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Journalists kicked out of Uhuru, Raila Kisumu event




President Uhuru Kenyatta made a low-key entrance into Kisumu where he met ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Journalists and members of the public were locked out of the refurbished Kisumu port where the two leaders met, flanked by a host of government officials to inspect the ongoing works at the facility.

The head of state flew to Kisumu, accompanied a delegation of senior state officials in two military helicopters.

The president seemed to have dodged journalist, choosing to land at the port instead of the Kisumu International Airport where journalists had camped before proceeding to the port by road.

Security was tight at the facility with both members of the public and the press locked out.

The refurbished port was set to be launched in January but delays in completion saw the exercise moved to a later date.

The region has seen key infrastructure upgrade that many link to the new-found partnership between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, transforming it into an economic hub.

Among the projects that have been launched in the region is the revival of the 217-kilometre Nakuru-Kisumu at a cost of Sh3.8 billion.

Roads have also been upgraded in the City, transforming it into a thriving metropolis.

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COVID-19 billionaires whistleblower arrested over abduction claims




Tables have turned on the KEMSA scandal whistle blower who blew the whistle on the Covid-19 kits scandal.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations arrested Gordwins Agutu on Wednesday.

His arrest followed accusations that he was part of a gang that impersonated EACC and KRA officials in the abduction of a Nairobi businessman.

In the allegations, Agutu and two other suspects demanded for 2 million Kenyan shillings bribe from the businessman.

“Using two Prados with registration numbers GKB 070B and KCY 280Q, the three suspects; Godwins Otieno Agutu, Alex Mutua Mutuku and Ken Gichovi Kimathi, alongside three others who are still at large, stormed the victim’s offices within Nairobi on September 26, 2020, after which they took his laptop and left,” a statement from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations reads in part.

The DCI pointed out that three days after storming the businessman’s offices, they abducted the victim.

They bundled the businessman into a vehicle bearing government number plates. After doing so, they drove him to Lutheran House along Nyerere road.

“They forced the victim to contact his family members to get the amount. However, they only managed to raise Ksh 500,000. The suspects escorted him to his house at Westlands in Nairobi and took the cash,” the police statement reads in part.

Upon investigations, officers discovered that the said government number plates belonged to a Land Rover Discovery attached to the Judiciary yet they used them on the Toyota Prado.

DCI detectives arrested the three suspects at Lutheran House.

They arraigned them in court where they asked to keep them in custody until they complete investigations.

Speaking in his defense, Mr. Agutu pointed out that he is an anti-corruption crusader.

Agutu serves as the CEO of the Network Action Against Corruption (NAAC).

In a past interview when questioned about is possession of staff IDs from the KRA, DCI and KPPB, he said that he was an undercover investigator.

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Comedian YY reveals why he is still single 




Churchill show comedian Oliver Otieno alias YY, has revealed why he is still single.

Speaking on Carolina Hot Edition, the comedian said he is single because most ladies want sex before marriage.

He added that he is a strong believer of sex after marriage and that scares most women.

“The season am single is because most women want sex before marriage and me till marriage so they can’t stay” said YY.

Speaking during a past interview, YY vowed not to fall in love again after going through a terrible heartbreak.

“10th January 2018. I opened my heart and fell in love again, even though I vowed to never fall in love after going through a major heartbreak @Eddiebutita ndio nilikuwa nalala kwake juu home ilikuwa moto time ya kuvunjwa roho,” he said.

Asked on whether he has ever come under fire from SDA members over his skits, he said;

“Yes, from a few who think they love God/Jesus more than Us. I am an SDA, so I have the same feeling that they have towards SDA church. So if it’s about protecting the SDA, am also among the members

He also talked on how he handles trolls.

“When you are an artiste or a comedian you have to take charge of your craft. You existed before the fans, so you don’t let fans take charge of what you do.

“This thing is mutual, and I really appreciate those fans understand that is mutual and they are also benefiting from you. I prefer them to fans who feel entitled that they made you… its only I who understand where I have come with my talent.

“So I have to take full control, I am the only one who can drive myself into depression or drive myself off depression. Kwanza Audience ya Facebook, it na washamba Fulani hapo na tai… they are very bad. So I realized that I have to take full control of my craft,” noted YY.

YY also explained his “death” search on the internet;

“The time when AKA died then people though it was me, so rumours stated going around that YY has died. Lakini Kenyans Nyinyi pia, Kenya were even DMing knowing that I have death. Bro sorry about your death, what happened. Kenyans surely unataka maiti akujibu” said YY the comedian

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Timmy Tdat shows off costly village mansion




Kenyan musician Timothy Otieno, alias Timmy Tdat has joined the list of Kenyan celebrities who own costly mansions.

On Thursday, October 1, Tdat showed off his almost complete home.

Tdat’s costly house, attracted lots of congratulatory message from his fans, who congratulated him for putting up a village home.

Following the update, the artiste has now joined the growing list of celebrities in Kenya who have built their own houses.

Other celebrities who have shared photos of their house include; Jalang’o, Teddy B Producer, Comedian Oga Obinna, Anthony Ndiema and singer Sudi Boy.

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