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‘Dating sponsors for a better life is prostitution,’ shouts Pastor Burale



The pressure to keep up with Instagram’s perfect moments is real. This has led many young people especially women to date older men who will finance that lifestyle.

They are living like tomorrow is not guaranteed, their mantra is ‘Fake it till you make it’.

During a show on Switch TV young women confessed on why they are dating older men (sponsors) despite their young age and the reasons they gave were shocking.

One of the girls stated that she met ‘Mr Right’ on Instagram and that she is with him because he supports her lavish lifestyle.

She says,

For us young people we are not looking for a happily ever after. most of us are looking for stability.  I prefer dating older men than me. I find guys my age very childish.

I met him on Instagram and we have been together for six months and so far so good.


Another Kenyan lady added,

Its all about building a brand on social media, I might meet this guy who is older than me and I might not be interested in him I will only use him to get money.

She defends her decision by admitting that you cannot keep asking your parents for things especially if they are not primary needs.

To get my hair and nails done, you cannot tell your parents that you want to change your hairstyle everyday. Its all about building a brand and what better way to achieve this than to look for a sponsor?”

Well, Pastor Burale who was in the panel was not impressed and here was his response.

What is the need of having a long term plan while putting your health at risk that you may not be alive long enough to actualize your plan?

For the lady who said you are just using the men,would you go to Koinange and sell your body?

In conclusion, Burale adds that dating an older man is just sugarcoated ‘whoring’.

That is exactly what you are doing in an educated manner. The ladies who are in Koinange also use men to get money for the same things as you are doing.

Burale advised,

Its the same business different geographical areas. One thing I want to encourage you is, if you know who you are on the inside clothes don’t make you. identity is an inside job.


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Kenya Airways resume flights to Tanzania 




The national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ) has announced a resumption of flights to Tanzania after lifting a ban that had been imposed on local aviation operators.

KQ has announced that it will operate two daily flights to Dar es Salaam and three weekly flights to Zanzibar.

The first after-lockdown flight was made to Dar es Salaam on Monday while flights to Zanzibar are expected to return from this coming Saturday.

While announcing the resumption of flights, KQ’s Group CEO Allan Kilavuka said the connectivity is crucial to both economies.

“We are pleased to resume our services to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar following this announcement by the Tanzanian Government. Tanzania is critical to both Kenya and East Africa’s economic growth and we look forward to our continued collaboration,” he said.

The Tanzanian government, on Wednesday last week announced a lifting of the ban initially imposed to local carriers after a decision by Kenya to exempt arrivals from Tanzania from forced quarantine.

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Sakaja reveals how he owned Mercedes Benz in campus




Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has revealed how he got to own a new Mercedes Benz while still in campus.

Sakaa revealed that after joining Univeristy of Nairobi he got into student politics which afforded him privileges such as nice rooms and being able to set up businesses around the school.

Luckily, while he was the chairman of SONU, he landed a role in former President Mwai Kibaki’s administration.

“The first time I met Kibaki was in 2006 after the referendum. He asked to hear my dreams about the country and I started working with him.

“We established the Vijana na Kibaki initiative and started mobilising in universities and that is how I bought my first car a green Mercedes Benz,” he explained.

In the run up to the 2007 election, he took a lead role in rallying support for the presidential secretariat and during the 2008 post-election crisis.

Sakaja’s resolve to see a solution found resulted in him addressing President Mwai Kibaki’s Cabinet at the age of 22.

At the age of 24, Sakaja had written a section of the 2010 constitution.

When he came up with the formula for the delimitation of constituencies.

Sakaja had been consulted by Nancy Gitau, who was State House’s political advisor.

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She asked him for his views on the said topic and he responded that he would think about it and advice.

When the team that was working on the draft laws retreated to Naivasha, he represented PNU whereas ODM had brought a very senior professor.

Kibaki and the rest of the team were so impressed by the 24-year-old that they chose Sakaja’s proposal over the professor’s.

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Zuchu denies dating Diamond Platnumz 




Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) singer Zuhura Kopa popularly known as Zuchu has denied claims that she is in a relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking during an interview on Wasafi FM, Zuchu described the rumours as baseless adding that if there was a relationship with Diamond, there would have been proof.

“Kwanza ukiangalia ndani ya WCB hakuwezi kuwa na maneno kama hayo kwa sababu hakuna kielelezo na hio story haina muendelezo.

“Tunajua watu walivyo wafuataliaji, trust me kama ningekuwa na any inappropriate relationship na boss, kipo kitu kingeonesha Ushahidi lakini watu wamebase kwenye vielelezo vya promotion ambayo kama ukingalia wasanii wote duniani wa kike wanaofanya vizuri management zao ziliwekeza kweli kweli,”said Zuchu.

She added that instead of people appreciating the WCB boss for investing in a young talents, they have focused on negative things about him.

Zuchu further said that Diamond Platnumz has never disrespected her in any way, and that he is more of a big brother to her.

“Kwa hivyo mi naona badala ya kumpongeza mtu kama boss kwa kuwekeza kwa msichana mdogo kama mimi watu wamnataka kutumia ile nafasi kuweka negativity which is not right. Boss wangu hajawai kunivunjia heshima. I’m saying this with all my heart. He’s a brother and a brother indeed. He has never been inappropriate, hajawahi,” added Zuchu.

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Rumours that Zuchu has been having an affair with her boss Diamond Platnumz have been a topic of discussion especially in Tanzania.

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