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How three young men with secret dark lives were lured and killed



For a month, the gruesome murders of Joseph Gakubu, Alex Mwangi and Evans Maina appeared to be random acts of crime. Today, investigations by the Nationreveal otherwise.

Gakubu, 32, a mechanic from Mathira in Nyeri County, received a phone call on July 9, with the offer of a “welding job” in Nyeri town.

He asked two of his friends, Mwangi, 18, and Maina, 39, to join him.  And just like that, the trio disappeared mysteriously.

Three weeks later, relatives identified their badly disfigured bodies at the Thika Level Five Hospital mortuary, Kiambu County.

According to police reports, their bodies were found in Masinga Dam, Machakos County, and transported to Thika.

Hands tied

Post-mortems show Gakubu drowned with his hands tied while his friends were beaten to death and their bodies dumped in the dam, more than 200 kilometres from their home.

Maina lived in Karindundu village while Gakubu and Mwangi hailed from Muchohi and Mbogoini villages, respectively. Multiple interviews with relatives of the deceased revealed the three were close friends.

As their kin struggle to come to terms with their brutal murders, fresh details have emerged, suggesting the three could have been living dark secret lives, with dirty dealings that could have led to their deaths.

Killer squad

In a rather interesting turn of events, police sources speak of a well calculated plot to kill the three, gangland execution style. At the centre of the plot is a mystery woman and a highly secretive killer squad of officers.

Authorities have since denied the involvement of Nyeri police in the murders, saying there is no special squad of officers tasked with such operations.

“I am not aware of the existence of any police unit of that kind in Nyeri,” Nyeri County Commissioner Loyford Kibaara told the Nation. “It’s a matter we are investigating,” he added.

Nevertheless, there are concerns over suspected extra-judicial killings and forced disappearances after a fourth man from Mathira vanished.

In the case of the first three, police sources told the Nation that the men had allegedly been hired to abduct and possibly kill a tycoon in Karatina Ward.

Scanty details

Details of the alleged abduction plan remain scanty but it is said that they were to use a woman to lure the businessman into a trap.

The unidentified woman, however, fell out with one of the gang members before they could execute the mission. She tipped off the businessman who alerted police.

The woman then laid a trap for her former accomplices, leading them to their death.

The Nation could not independently authenticate these claims and police maintain they only had missing-persons reports to investigate.

Unmarked car

Gakubu, Mwangi and Maina were last seen in Jambo area of Karatina at around 6pm on July 9.  A woman only identified as “Marion” allegedly called and offered Gakubu a welding job in Nyeri town.

When Maina and Mwangi joined him, they were picked up by unknown people in an unmarked car. This would mark a three-week-long search for the men after relatives reported them missing at Karatina Police Station.

On July 28, relatives were called by police to identify three badly disfigured bodies at Thika Level Five Hospital morgue.

In bad shape

“They were in bad shape. It’s as if they had been subjected to extreme torture. I couldn’t understand the motive behind such killings. Their bodies had acid burns. I cannot imagine the pain they went through,” Ms Esther Wanjiru, Mwangi’s grandmother.

The mother, Peris Waithira, described her son as “humble and obedient”. Recalling her last moments with him, Ms Waithira said Mwangi had requested for Sh100 fare to Nyeri town where his two friends had been offered a job.

He was always at home and she became suspicious when he failed to return that night. His phone was switched off.

“Mwangi was my only son and was very humble and obedient. Whoever took his life will one day pay for it. What you do in darkness, God will bring to light,” she said.


The distraught mother claimed the detectives investigating her son’s ‘disappearance’ frustrated her.

“I was hopeful that I would find him alive but the investigating officers were uncooperative. I visited the station almost daily but all they told me was that investigations were still on,” Mwangi’s mother said.

At Muchohi village, Ms Irene Wangui, Gakubu’s mother, is also mourning.

Ms Wangui said on the day his son disappeared, he had earlier joined a group of youths to help dig a grave for a neighbour. Later, Gakubu said he was joining his friends for a job in Nyeri town.

She wished him well.

Kiambu investigations

Karatina police now say investigations into the killings have been moved to Kiambu County.

Mathira East Sub-county Police Commander (SCPC), James Barasa, and area DCI boss, Jackson Muriuki, said they were no longer involved in the investigations.

“We initially handled the matter after the disappearance was reported to us but the investigations have now shifted to where the bodies were discovered,” Mr Barasa said.

Karatina police are however investigating yet another mysterious disappearance of a 25-year-old resident of Ruguru Ward in Mathira, Charles Mwangi Kioho.

He went missing on July 16.


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VIDEO: CNN’s Anderson Cooper is so tickled by Kenyan Comic Elsa Majimbo



American television journalist and primary anchor of the CNN news broadcast Anderson Cooper 360°, struggled to contain himself from breaking into tears of laughter during an interview with Kenyan comic Elsa Majimbo.

The two spoke for 15 minutes during his Full Circle show, with Elsa narrating the story of her meteoric rise to global stardom.

“It actually started out of pure boredom due to the lockdown. Then people started messaging me and telling me how much they enjoyed and related to my stories. That’s when I realised that I was on to something,” she revealed.

She further detailed that her content was derived from what she experiences on an everyday basis.

Kenyan comic Elsa Majimbo
Kenyan comic Elsa Majimbo.

By this point, Cooper was in stitches as he aired some of her videos that went viral around the world.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the 19-year-old, as she took a pensive mood while trying to explain her Kenyan fanbase.

“It’s funny that my comedy has garnered more fans outside my own country. The comedy scene here is quite different with most of the jokes in Swahili and its about tribes [stereotypes],” she remarked.

“That’s not my comedy, mine is all about what’s happening in the world,” she added.

“So, you mean you don’t have a ‘2 Kikuyus walk into a bar’ kind of joke?” Cooper asked, leaving the Kenyan teenager in laughter.

She explained that her content was mostly picked up from American and European cultures.

Rihanna (Left) and Kenyan Comic Elsa Majimbo.
Rihanna (Left) and Kenyan Comic Elsa Majimbo.

During the candid interview, she alluded to an impression that most Kenyans did not find her funny, ‘I am funny everywhere else except Kenya’ she stated in response to Cooper’s compliment on her content resonating with audiences around the world.

The CCN anchor was visibly in awe of the talented teen and went on to encourage her to aim towards making an appearance at the New York Comedy Club.

“You brought me a lot of happiness and joy during this difficult period and I really appreciate you. Keep doing what you are doing,” he said.

The comic’s story is one of success in an unlikely period. She has not only grown her fanbase across the world, but also was recently got signed up by Rihanna’s fashion line Fenty for a campaign.

She stated she to idolises global comic superstars Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart, as she works her way up to having a stand-up comedy show of her own in future.

Her funny videos on quarantine life have been shared multiple times by everyday people as well as global superstars, turning her into a phenomenon in just under 6 months.

“I realised that formal education is not my beginning and end, as we have been drilled. I have so much to offer and I am so happy doing what I do,” she stated.

Watch Elsa’s full interview with Anderson Cooper below:

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