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City pastor to hang for murdering his pregnant girlfriend



A preacher, who killed his girlfriend eight years ago, will spend his life in prison after the Court of Appeal upheld death sentence that was imposed by the trial court.

Pastor Paul Ng’ang’a Wanjiru of Well of Faith Ministries in Gatina, Dagoretti, was found guilty of murdering Caroline Chanjira in 2012 following a spat over child support.

Evidence by government pathologist, Dr Johansen Oduor showed that Chanjira died because of a head injury. The victim also had neck injuries which the pathologist said were caused by an iron cable in an attempt to strangulate.

She had stab wounds on the forehead and face caused by a pointed or sharp object and defensive injuries on the back of her hand, indicating there was a struggle.

While giving their evidence, the prosecution said that after the attack, the victim sought help from some security guards who were on their way to Racecourse, Karen.

The victim informed them that she had been assaulted by three people in a vehicle that they had just passed.

The security guards drove back and found Pastor Wanjiru and his guitarist James Mutunga. Their clothes were drenched in blood.

Pastor Wanjiru and Mutunga explained that they had just been attacked by thugs and requested the security guards to take them to a police station. The guards agreed to do so, but Pastor Wanjiru requested to lock his car first.

Instead, he disappeared into the forest on Ngong road.

The victim succumbed to her injuries within a few hours of the assault in the Intensive Care Unit at Kenyatta National Hospital.

At the time of her death, Chanjira, who was an employee of a city hotel, was four months pregnant and a mother of another child aged eight at that time.

False report
After fleeing the scene, the pastor reported at the Muthangari Police Station, the same night, that he had been carjacked near Junction on Ngong road by two people armed with a pistol.

Those people, he claimed, were in the company of a woman. He claimed they robbed him of Sh4,000 and forced him to drive his vehicle to Lenana School.

In the meantime, the OCS in Karen, after learning of the attack on Chanjira, communicated with all officers commanding stations within Nairobi, enquiring whether any person had reported a case of robbery.

Alphonzo Ngundo, the OCS at Muthangari Police Station confirmed from his report desk that indeed the preacher had already reported a case of robbery and had thereafter proceeded to Mid Hill Hospital for treatment.

Mr Ngundo dispatched two officers to the hospital where they arrested the pastor. He had an injury on the forehead and his clothes were bloodstained.

A DNA analysis conducted by Dr Paul Waweru Kang’ethe on the blood found on the pastor and his guitarist matched the victim’s DNA profile.

After the trial, the guitarist was acquitted while the pastor was sent to the hangman. In his sworn defence, Mr Muia said the victim’s injuries were caused by the preacher inside the vehicle. During the scuffle, the third person in the car alighted and disappeared.

The pastor appealed against his sentence arguing that the prosecution case was built entirely on circumstantial evidence, which did not precisely point to him as the one who murdered the deceased.

He also faulted the trial court for convicting him of murder without proof of motive, malice and for relying on the statement made by the victim to the security guards that she had been assaulted in his vehicle.

He told the court that he did not know Chanjira and had never met her before.

But justices Mohammed Warasame, Kathurima M’Inoti and Sankale Ole Kantai ruled that there were no gaps in the prosecution case that would have undermined the appellant’s conviction.

The judge also found there was no bias on the part of the trial judge.

“The conduct of the appellant and the nature of the injuries inflicted on the deceased are clear indications that he intended to kill the deceased or to inflict on her grievous injuries,” said the judges.


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Man who married at 21 after wife rejected him thrice breaks down 11 years love



You have often heard the wise saying marriage is not a bed of roses and going by the rising divorce numbers in Kenya, this statement could not be any truer.

By the end of 2019, Milimani Law Courts’ civil registry, which registers divorces recorded 1,109 divorces and in January and February 2020 alone, 244 divorces had already been filed.

Kenyan man who married at 21 narrates high and lows of marriage 11 years down the line

Robert and his wife Lucy tied the knot in their early 20’s. Photo: Ndungu Nyoro.
Source: Facebook

But for Robert and Lucy, they chose to stick to each other even in moments when divorce seemed like it was the easy way out and their love story left many inspired that indeed, marriage works.

How they met

Speaking to philanthropist Ndungu Nyoro in his popular segment dubbed #inspirationThursday, Robert admitted he grew up a shy boy and was even convinced, at some point in his life, that he was never meant for relationship and love.

“I also had this deep feeling it had to do with my physical appearance, as I was really thin and broke as well. Honestly, it was tough to get a girlfriend,” he narrated.

Kenyan man who married at 21 narrates high and lows of marriage 11 years down the line

The man and woman grew up in Kayole and went to similar schools. Photo: Ndungu Nyoro.
Source: Facebook

His love for Lucy was not hard to come by given they grew up in the same hood in Kayole, but they lost contact when his now wife’s family relocated to another area.

The universe was definitely conspiring for them to be together because they both bumped into each other in 2007 in a matatu and exchanged contacts to keep in touch.

By this time, the young Robert was not stable financially to afford expensive dates but would invite the young lady into his place for lunch and dinner.

He had also started getting attracted to his beautiful childhood friend, who was a small business owner in Ngara by then.

Kenyan man who married at 21 narrates high and lows of marriage 11 years down the line

Lucy turned down Robert’s proposal three times but she eventually accepted. Photo: Ndungu Nyoro.
Source: UGC

Robert gathered couraged and asked Lucy to his girlfriend and he was instead slapped with a huge “NO” by the lady who wanted to concentrate on building herself first.

“I asked her for the second time and she said ‘NO’ and that it couldn’t happen. My spirit was dampened and I felt like there was something so wrong with me,” he said.

Undeterred, Robert tried the third time to ask Lucy to be his and, your guess is as good as mine, he was met with another rejection.

They both started a studio business together and it was during their interactions in the shop that the relentless young man popped the question again and fortunately, the lady accepted to be his girlfriend.

Kenyan man who married at 21 narrates high and lows of marriage 11 years down the line

They now own various businesses in Kigali Rwanda and their marriage is flourishing. Photo: Ndungu Nyoro.
Source: UGC

Marriage and challenges

Not long after that that the smitten couple, aged 20, for Lucy and Robert 21, tied the knot in a traditional wedding in 2009

They said though their parents were concerned about their young ages, they still supported them.

Their first hurdle in marriage was finances since their studio was not earning them much and secondly, Lucy had a troublesome first pregnancy.

After the birth of their child, Robert felt forsaken since Lucy’s attention was for the baby only and gradually, they started falling apart and they would even go for days without talking to each other.

Kenyan man who married at 21 narrates high and lows of marriage 11 years down the line

Robert said communication has helped them remain strong in their marriage. Photo: Ndungu Nyoro.
Source: UGC

Heated arguments

One time, when they had an argument, they almost completely gave up on the union but lucky for them, a neighbour intervened and they talked and decided to forgive each other.

Now, 11 years together and parents to two adorable boys, the couple are business owners of a consultancy firm in Kigali, Rwanda and other businesses and the best part is that their love has never been so alive as it is.

For them, they do not regret marrying young and they said communication and openness have been some of the values that have kept their love strong for more than a decade.

“We don’t keep secrets, we prefer being open to each other. When it comes to finances and running the business, she does the budgets and planning,” he said.


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Optiven Foundation Spreads hope to the vulnerable Amidst Covid Pandemic



As we gear towards alleviate poverty levels in our society, the Optiven Foundation has reached out to support
FLOMINA children’s home. Located in Nairobi’s Soweto area, the home was the recipient of assorted food stuffs including cereals, pulses and vegetable oil.

More than 65 vulnerable children some who are orphaned , abandoned or living with HIV & AIDs, got reasons to smile courtesy of Optiven Foundation.

As the eyes on the community, the Foundation’s desire is to transform & improve the livelihood of the vulnerable families in our society. This is by offering them support that includes basic food stuff. We thank all those who support the optiven vision of economically and socially empowering the communities

How to Easily Partner & Be a Philanthropist TODAY

1. Support a deserving needy person.
Mpesa Paybill: 898 630.
Account name: Donation

2. ( like our page & drop a comment) if a beneficiary, drop us a review & rate us

For more information reach us on +254 718 776 033 or |

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Usicheze na designers! Mammito speaks after wardrobe malfunction



Comedian Mammito Eunice has responded to trolls, who criticised her dress code on her birthday dinner.

Mammito, who’s Eddie Butita’s girlfriend wore a long red dress but her fans weren’t happy.

They criticised her stylist, with some advising her to ditch them.

Mammito Eunice

Well, responding to fashion cops, she wrote,

Ati kuna ma ding’oing’o hawapendi hii dress 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Guess what nitaivaa tena

Her fans commented on her post and still insisted that she shouldn’t wear the dress again.

Check out their reactions;

wi.nfred Honestly your designer should be arrested.

vybianaciiko “Kwedaa wewee… ni kabayaa” (in teacher wanjiku’s voice)🙈🤣😂🤣.

njambi_wa_chege Accept positive criticism…hio dress ni mbaya tu.

ruth_njeri But they are telling the truth 🙌take it and fire your designer.

_m.u.s.i.e.g.a Woiye usivae tena😂 wachana nayo tu😂

tinahbulah2 Sawa unaezavaa tena na tena but ukilala😂

eddah.wanjiru I noticed but I thought ni ile yako ya kuact mama Fulani hivi. If for real. It was a serious one…….. Wacha niache tu

lizgathu We love you we hate the dress …… inakaa ya watu wa ushago, you’re way classier

nandiekweya unakaa prophets wa church fulani😂

rachezshiz It’s horrible I was wondering if it was your jokes or it’s really you on your true birthday 🙈🙈

jade_bobographer Hii ni situation ya ‘What you order verses What you get’ 🤣

maryancemwaura Ungeandika nasikia hampendi cz ka Kuna mwenye amekwambia iko sawa ndiye ndingoingo😂😂

wangui6631 Haki unakaa cartoon

thedadisgal Hii nayo ulituangusha na usitupige chupa😂

p.u.f.f_dzaddy I hope this is a joke too because the dress was a joke

annita Me I love you na siezi kushow uongo hii 👗 nayo ziiih

jackieangoli I thought you were making a funny SDA clip kumbe ilikua ya party🤦‍♀️


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