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I will raise Ken Okoth’s son to be a great man like his father



Nairobi Nominated Member of County Assembly Anne Thumbi has vowed that she will raise the son she sired with the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth to be a great man, just like his father.

Thumbi was speaking during the late Okoth anniversary held last Sunday. The late Okoth died last year after a long battle with colon cancer.

“It is exactly one year since you left us, but you still reign in our hearts. You changed lives of many people whether you knew them personally or not. You enabled equality in our society and made sure each person was treated with equal respect regardless of their social or economic background and lifestyle.

“Your advice and attitude toward life that you taught me shall guide me through and I promise to bring up your son the way you wished. All I can tell him now is that his father was and is a great man,” she said in a social media post that included a video of Okoth explaining why he left the United States for Kibra.

Okoth and Thumbi’s guarded relationship came into the limelight during the MP’s funeral service when Nairobi Governor Sonko spilt the beans that the two had a son.

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Sonko added that he said he would ensure the legislator’s family recognised the minor to make sure he does not suffer. “Ken will not forgive me if I don’t save the situation. Ken fell in love with a nurse called Anita from the Sonko rescue team. In 2017, he asked me to help him nominate his second wife to the County Assembly and out of respect for him, I nominated Ann Thumbi,” claimed Sonko.

Okoth succumbed to cancer and was cremated at a private ceremony on August 3. A court battle seeking to establish the paternity of the child was ruled in favour of the MCA, confirming that the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth was indeed his father.

The ruling sealed the dispute on Thumbi’s application to have the boy recognised as Okoth’s son. Thumbi who is a nurse by profession once worked at the Aga Khan Hospital before her nomination to the county assembly after the 2017 General Election.

The mother of one was nominated to the Nairobi county assembly by Uhuru’s Jubilee party and has had the chance to serve in various committees including the Public Health Services.

Her notable contribution to the Nairobi County Assembly was a Motion seeking to have private hospitals barred from charging visitors parking fees. In April this year, Thumbi announced that she was partly going back to nursing to give back to society during this time when the country is battling Covid-19.

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In one of the sessions, she was spotted volunteering at the Waithaka Health Centre in a move that wowed many Kenyans seeking medical services amid the pandemic. Thumbi and Okoth are said to have met while she was working as a medic in the governor’s charity outfit, Sonko Rescue Team.

Around two months to his demise, Okoth shared a photo in company of his first wife, Monica, while he was recuperating at a hospital in Paris, France.

During the memorial service, later on, Monica revealed that she had good times with the MP and visited many parts of the world since they were close friends.

She revealed that she had known the MP for 21 years and first came to Kenya 15 years ago “For the past two years, Ken was ill and it was sad to watch him suffer. Thank you all for your support and love,” she stated.

The two met at the university in Australia where he was the only African. He later became a student leader.


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‘I told him if you want to commit suicide with drinking, take a rope…’ Othuol Othuol’s father speaks



The father of late comedian Othuol Othuol has moved Kenyans after speaking for the first time following his death.

Othuol’s story was featured on Churchill Show journey series, where his family, close friends and colleagues paid glowing tributes to him.

‘The last time he came home it was January this year. He called me and told me he wanted to come and built his house because everyone was asking him about it,’ his father said.


‘He came home and put up a house which is bigger than mine and promised to build me one once he was done’.

Othuol Othuol was known for his love for alcohol and his father and close friend actress Sandra Dacha confirmed this.

‘We had a lot of problems with his drinking style. An I’d urge young people to tread carefully. People have drunk until they are even 100 or 90 years and are still strong because were cautious but not careless. If you do is carelessly then you become careless with your life,’ he,’ explained.

The bereaved father continued,

‘His drinking was a concern to the family. Whenever he would come home, the whole home would be full…chang’aa (local brew) and other drinks. He arrives in the village in the morning but I’d see him in the night when he is going to sleep. Just from one chang’aa den to another and I could go round making noise nyinyi mnaharibu watoto wa watu but he was a grown-up so hakuna mtu anamuharibu.’

The sad father was fed up with his son’s drinking and tried to warn him but his warnings fell on deaf ears.

‘I called him one day and told him if you want to commit suicide with drinking please tell me and the style you want to take. If you want to commit suicide with drinking carelessly, don’t take time, better take a rope and do it. I’ll come to carry you home,” he recalled.


‘I thought he could go slow… during the time he was diagnosed with TB, I sent a brother to go and take care of him but he said “no this is my hoúse. If you talk about my drinking and the money is mine, then hatutaelewana”.’

The comedian was raised by his father and stepmother.

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Varshita actress Eve D’Souza says ‘I Do’ in all-white private affair



Popular Kenyan actress, Eve DSouza known for her mark on Auntie Boss and Varshita, has tied the knot in a stunning private white wedding.

The beauty got engaged to her Prince Charming Simon Anderson back in December 2019, in a beautiful surprise event while in Goa, India, by the beach side.

What they termed “the start of a beautiful journey” has now blossomed into a breathtaking milestone as the lovebirds officially said ‘I Do’ over the weekend.

Eve DSouza ties the knot

In an undisclosed location and an event graced only by close friends and family, an excited Eve, known never to take life seriously – going by her comical theatrics, sweetly captioned “Married 16.10.2020 ❤❤”.

Eve D’Souza ties the knot with long-time boyfriend

It has been all Congratulations to the newly weds. Fans unable to express their joy and envy as the beautiful 41-year old finally gets a chance at marriage.

The ravishing media personality clad in an open sparkling white wedding gown. With her dearly beloved opting for a crisp navy blue suit coupled with a wine-colored tie to complement his beauty.

Eve D’Souza ties the knot with long-time boyfriend

It was not until December 2018, that the gorgeous light-skin beauty introduced her man to the public for the first time. A dear Simon Anderson who had proven to be the final answer to her dear heart.

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Have a look at more photos of the star-struck couple.

Eve D’Souza off the market

Actress Eve D´Souza and her Prince Charming

Film star Eve D’Souza and long-time boyfriend, Simon wed


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Mwalimu Rachel speaks after Sailors Gang drag her into yet another money scandal



Radio presenter Mwalimu has not been having an easy time with the Sailors Gang gang especially now that there is beef. This comes as a big surprise considering the fact that she discovered the boys; back when Gengetone had just become a thing in the entertainment industry.

A few months later, the presenter and Sailors Gang gang apparently can’t see eye to eye due to a few reasons here and there. The whole drama however started after Mwalimu Rachel was accused of squeezing one of Sailors gang friend’s balls.

Sailors Gang preforming

Yes, this was more than drama but a real case that saw the presenter present her self in court for the hearing. Since then, nothing has been the same between the former manager and the Gengetone artists.

Accused of refusing with their YouTube logins

Well, this past weekend rumor spread around claiming that Mwalimu Rachel had refused to hand over Sailors Gang Gang Youtube channel. According to reports, the presenter asked for Ksh1.5 million in order for her to grant them access; now that they are under the Blackmarket record.

She tweeted;

Smart ladies run businesses. Not their mouths. Nawapemda wote! I shall address the nation later my loves. Mimi sikimbilii maneno. Kwa sasa tuchape kazi.

The presenter went on to add;

Put emotions to the side when running business.

Mwalimu Rachel speaks

Of course, this makes the NRG presenter look selfish and greedy; but after coming across her latest Tweets, we also understand that this was more of a business for her.

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Having the boys walk out on her with no agreement – might be the reason why they now feel that she is taking advantage of the situation. However, truth is one way or another both parties will have to benefit if they decide to head to court.


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