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Horror of 2 boys left to die as parents prayed



On Wednesday morning last week, 12 boys between the ages of five and eight assembled at a homestead in Lundi village in Mwingi East, Kitui County, ready undergo circumcision. The boys, all under the grip of fear, were to be circumcised using a razor blade by a 70-year-old woman.

The woman is said to be an experienced traditional circumciser and is revered among members of the Kavonokya sect. The sect, which has its base in parts of Mwingi and Kitui South, is notorious for disregarding conventional medicine. Its members do not visit hospitals.

Whenever one of them falls sick, the members congregate in their secretive conclaves for prayers. At times the prayers are endless. Many members have died as a result.  In the event of death, they hurriedly and secretly bury the dead and later dismiss it as unavoidable will of God.

Armed with nothing more than razor blades and egged on by the fathers of the boys who were pinning the young ones down, the circumciser moved from one boy to another, casually cutting off the foreskin.

After the cut, the boys would be tossed onto a waiting party that would bandage their private parts with pieces of clothes to stop the bleeding. Unlike in hospitals, this callous ritual had no drugs to lessen the pain.

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And then something tragic happened. Two of the boys developed excessive bleeding after being cut. They were immediately carted away and taken to a secret house where sect members began their ritual prayers. The sect members continued praying, jumping up and down and clutching firmly onto bibles, as the boys’ lives slowly ebbed away.

From Wednesday to Friday, the two boys aged five and seven lay on a bed, and bled endlessly. Late on Friday, with no other intervention except for the prayers characterised by intense beating of drums, singing and violent stomping of feet, the condition of the two siblings deteriorated. They died, one after the other.“Ijumaa ndio walilemewa zaidi,” their father, Mutua Kithuka said, revealing that the bleeding never stopped. “The younger one died at 6pm and the other one around 10pm.

They would vomit every time they were given something to eat,” said an emotionless Kithuka, a staunch Kavonokya adherent who describes himself as the paragon of faith and who says going to hospital is out of question for his family.

Falls sick

“It is true we did not take them to hospital because I am saved and according to the scriptures, we are not allowed to go to hospital. If one falls sick, you invite the church elders to pray and the sick is healed by faith. God gives and God takes away, it is His will,” Kithuka said.

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He said his sons had never stepped foot in hospital since they were born but were in ‘perfect’ health. Mwingi East police boss Joseph Yakan confirmed Kithuka was arrested yesterday while the traditional circumciser was arrested on Friday.

They are being held at Ukasi Police Station and will be arraigned today. Mui chief Paul Musyimi said learnt of the matter after the boys had already died.

“We are warning the sect members not to circumcise their sons at home. Stern action will be taken against those who go against this directive,” Musyimi said. The two bodies have been preserved at Mwingi Level IV Hospital mortuary.


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‘Tomorrow is not guaranteed’ DJ Soxxy’s wife pens after losing her mum



Ciiku Wa Soxxy, wife to Kenyan gospel spin master DJ Soxxy has advised Kenyans to always appreciate their parents when there is still time.

According to Ciiku, tomorrow is not guaranteed and the best thing is to make hay while the sun shines.

Giving an example of herself, Ciiku shared on how she and her family had planned to take their mother for a vacation only for death to snatch her.

‘Whisked mum to Cape Town to celebrate her 67th birthday, we had a blast and just for her to see another world out there.

For her 70th we had planned to do Bangkok.. But Corona snatched that opportunity from us.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, because you don’t know if tomorrow will come.’

Ciiku wa Soxxy with her family alongside their late mum

Below are condolence messages from Ciiku’s fan to her and her family over their mum’s demise.

wambuijl: Pole sana Ciiku 💔 may God give you insurmountable strength, and peace that passes all understanding.

shiqo_wa_monica: My condolences to your family. May her soul rest in peace. It is well

saraiafrique: My deepest condolences to you and your family during this time.

ms_cherro: Poleni sana. May God be with you and your family at this time.

shonigachina: May God’s peace and comfort be with you during this trying time 💔.

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xanderoyolaii: Praying for God’s comforting presence over you and your family through this 🙏🏾.

Let’s learn to love and appreciate our parents while they are still around, painful as it may be to think about they won’t be here forever.


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A couple that sinqs I I together, stays together



Music is the magic that keeps gospel artistes Joseph and Eunice Kwallah alive— whether practising at home, recording in studio or singing on stage.

The Kenyan-born couple currently based in United Kingdom [UK] has been producing songs together since last year. So far, they have recorded five songs. However, Eunice has composed many songs, which they are yet to be record.

“My wife’s passion for music can be traced back to her childhood. She always desired to be a gospel artiste,” says Joseph.

After relocating from Kenya to UK 13 years ago, Eunice thought that her dream of becoming a gospel artiste would never come true. Being in a foreign land, she didn’t know where to start. At some point, she wished to come back to Kenya, at least to record her songs. “I came to the UK on a work permit visa in 2006, working in the hotel industry. My wife and children joined me in 2007. Though she was happy being in a foreign land, she used to ask me if I knew someone who could help her produce her music there. This really challenged me,” Joseph recalls.

After talking to several Kenyans working abroad, the couple was referred to a Kenyan producer, Zangi Alex. This was the good news she had eagerly been waiting to hear for such a long time. Joseph also decided to support his wife by being a backing vocalist. “Finding a music producer and a videographer who are both Kenyans and have a good understanding of Kenyan music was the best thing that has happened to our music journey. Courtesy of them, we have managed to produce the best beats since they understand what the Kenyan music industry loves,” Joseph says.

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The couple recorded their first song in August 2019. “We usually go to the studio, which is eight hours drive from where we live during school holidays, so we can also have time out together as a family. We practise at home during our off days, and at church – when the church was open,” he says. But Joseph reveals that though they are now recognised as some of the renowned Kenyan gospel artistes abroad, their

main aim is to reach, inspire and change people through music.

“Our music genre is gospel reggae. I loved reggae music when I was growing up. After I got born again, I moved on to love gospel reggae. Our inspiration comes from our daily life activities, listening to other gospel artistes and what God has done and still doing in our lives,” he adds.

Parenting in UK

There is solidity in playing music together. “You have someone who holds your back and you can rely on in music and in life. You sort of complement each other with every sound you make,” he says.

So, how have they managed to keep their music career alive despite being in a foreign country? Joseph says that having an audience in UK that loves their songs and others back here has kept them going.

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“It hasn’t been easy for us because initially we used to have different work schedules. I used to work at night and during the day I would take care of our children when my wife was either at work or in school,” he reveals.

Joseph says parenting in the UK is an expensive affair. “There are no house girls unlike in Kenya. The closest to house girls in UK are child minders who are only hired to watch over the children and not to do any house chores like you would expect a house girl to do in Kenya. On the other hand, their fees are charged per hour and to say the least, it is the only desperate decision one can make,” says the father of three.

Also, children in UK cannot be left on their own unattended, until the age of 16. This is why Joseph had to make a sacrifice to work at night for him to take care of the children during the day.

Charity work

“We learned how to share responsibilities among ourselves, helping one another in house chores and other duties. Despite all this, we are still grounded on Christian ethos and that has made our life much easier. Each one of us knows their place in the family. I remain a husband and she remains a wife, but we mutually agree on issues that have to be done,” Joseph shares.

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Apart from music, the couple is involved in charity work. In 2016 Joseph run 100 kilometres in UK to raise funds for Wetherby and District Food bank. He managed to rise Sh300,000 for the food bank. He has also been involved in charity work back in Kenya. Some of these charities are Tear Fund, Bible Society and Joanna Project – Leeds.

Together with family and friends, they have opened a community library in Ngong Township Primary School and they are hoping to open a second one in Nakuru county at a place called Tangi Tano. They also support some local football teams in Kenya by collecting football kits in UK and ship them over to Kenya.

“I was moved when I heard that there are people going hungry in the UK in the 21st century and because God has abundantly provided for me, I had to play my part by feeding the hungry. That is why I decided to run to raise some funds for the food bank,” he says.

By PD.coke

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Meru police accused of beating teenager to death



A family in Meru is seeking justice after their 19-year-old teenager was allegedly beaten to death by police officers.

The family said the teenager, Spencer Thuranira, was struck several times in his head by police officers in Maua town two weeks ago after a riot.

A post-mortem, conducted by Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor at the Nyambene Sub-county Hospital mortuary, showed that Spencer succumbed to head injuries.

“I found severe injury to the head, which caused swelling of the brain. The cause of death is head injury due to a blunt trauma.

“I have handed the report to the police for investigations,” Dr Oduor said.

Distraught family members and friends are now calling for a thorough investigation into the matter.

The victim’s brother, Mutembei Mwithalii, claimed Spencer was on his way to buy medicine for their mother when he met police officers who had mounted a roadblock at Modern Two area.

“Before he died, he said he was beaten by police,” Mutembei said.

Family members said Spencer, who completed his secondary education last year and scored a B+, had dreams of becoming an engineer and was waiting for Covid-19 pandemic to ease before joining college.

Igembe South police boss Henry Akong’o said the case was handed over to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

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 “The matter is under investigation and if he was beaten up by police, the truth will come out,” Mr Akong’o said.


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