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DPP Haji orders immediate arrest of Migori Governor Okoth Obado




DPP Noordin Haji has directed the immediate arrest and prosecution of Migori Governor Okoth Obado and 23 others over embezzlement of county funds.

Four of Obado’s children and county staff said to be accessories of Obado’s theft will also be arrested.

According to a statement by Haji, Obado used proxies to unlawfully benefit a total of Sh73 million from companies trading with the county.

It is alleged that the governor received multiple payments through his children’s accounts between 2014 and 2017.

“The audit trail of the money revealed that companies wired Sh39 million to the governor’s children accounts which was used to pay school fees, upkeep and medical bills in Australia, Scotland and the UK, ” Haji said.

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Sankok removed from powerful committee days after promising to support DP Ruto




Jubilee Party nominated Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok has been removed from the National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity Committee, where he has been serving as a member.

His removal was announced on Tuesday, by National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi following a request by the Jubilee Party’s Majority Whip.

“I wish to report to the House that my Office is in receipt of a letter dated 25th September, 2020 from the Majority Party Whip, notifying that the Jubilee Party has discharged The Hon.

“David Ole Sankok, MP from the select Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity, where he has been serving as member,” said Speaker Muturi.

He noted that having gone through the report on his removal, he was satisfied that the Party followed due process.

“I am satisfied that the process leading to the discharge met the requirements set out in Standing Order 176. Accordingly, the discharge of the said Member takes effect immediately,” said the Speaker.

This follows a series of other removals that have seen Jubilee MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto removed from crucial Parliamentary committees.

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ODM calls out the gov’t over Sh8 billion debt




Orange Democratic Movement party on 29 September 2020 called out the government for failure to fully pay them their debt amounting to Sh8 billion.

The party which is led by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga stated that it had received a total of KSh 1.6 billion from government, donors, and public contributions for the period under review.

However, the party’s Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna called out the government stating that based on the annual disbursements from the National Treasury; it could take 40 years for the government to settle the huge debt.

“The debt owed to ODM party by treasury now stands at Kshs.7.7B shillings. This financial year Parliament allocated 200M only towards the settlement of the debt meaning it will take close to 40 years to fully pay up at that rate,” stated Sifuna.

This came after ODM published its statement of comprehensive income for the year ended June 30, 2020.

According to the statement, KSh 304 million was used in administrative, financial costs, branch support, campaigns, civic education, conferences, and advocacy expenses.

As of June 30, members’ owed debt stood at KSh. 38 million with the government yet to disburse KSh 7.7 billion which stacked up from 2011 as part of the political parties’ fund.

The statement revealed that the Political Parties fund owed ODM Ksh7,625,909,103 as of June up from Ksh6,554,904,206 in 2019.

ODM received Ksh69,908,190 through public contributions and donations, down from Ksh78,506,208 in the previous period.

There was an increase in the expenditure on conferences and meetings from Ksh10,536,170 in 2019 to Ksh30,565,816.

However, Administrative expenses dropped from Ksh170,767,810 in 2019 to Ksh114,477,150 in 2020 but campaign expenses increased to Ksh59,540,389 from Ksh19,938,978.

In 2019, ODM filed a case in the High Court arguing they had been receiving KSh. 100 million from the National Assembly for over four years from 2011 to 2016 contrary to the figure set by law. The case was thrown out.

However, the party filed it at the Court of Appeal which ordered the parliament to pay them KSh 4 billion at that time.

The Political Parties Act 2011 sets an allocation of not less than 0.3 % for political parties.

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DP Ruto ejects MP seating beside him




Deputy President William Ruto evicted Ben Washiali, Mumias East MP, who was seated next to him during a rally in Bumula, Bungoma, to pave the way for a disabled man on Monday the 28th of September 2020.

The man had courageously approached Ruto and requested a chance to speak with him.

As Boni Khalwale, former Kakamega senator, made his speech; the man crawled until he got to where the DP was.

All this while, Ruto’s security team did not try to stop the man.

Ruto instructed the Mumias east Mp to find somewhere else to sit as he talked with the citizen.

The DP has continuously expressed his love for people with disabilities as he recently hosted their leaders at his Karen home on the 22nd of September 2020.

During the Rally, DP Ruto also pledged his support to people living with special needs.

He further promised to promote equal fundamental rights to the special community.

Ruto went on to assure the community that he will push for them to receive equal tender opportunities.

This would, in turn, also help in leveling and scaling their economic conditions despite them living with disabilities.

“We should not award them light tenders on the basis of their physical ability. If they can deliver on road construction and other heavy projects, let them be given a chance. No doubt, they will deliver,” he said.

According to the DP, it is time for them to receive the attention they deserve.

He further acknowledged that the special needs community should receive the same appreciation as other people.

Ruto also promoted his hustler notion, further claiming he would build the government with people in small businesses.

“Hawa ma hustler, hawa mama mboga hawa, watu hawa makanga, hawa wa boda, yule wa beba, tutapanga safari hii na tutaunda safari ya ma hustler,” he added.

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