought 10-acre land in Langata at Sh1.8 million an acre. He later acquired another parcel of land at the same place.

ASN on their part said the hospitals were as a result of a collaborative meeting between them and Maryknoll Fathers and brothers which Dr Fryda was linked to. It was agreed that ASN would be legal owners of the hospitals. They denied that Fryda paid for the properties alone.

They further said ASN was solely responsible for the formation and incorporation of the company.

ASN through Sister Marie Gacambi denied claims that they held property in trust for Dr Fryda. Gacambi said they contributed to the projects by acquiring, constructing and maintaining them from their own resources.

She said ASN together with Fryda, developed the Hospital Management Procedures. With regard to the developments on the parcels of land she said Fryda played the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Fully trusted

From the evidence, the Judges said it cannot be disputed that at the beginning of 1997 Fryda and ASN fully trusted each other.

The relationship they noted was founded on a common purpose to establish a hospital that would provide quality health care for the poor.

To date it was unclear what caused the misunderstandings.

“But to us it was all about egos, high handedness and not control by both parties. What is clear though is that the relationship between the appellant (Fryda) broke down irretrievably and led to this litigation,” stated the judges.


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