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Kalonzo mercilessly tears into Muthama over success politics 




The acrimonious fallout between former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and a longtime political confidant took a definitive turn on Friday after the Wiper Party Leader publicly castigated former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama’s push for a joint 2022 ticket with Deputy President William Ruto.

Muthama, who parted ways with Kalonzo and publicly announced his exit from the Wiper Party met the former Vice President in public for the first time since his resignation from the party at Ngamba village in Wamunyu where they attended the burial of the son to late veteran politician Mulu Mutisya.

The former senator who addressed the mourners before inviting Kalonzo to the podium, declared he had officially joined Deputy President William Ruto political camp and urged the Kamba community to rally behind the DP in his quest to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

“We cannot continue working with people who have betrayed us in the past!” he remarked.

But in a swift rejoinder, Kalonzo told off Muthama, accusing him of having misled him twice and consequently leading the Kamba community to the wrong direction.

“I will not allow you to mislead me a third time because you have failed me twice. I will be my own negotiator in national politics. So, take a message to DP Ruto that we’ll face off in the ballot,” he said.

Kalonzo was angered by Muthama’s insistence that he lacked the ability to independently mount a formidable presidential campaign, hence the need to team up with DP Ruto.

“I will be the negotiator on my own behalf. Ninakola kuthoowa ta ngombe sokoni [I refuse to be traded like cattle]. It is as simple as that,” he charged.

The former VP accused Muthama of instigating his fallout with President Kenyatta in the run-up to the 2013 general election by urging him to team up with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“I am not ready to be Ruto’s running mate. Go tell him that I will be on the ballot come 2022,” said Kalonzo.

“I want to ask Muthama, with your two senses, you think Kalonzo with his experience and respect all over the world can be Ruto’s deputy?” he posed.

The Wiper Leader said he will go in politics alone even if it means losing the election.

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Court suspends KNH strike




The Employment and Labour Relations Court has ordered striking KNH staff back to work pending the hearing of the case filed by the hospital.

In the Tuesday ruling, Lady Justice Maureen Onyango ruled that the strike was suspended until the case was heard and determined on October 6th.

For two days, beginning Monday, services at the national referral hospital came to a complete standstill. The staffers decried lack of implementation of a 2012 job upgrade agreement.

The health workers accused the Salaries and Remunerations Commission of failing to implement the resolution regarding salary re-categorization, following the job upgrade.

However, the SRC put brakes on the implementation process saying that the re-categorization did not involve a salary review. It was only meant to move to the hospital to a higher category.

The workers, including doctors, nurses and other members of the support staff, all refused to work. This meant that every activity in the hospital came to a halt.

Hospital management had also sent out a statement to the workers on Tuesday. They asked the workers’ unions to join them in the table as they sought an amicable end to the quagmire.

The 2012 agreement saw the advisory committee evaluate all parastatals which included referral hospitals. The evaluation upgraded jobs from level 3B to 7A, which meant that all 7000 KNH staff were subject to different salaries.

The KNH board, then, in 2019, approached the Treasury for funds to implement the new salary figures. The Treasury had set aside Ksh 2.4 billion for the process, handing KNH Ksh 601 million early 2020.

The strike forced many families to sick patients to seek medical attention from other facilities. The distraught families and patients called for a speedy resolution to the stalemate.

KNH is Kenya’s biggest referral hospital and serves up to 2000 patients daily.

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Louis Otieno announces TV comeback




Former KTN news anchor, Louis Otieno, has finally announced his comeback after a long illness.

The TV Icon is set to launch his comeback with a brand new show dubbed ‘The Second Act’.

From the foregoing, it is clear that Louis Otieno is keen on reviving his media career.

Speaking to his fans through a video which surfaced online on 29th September, the TV icon revealed that he will soon return to their screens.

“For those who i am familiar to, I have missed you. I hope to see you soon. I plan to be back with a program called, The Second Act,” Louis Otieno said in the video.

“This has taken a lot of work. It is happening because certain people have put together time, money and efforts and want to see me back,” he added.

Louis Otieno revealed that since the country was facing a difficult time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he wants to engage decision makers on various issues.

Additionally, he revealed that a few former Nation Media Group staffers had put together the show.

The TV icon has successfully battled a long illness.

At some point, the illness left him with a hearing impairment.

He could no longer hear properly and totally depended on reading peoples lips to understand what they were saying.

Louis developed Acute Pancreatitis in 2012 which impaired his hearing.

He appealed to Kenyans to help him raise money for hi surgery which would help him regain his hearing.

Louis thanked Kenyans for helping him raise the 4 million shillings which he needed for treatment.

“I reached out to the country and you came out. There are those who came out big and I am thankful to them,” he said.

Speaking on the same issue, the TV icon also revealed that the Cochlear Group of Kenya (COGK) hearing aids allowed him to regain his hearing.

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Saleh Wanjala: Bungoma’s ‘James Bond’ dies



Saleh Wanjala, popularly known as Bungoma’s ‘James Bond’ died on Monday.

Wanjala acquired the nickname after hanging on airborne chopper that was ferrying body of the late businessman Jacob Juma four years ago.

News of Wanjals’s death spread like bushfire with neighbours and friends thronging Bungoma County Referral Hospital where he died to find out what had happened.

Wanjala was being treated at the facility before breathing his last. A huge crowd flocked at the hospital to catch a glimpse of the man, who survived a fall after dangling on a chopper that was airborne back in May 2016.

The chopper that had Juma’s body had landed briefly at Posta grounds in Bungoma town for viewing, offering a curious Wanjala opportunity of lifetime to ‘fly ‘.

In videos that were widely circulated, Wanjala was seen hanging on the chopper as it took off before dropping to the ground.

Some of the patients who were with him in the ward recall Wanjala asking for a glass of water and started foaming at the mouth moments later.

“He took the water and went back to sleep only to start foaming minutes later,” said a patient.

Wanjala died a pauper despite getting many false promises from politicians who pledged to give him a job and build him a house to ensure he lived a good life.

Bungoma businessman turned politician Joseph Waswa offered a return air ticket to enable Wanjala fly to Nairobi and back.

In an earlier interview, before his demise, Wanjala told journalists how happy he felt landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) aboard a KQ flight and later being driven away in sleek cars to a Karen hotel where he spent three days.

John Wekesa, a neighbour of Wanjala, said the deceased has been living a lonely life in at Mashambani Estate.

Wekesa said Wanjala had of late been addicted to alcohol and in most cases he would prefer using the little money he got from well-wishers to buy ‘changaa’ instead of food. Wekesea added that on they found him unconscious in his house and rushed him to hospital.

“Wanjala had no wife and he was living alone in a rented house at Mashambani estate. We found him lying on the floor and unconscious. We rushed him to Bungoma County Referral Hospital but he died a few hours later,” said Wekesa.

Bob Chazima, another neighbour, claimed the deceased he sustained life threatening injuries on his spinal cord that has kept him in and out of hospital for the last four years after the incident.

“When he jumped from the chopper he got injured and afterwards, the government promised to compensate him but nothing happened up to now,” said Chazima.

Wanjala arrested

Mr Chazima was his key witness after he was arrested and charged with an offence of impairing the safety of an aircraft causing an emergency landing contrary to section 46(1) B as read together with section 42 of the Civil Aviation Act No. 21of 2013.

He was out on bond of Sh30, 000, money that was paid by a well-wisher. He was represented by lawyer Andrew Kituyi on proborno basis.

Wanjala who is a father of a grown up daughter was set free in March 2019 after the court dismissed the case on grounds that it lacked sufficient evidence. He divorced his wife many years ago.

“There is no evidence whatsoever to help sentence the accused person because he never caused disturbance to the pilot or those on board,” read Bungoma Principal Magistrate Charles Mutai, while dismissing the case on March 20.

A few months later, the deceased was in the news again after his landlord threatened to evict him over a Sh2,400 rent arrears of six months. He used to pay Sh400 for his one roomed mud house at Mashambani Estate.

In an earlier interview with the deceased, he revealed that after cheating death, the incident left him with a partially dislocated backbone and his right hand is paralysed, forcing him to take painkillers on a daily basis.

He said that he can no longer work due to his condition and has been forced to solely rely on his stepmother and well-wishers.

According to Wanjala, on the day he day he hanged on the chopper, he was a bit tipsy and cannot remember what exactly happened.

“On that day, I took lunch at my stepmother’s house and proceeded to a drinking den where I took some busaa with my friends, before proceeding to Posta grounds to see the body of Jacob Juma,”.

He said as the chopper landed after which they milled around it and when it took off, he found himself stuck and up air on air. He said, “I found myself in the air,”

His stepmother, Mama Everlyne Namusia, said she has been living with Wanjala since he was 12 after his mother died but at the time of Wanjala’s death, she was nowhere to be seen.


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