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Kimemia’s nocturnal tendencies



Imagine going to bed gainfully employed and contented only to wake up to find you were laid off at night.

That is what is likely to befall you if you worked for the Nyandarua county government where the governor is known for his unusual, some say ungodly, working hours.

Governor Francis Kimemia cuts the image of a 5am-5pm, early-to-bed and early-torise worker. But for Kimemia (above), first appearances can be deceiving. While his counterparts and most public officials are sound asleep or engaging in various after-work recreational activities, chances are that he is holding a Cabinet meeting or firing off a press statement, announcing changes in his administration, to media. Kimemia’s nocturnal tendencies are the subject of light-hearted banter in the county, with one joke being that if you want the governor to give you full attention, meet him in office at night.

It is not a joke. Nyandarua county offices are almost becoming a 24-hour service centres, with people sitting in the waiting area up to 9pm, thanks to the governor’s unconventional working hours.

Last Wednesday, Kimemia sent a press release at midnight to announce second Executive changes since taking over leadership of the county. For those affected by the changes, it either meant a very long night or a night of glad tidings. Delivers results Yesterday, Kimemia defended his unusual working style, saying it was to the benefit of the Nyandarua electorate.

“If you do not work, how do you generate revenue? People have become indolent. Constantly looking at the watch. In Nyandarua, we do not look at the watch, we work day and night,” he said. The former provincial administrator says: “When I was head of the Public Service, I would work up to 3am. I would go home only to change and go back to work. We must strive to bring up a generation that will not look at the watch. If my people in Nyandarua woke up at midnight to vote for me, why should I not match their energy,?” he paused.

He says he does not work to claim overtime, but to deliver results. “There are opportunities at night and during the day. There is life during the day and at night. That has been my philosophy in life,” he says. Soon after he took over county leadership in March 2018, it became apparent to senior county officials that Kimemia’s style was different from his predecessor’s.

While employees at the county headquarters in Ol Kalou Town were accustomed to the 8am to 5pm workday, arrival of a new sheriff in town shook things up quite unexpectedly. Officials realised that with the incoming governor, holding meetings that can run late into the night was the norm rather than the exception. Working style A former senior official who did not want to be identified said most of them were not comfortable with the late night meetings.

“But we did not have a choice so we decided to persevere,” the official said. A section of residents has also found the governor’s habit of reporting to office in the early evening and working long into the night intriguing. Some residents took to social media to criticise or ridicule the governor’s nocturnal tendencies. Initially, there were rumours Kimemia was spending the night in the office digging up skeletons buried by his predecessor to compile a dossier that would expose misdeeds. But it soon became apparent that working at night was his modus operandi.

Kariuki Mbataru, a former executive, said Kimemia acquired his working style from his long stint in the national government, where he rose from a mere District Officer to become head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet.

“What Kimemia did was copy what is done in the Cabinet at the national level,” Mbataru said. Kimemia is passionate about service delivery and he emphasised it when he presided over the swearing-in of new chief officers recently.

“We must be results-oriented. I do not expect any member of my staff to go home and leave behind an unattended client or urgent paperwork,” he said. Negative activities In 2013, Kimemia used his passion for working at night when he gazetted the appointment of Francis Ndegwa Muhoro as Director of Criminal Investigations to beat opposition from then Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Independent Policing and Oversight Authority and Amnesty International.

By day break, Muhoro had been confirmed for another six-year term in office, thanks to Kimemia’s nocturnal tendencies. Night is normally associated with negative activities. A night owl he may be, but one can hardly accuse Kimemia of engaging in shadowy business. A staunch Catholic – he can easily pass for a priest – the governor never misses early mass, always holds his rosary close and recites it three times a day.

There is also a musical side of him – he plays the piano like a professional. It is not unusual to find him playing the instrument at a Five-Star Hotel in Nairobi, his favourite hang-out joint. Sartorially, perhaps Kimemia’s only indulgence is a wide-brimmed sombrero, that is a throwback to the days of Mwai Kibaki’s Democratic Party and its supporters. Among Kimemia’s achievements, is that he holds the record of having been one of the heaviest babies at birth — all of 9 kilos! Beat that, even if you work all night.


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Here is why people think I am gay, Kenyan woman opens up



The Kenyan woman had been rumored to be a lesbian for a long time but no one was quite sure whether that was indeed true.

Not that being gay ia an unusual or a new thing. However, a lot of eyebrows are still being raised when it comes to the issue perhaps because homosexuality is considered an illegal activity in Kenya

Sometime in October 2017 Patricia Kihoro was rumored to have been caught pants down in a lesbian threesome with some other Kenyan women.

But now the Popular Vlogger, actress and singer says her efforts to keep her love life private was the sole reason that led to speculations that she was lesbian.

At the time, it was reported that Kihoro was in a relationship with a well-known female Kenyan rapper and as well as another female media personality.

But the 34-year-old says she has always dated men but kept her relationships low key, which explains why people started speculating she was playing for the other ‘team’.


“For the longest time, I was dating men. If you go through my Instagram over the years I didn’t even hide. I would post people but it wasn’t like lovey-dovey stuff, if you were keen you would see who I was dating at the time. I would post them in the context that this is somebody in my life but I wouldn’t reveal in what way they are in my life. I think of how private I kept that side of my life, people then speculate, start to make up things,” Kihoro said.

Kihoro shot into the limelight back in 2009 when she took part in the singing competition Tusker Project Fame 3 where she was among the finalists.

She later landed a job as a presenter for Homeboyz Radio and also ventured into acting. Over the years she has also been a very active YouTube vlogger and brand influencer.

“I have been accused of being a lesbian but first of all, it is not an accusation, because calling me a lesbian is not an insult as I have met wonderful human beings who are homosexual and are far better than people who have stood in certain standards of judging others.

So that is why I never speak about it. I am who I am, you know! I know what I stand for and my family knows what I stand for,” said Patricia.

Patricia further revealed that her mother has been very supportive of her work and opinion. She reveals that her first interaction with gay people was courtesy of her mother.

“My mother has supported my work from the start and she always respects my opinion. The first people I ever met who were openly gay were friends of my mum. I was probably 16 years and she didn’t make a big deal about it, and therefore I also did not learn that was a big deal,” revealed Patricia.

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Woman surprisingly receives cash after praying to God for help



A woman identified as Maine21089868 recently shared some pretty good news on Twitter.

According to the young woman, she had received KSh 4,000 from a stranger after she had prayed to God for some help with money since she was broke.

“So yesterday I prayed to God asking for money because I am so broke, after an hour someone sent KSh 4,000 in my account written ‘TASK’, up to now I do not know who sent it,” wrote the lady.

According to the lady, she did not ask anyone for money and is convinced that miracles do exist.

“I did not ask anyone for money. Miracles still exist. Thank you, Jesu. #Level1Lockdown #HambaMzimbaSalaNtliziyo” she wrote.

In her post, she also included a screenshot of the funds that were miraculously deposited into her account only an hour after she asked God for it.

Twitter users shared mixed reactions to her post, wondering how they could achieve similar luck or “blessings”.

@ZAMONEYM9 said:

“I am praying for a share in your KSh 4,000.”

@2liKhumalo said:

“What are the exact words you used in your prayer?”

@BrianVukile joked:

“These miracles only happen to females.”


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Mother-in-law actor Mustafa, wife announce pregnancy in adorable photo



Talented Mother-in-law actor Dru Muthure alias Mustafa and his wife cannot wait to welcome a new member into their small family.

Mustafa announced that they are expecting through his various social media pages.

Mustafa who also doubles up as a Hot96 FM presenter shared a photo of his wife rocking a huge baby bump.

The excited man could not hide the joy and captioned the photo saying:

“My heartbeat in one picture.”

Mother-in-law actor Mustafa, wife announce pregnancy in adorable photo

Mother-in-law actor Mustafa and his wife are expecting their first child. Photo: Dru Muthure.
Source: UGC

Kneeling, Mustafa adorably held the baby bump with a wide smile spread on his face.

His wife on the other hand appeared overwhelmed. It appeared as if the two were feeling the baby kick.

Congratulatory messages

Following the announcement, the thespian’s friends flocked the comment section to show their love for the couple.

Many congratulated them for their blessings while others welcomed him to parenthood.

An Instagram user identified as Lydiah Gitachu wrote:

“Awesomeness, congratulations!”

A fan by the name Nelly_munga commented:

“Congratulations to You.”

Owens_wanjiru commented:

“Congratulations! Love just got real! So very excited for you.”

A few months ago, Mustafa celebrated his birthday in hospital despite thinking his big day would be filled with boredom and sadness.

Despite his condition, the people who love him showed up to cheer him up so he could experience some kindness and joy on his big day.

His friends and family arranged a surprise party and visited the actor with goodies and a cake.

The thespian who turned 41 was surrounded by love, cake, laughter, good times and a lifetime’s worth of memories.


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